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ZoSocial Review: Best Facebook Contest Application

If you’re on the way to search for a high quality Facebook contest application, then, you will find all you need in this ZoSocial review. I just want to show you with a demonstration how to set up a Facebook contest in easy steps.

The most important part is that you can create your contest, based on an answer, or automatic selected winner. At the same time, this Facebook photo contest app, lets you choose the photos professionally, and your fans will be able to win after posting a comment, or like your posts and so on.

Set up a Facebook contest and build your email list

The good thing about the Facebook contests is that you can promote your page, and get more comments, likes, and shares. But, what’s missing, is to build your email list, while you’re running that contest.

For marketers and affiliates, email lists are the first source of income that can generate thousands of dollars, if the subscribers are targeted customers.

ZoSocial Review

The hard thing about Facebook contests is that you can’t capt your fans emails and grow your list. Luckily, ZoSocial is a powerful tool that makes things easy to manage and understand. It lets you run a contest on Facebook and capt emails on autopilot.

The process is automatic, and you don’t have to do anything, in order to subscribe your fans. The software adds automatically your fan emails to your list, when they participate in the contest. That’s valid with all the email marketing software and services.

You can create different types of contest, you have 4 main options to choose from:

  • Sweepstake contest: This option lets you select automatically a winner, and you can set up everything inside.
  • Trivia contest: With this option, you can create a contest, based on the answer, your Facebook fans should answer questions. Of course, you can predefine the answer in your system from the beginning. If someone adds the correct answer, he will be a winner, or you can select automatically, or, manually, a winner, if they are multiple.
  • Photo contest: This option is popular and Facebook users love it for a simple reason, they enjoy to win free things with juts a photo commenting, uploading, or sharing.
  • Caption contest: As its name, your Facebook fans need to enter their emails, in order to participate in the contest. That seems simple, but not all of them will accept that option.

Great Facebook marketing application

If you have a Facebook fan page, you might notice that it’s not easy to get sales when you work hard, to promote offers and products. The reason is simple, not all of your fans will see your post or your offer.

That’s why capturing their emails, is the most powerful way to build a good business relations with them first. Also, you can promote your offer after running the contest and getting their emails.

The wrong thing with the old Facebook marketing ways is that, the fans don’t engage with your content. They are not even, interested in your company. If they have liked your page, just to get a discount or a special offer.

That’s why building your email list is the only way that can guarantee your marketing success with Facebook. You have your fans emails, and even, if they leave your page, they still in your target market.

So, you can easily promote your blog posts, your website, or a new product. That’s the most powerful way to build businesses online in these days.

If you have another Facebook application, and you’re using it to promote your business, and build relations with your fans, then, you need to give ZoSocial a try. I recommend that tool and it’s a high quality application that will boost your Facebook share, comments, and email subscribers list, in a short period of time.

ZoSocial demonstration review

The best way to learn, more about this Facebook contest app is watching the below video. That will make things easy to understand and compare with other tools that people use actually. Make comparisons, and see why this is a the best application, to run Facebook contests, and build your email list at the same time.

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