How to Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Everybody knows that affiliate marketing is the most successful and effective way to earn money online. However, not all the products that you want to promote are good, to make money and succeed.

The reason is simple, there is a lot of competition these days, and you should think about a niche with fewer competitors, and with good revenue. That’s why the best method is to learn exactly how to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

It’s not easy to find the right niche to promote on the right website, but things can be easy if you follow my tips, and how to pick the right place for real income.

There are some rules when it comes to finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing, and I’ll explain them one by one. But, please make sure to understand that the exact domain name is no longer working these days, as it was before.

So, if you want to pick a long domain name, and you think it will rank higher, then, that will waste your time. Make things professional and use your actual blog, or simply pick a domain with fewer characters.

Search for a niche with good monthly searches on Google

Of course, you don’t need to create lots of content and work hard, and then nobody will search for your products or reviews. The first thing to do when it comes to affiliate marketing is typing your general topic in the Google keyword planner tool, and see how many estimated monthly searches for that topic.

If you find something popular with more than 30.000 searches per month, forget that and find another one. Simply, because the more the term is popular, the more thousands of competitors you will find, and already, people have created lots of content about it.

So, it’s not easy at all to rank for the same content now. In general, you don’t need a number of search results less than 500 per month.

These are just tips to stay away from the competition and focus on a sub-niche that a few people are creating content for, and you will be lucky if you find a niche with no results in Google search.

The only reason to use a paid keyword research tool is to find the level of competition for any keyword.

The profitable niche

Now, you have an idea about what niches you can use for your website. And you need to find out if they are making money or not. This is the most important part, and it’s the easiest part at the same time. You don’t need to create lots of informational content, that will never make you money.

When people want to buy something, they search for reviews about it, and they need screenshots, or videos, for example, about how to use it. Also, they want to see the product in action. These people are interested in buying the product, and not only learning about it.

To find if your niche will really make you money, type some words in Google, and see if people search for them.

For example, search for “health products”, and see if there are a good number of results that are not too popular, and have more than 500 searches per month, at the same time.

If you find some, then you have the people who want to buy the “health” products, and you need to create the content for them and add your affiliate links.

So, make sure that the term or the keyword that you’re using is bringing traffic from buyers, and not people who just search for information and then leave your site forever. You can help these people on other websites, and not with affiliate marketing ones. In general, use the review model and add videos.

Find a niche with products to promote

The niche will not make you money if there are no products to promote. So, when you have a niche, and some good search from the Google keyword planner tool, you can browse your best affiliate network, and find the best product for that niche.

ClickBank, for example, is one of the biggest digital affiliate networks where you can find thousands of products. Just browse by category, and type some keywords to find the best products to promote.

Remember that you need to recommend good products, and you have to try them before promoting them, there are scammers, and you should be careful about that. If you make money, that’s good for you, but make sure that you really recommend the best products, and investigate them.

Best niche for affiliate marketing

You cannot limit affiliate niches to an exact number, simply because there are thousands of sub-niches, and things are complicated. But, the best niches to promote are money-making and software products.

Games can also make you money; lots of marketers make thousands of dollars per day, promoting specific games. Dating is also one of the best successful niches to promote, but only for high-traffic sites with topics related to relationships. That makes things easy to get conversions, and not only put a banner for nothing.

Web hosting is also a very profitable niche, and you can select a specific niche for WordPress, and the best service to promote is always WP Engine. They pay $200 for every new hosting account, and a few companies have that high commission. The best part is that the program is a premium hosting service that you can promote and be proud of.

The computer and electronic world is another good niche to promote, but make sure to pick a specific niche such as “Toshiba”, “Apple”, and so on. That gives you better results than creating content about general hardware, and software that all others are promoting.

Focus on the traffic sources, and you only need Google organic traffic, or traffic from your advertising campaigns, if you have money to invest.


To find a profitable niche to promote and create content for, you need to make sure that people are searching for it on Google, and that you can get lots of buyers who search for that niche product, and not just for fun.

Also, make sure that the niche has good products to promote, and the most important part, pick niches with few competitors. And never promote general niches that popular blogs and marketers are promoting. It will be hard to compete with them, so, focus on specific niches, and you will succeed.

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