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Thousands of people are making real income using a simple technique that every affiliate marketer uses. Some people have the resources and the money to invest in advertising, to promote their offers and products. And the others want to learn more about strategies and how to succeed.

Between the two cases, we shouldn’t forget the majority of people who don’t have a single idea about online business. They want the right affiliate marketing tutorials and tips from experienced people.

Today, I’ll show you the only affiliate marketing lessons that I recommend to serious people who want to start a real business and make money.

Pathway to Passive is the best affiliate marketing training program that shows you how to start an affiliate website from scratch and make money with it. But unlike the other low-quality courses, this one is fully created for better understanding and learning.

Complete affiliate marketing training

The problem with affiliate courses is that there are lots of sites claiming they can teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. But, when you visit their websites, you will notice the useless tools immediately.

That’s why I always recommend this system because of its quality, and support staff. And, of course, you can’t find any other lessons created by a super affiliate who knows exactly how things work, like this one created by Mark Ling.

The full training system contains over 90 step-by-step video lessons and tutorials. Also, there is the exclusive member forum access to ask questions and get help from successful affiliates, who already make money. At the same time, there are lots of high-quality and downloadable lessons and courses. Here are the main points that people get.

How to create an affiliate website

No one of us was born with website creation knowledge. We’ve all started from scratch, and it took lots of time to find the real platform and tools, to build a successful affiliate website without mistakes. Mark and the team created the marketing strategies that newbies, and even, advanced affiliates can follow and apply.

The training starts from website creation, with videos and step-by-step tutorials that even a child can follow. They show you how the affiliate marketing business works exactly.

How to drive traffic to any affiliate website

We can’t talk about success in affiliate marketing without the traffic. It’s all the “Engine” that turns searches or clicks into sales, and that’s why finding the right ways to drive traffic needs strategies to follow.

There are lots of lessons and guides about driving traffic to any website. Of course, these step-by-step tutorials were created by a super affiliate, and they are updated regularly.

Best affiliate marketing training courses

How to monetize your website the right way

When people start thinking about monetization, they add some banner ads and some links in other places. But when it comes to reality, none of these methods works, simply, because things never work that way. Every affiliate niche has its own monetization strategy, and that needs some experience, and lots of testing to find the right ways.

Dozens of lessons teach people how to monetize their sites, without affecting their search engine ranking. And we all know how Google treats those sites with lots of ads. All that and more is included in these lessons.

Free web hosting for a full year

Pathway to Passive is not a simple course that teaches you how to do things the right way. It’s more than that limited function.

Those super affiliates who’ve created the system know exactly how beginners feel when they want to build a website. Also, they know who they start monetizing after driving the traffic from the right places. They offer free web hosting for their new members.

I really appreciate this offer; if you want to get your own hosting account with a cheap shared hosting like HostGator, it will cost you at least $90, at least, and I hope you can manage your site without issues.

That’s why I recommend this training system for both, beginner affiliates, and affiliates who already make money. They will learn advanced strategies that no one else offers for their members.

A premium WordPress affiliate theme

The membership comes with lots of features and exclusive tools that you can’t find anywhere else. New members get famous Affilotheme for free. It’s a powerful theme framework with easy customizations, and it’s created, especially, for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

That’s not all, but, you get a free one-month trial for the Affilotools. It’s the premium affiliate marketing tools that are offered exclusively and used by popular marketers. It’s a full SEO cloud-based search marketing and analytics system that thousands of successful affiliates are using.

affiliate marketing training course

Phone support and forum access

When you need to ask a question or to get suggestions about anything, including your website, the phone number is always listed at the top corner of your member area, and it’s available all the time. These are professional people, and they understand that anyone without knowledge will ask questions.

At the same time, the forum moderators and members who already do affiliate marketing can give tips and suggestions for your website, and solve your problems. The best thing is that you can get site feedback directly from the system founder.

What’s next?

Pathway to Passive is my only recommended course, lesson, and training system for everyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing. It’s the right tool to promote products online or build a business that succeeds. However, like with anything in life, you have to work and apply these lessons. Luckily, they have well-organized homework tasks to keep things applicable.

My advice is to never skip any step, video, or guide in your member area. Ask any question you have in mind. They are good people, and I’ve tried them, and that’s why I’m recommending their system to you.

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