Online Payment Processors Like PayPal: Solid Gateway Alternatives

To create your online business and start selling, you need to start with a solid payment processor that enables you to reach customers worldwide, or you will lose a big percentage of your profit. We all know that PayPal is the most popular, but, what if they freeze your account?

You don’t need to ask many questions about why they will do that even if you’re a trusted business owner. Look at what happened to thousands of marketers, who lose their earnings in a few seconds. The refund is the biggest issue with PayPal, they never investigate the real problem and instantly freeze your account after receiving an alert from scammers who want to make an end to your business.

If you think that I’m saying things that you never see with PayPal, then think again and make some search on Google for popular business owners who get frozen. It’s not a question of business type. If you just started your new business with PayPal, any group of people. Let’s say 30 customers can demand a refund and PayPal will freeze your account, it will be the end without a doubt.

So, if you just started or want to start an online business and especially in marketing, you should switch to other online payment processors like PayPal in solutions. It should be globally recognized and flexible to receive and send money without problems.

I’ve prepared a small list of PayPal alternatives, but only, after verifying some information and asking some friends who used them many times, I’ve used and still use a few of them.

Another great way to verify that these best alternatives to PayPal are really secure and safe. I verified their business and also traffic, to make sure that millions of people are using them. That will ensure that they are all real PayPal competitors.

Best PayPal alternatives

1. Payza

If this is the first time you hear about Payza, then you might remember Alertpay. It’s the same company, but they changed their brand in 2012. It’s owned by MH Pillars Inc and located in London, and their operational center is located in Montreal, Canada.

The main reason why I started with this great payment processor is that they’re exactly similar to PayPal but more flexible than it, you can start accepting payments after creating a merchant account. It’s an easy, secure, and friendly solution with fraud protection. Your customer will enjoy fast payments.

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Like PayPal, Payza lets you send or receive money directly to your Bank account and credit card. Or, to your Payza Visa card directly. You can send and receive funds with your email address, they have two types of accounts:

  • Personal
  • Business

With a Business account, you will see all the PayPal features and even better. At game time you get all the shopping cart integration in your website. If you’re a seller, you can add the payment buttons in a few clicks, and best of all you can apply for your Payza prepaid card (Visa).

Please note: Payza is not available in the below states in the United States:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New York

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is a global payout platform founded in 2005 and ranked among the top 100 financial companies. You can send and receive money in 200 countries in total security. You can also withdraw money to your local bank account, and receive or send money to any Mastercard. This is one of the best PayPal alternatives for small business owners, sellers, and self-employed people.

Payoneer is the perfect solution for mass payouts, you can send funds to 200 countries and the funds will be available to withdraw in just 2 hours.

Payoneer is the perfect payment processor especially for Freelancers, they can receive their earnings to their cards without the need for bank accounts. Best of all, people can withdraw their money at any ATM worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

If you want to pay your employees directly to their Master cards, you can sign up with Payoneer first. Then, send them a free Payoneer prepaid Mastercard to receive their salaries. The best part is that both, you and the person who receives that card, will get $25 as a bonus when sending or receiving at least $100 with Payoneer.

If you want to see all the popular companies who pay with Payoneer, you can take a look at the free Payoneer MasterCard post. You will see companies like Google, Microsoft, and others who use Payoneer services.

3. 2checkout

2Checkout is a popular payment solution that you can use with trust. You can add a “buy now” button to your website and let your customers pay you directly to your merchant account. It works with major credit cards worldwide with recurring billing options.

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Both, you and your customer benefits from Fraud protection. Your payments are secured and protected through advanced technology, to minimize the risk and let you focus on growing your business instead of technical operations. You can also send payments to different languages and in different currencies globally.

4. Authorize

Authorize is the biggest online payment gateway since 1996, they’re also the free award-winning support. You never get better customer support like theirs. They dominated the credit card payment solutions, and thousands of big companies are using their services for years.

Their Alexa traffic rank is 1700, and you can conclude the number of people who visit their website every day by hundreds of thousands.

You can receive payments through mobile phones and mobile devices in general. So, no worries about people who need to pay anywhere at any time. Your money is always safe and secure.

If you’re a business owner and want to pay your customers or employees with Authorize, you will earn extra money just by offering them fast and secure payments.

5. Google Wallet

Google Walled is the new Google checkout payment service. You can easily sell your products and get payment from credit cards, or simply send money anywhere you want. You can also shop online and pay with your Google Wallet account.

It’s easily integrated into mobile phones and all the Google websites such as Gmail and sending or receiving money is totally free.

6. Flagship merchant service

This is not a popular payment processor, however, it’s the number one voted services even better than PayPal multiple times. It accepts all major credit cards and has advanced protection. Some of the features are:

  • Recurring billing.
  • Instant payment.
  • Offers e-checks.
  • Payment gateway.
  • Toll-free number and many others.

Flagship lets you receive payments from credit cards and get a free account which is normally a paid service. Thus, you get all in one payment and gateway payment services.

Final word

These are the best online payment processors like PayPal, of course, they’re not the only ones. You can find many other payment services, but I never used them and I can’t recommend websites that I don’t know. Some of them have disappeared for fraud and others are not verified. So, it’s better to stay away from them.

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Please add any other payment processor that’s similar to PayPal services in your comment. That will help.

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