Best Premium Affiliate Networks to Make Money

Making money with affiliate marketing is a good choice if you have a website with lots of traffic. Of course, you need to be able to select only products that you’ve used, or that you trust. But sometimes, you still see the same low-quality programs there.

The solution is to promote great products, but only from premium affiliate networks, where you can see popular companies. This may look normal, but when you promote top-quality programs, you will avoid many problems with websites that your visitors never trust.

So, take a look at the below premium affiliate networks and select the programs that are directly related to your website topics. Promote them and the result will be much better than before.

Top trusted best premium affiliate networks

1. Linkshare

You don’t need to search for many reasons to choose Linkshare. It’s one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, and you can promote products from companies like AT&T and others. You get lots of affiliate programs organized by category. And even, you can select only premium programs from the list. All you have to do is to click on “premium Advertisers” from your account.

To be able to get links and banners, you need to apply first for any program you want to promote. You just need to wait for approval, you can also receive private offers from advertisers, and you have the choice to accept or reject them. Sometimes, you get offers from non-relevant websites.

Premium affiliate networks

2. ShareaSale

Shareasale is online for years and it’s trusted for the great services, and with premium advertisers that you can earn a real income with them. The best thing about this network is that you’re not limited to digital products. This website is created, especially, for real physical products like others, hardware, and others.

If you have a website about physical products, then, I recommend using Shareasale to get relevant and great programs promoted for your readers. Thus, you still add value to your website and make money without losing links.

3. One Network Direct

One Network Direct works with top brands like Microsoft, Nvidia, Kaspersky, and others. If you’re one of the lucky website owners who have thousands of daily visitors, then, this network is your best choice. It’s really different from promoting other programs.

If you have content related to Microsoft for example, you will make big commissions with them. Big brands generate more sales, only from their names, without talking to the quality of their great products that people love.

You get different commissions from different programs. Each one has its own percentage, but you get a much better income with them. You can promote any type of product, the only requirement is to have quality traffic.

Like any other premium affiliate program, you have to apply for any program you want to promote. After approving, you can see your links and use banners.

Premium Affiliate Networks

Another great news about this affiliate network, you get up to 60% commissions from some programs. So, never worry about the percentage of your earnings, and start promoting your best products.

4. Commission Junction (CJ)

This is one of the biggest online networks for years, you will get lots of affiliate programs to promote. You will love the diversity of programs, and what products they have. Best of all, you get top quality affiliate programs to promote with trust and verified business.

If you used CJ in the past, you may notice a change in their website design. Now, the design is better than before and looks easy to understand especially for newbies. Now, you have advanced link tracking tools, and you can easily find good programs by category and more great options.

Please remember that to promote premium affiliate products won’t work if you choose the wrong way. Take it easy, and select programs in your niche and related to your website content, without bombarding your visitors with banners and links. At the same time, make sure that you have enough traffic to get sales, after all, only real visitors can help you in your success. Good Luck

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