How to Monetize a Blog or a Website Without Ads

It’s a good job to create a blog and receive a good amount of traffic. But, when it comes to monetization, not all the ways bring good results, especially with affiliate marketing and banner advertisements. Image ads need to be clean and placed in the right place without making the reader want to leave the site.

Affiliate marketing needs to be smart and used in the right blog posts. Both of these methods are good, but there is a smart way to monetize a blog without banner ads. It only works when you have at least a few hundred visitors per day to your blog.

If you’re unhappy with your banner ads and their impact on your readers, then, a successful company called VigLink can turn your normal links into a real income. The links that you add and that are not monetized will be turned into affiliate links when the visitors click on them.

You can select which links to monetize and which others to ignore. In other words, This is a smart way to turn your non-monetized links into affiliate links. The good news is that big companies and brands are using this method to make money.

How to monetize a website without ads

VigLink is a smart affiliate network that works with thousands of companies and programs in different niches. They work with over 35,000 retailers, and I’ve used the term “smart” because the system identifies the best ongoing links to monetize and focus on the top-paying programs.

What makes this method profitable is that they negotiate with their thousands of retailers to get maximum affiliate commissions. Then, they pay publishers 75%, and they keep 25% of the rest earnings.

The good thing here is that a publisher still gets paid for every sale made through the blog or website, even without creating an account with these programs.

If you want to search for these 35,000 programs and create an account for each one of them, then, you need years to complete the job, and you will lose links. That’s why this network is smarter than the others and makes things easier and more profitable for their publishers.

This algorithm detects the best products from each program or company. Bloggers and publishers, in general, can easily forget the hard work of inserting affiliate links, managing lots of programs, and focusing on creating content. The monetization works automatically there.

The program works with all platforms, it supports WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, phpBB, and vBulletin. If you have a blog or website but are not from the above list, then you can easily generate the code from the dashboard and insert it on your site. WordPress has a plugin that manages all the jobs.

Now, let’s see exactly how to monetize a website without spamming ads, Actually, there are 3 different monetization ways:

how to monetize a blog without ads

This is the easiest way to earn money with your existing links that are not monetized. It’s simple, and most bloggers and webmasters, in general, are losing big revenue from outgoing links.

If you’re linking to, for example, then, the visitor will visit that website. But, what if he/she buys something from there? You just lost commissions from not monetized links.

So, VigLink will simply turn the eBay link into an affiliate link pointing to the same website. So, when visitors buy items from them, you earn commissions. This method works well for all types of blogs, websites, and forums, and it’s easy to use.

monetize a website without ads

This method adds links to brand names and products. If you have a tech blog, for example, and you’ve used the word “iPhone” in a post, then, that word will be converted into a link that points to the most profitable iPhone product page, and you earn a commission if the user buys a product.

Remember that the user can visit the page again after months, and the link cookies are still there in the browser. So, you still earn commissions, even after months. That depends on the program’s cookies policy and guidelines.

This is a powerful way to monetize your links posted on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and anywhere on the web. All you have to do is convert the link that you want to post, and it will be an affiliate link automatically.

If you want to post a tweet, for example, to say that there is a new story about Apple, what you can do is link the word “Apple” with this link anywhere.

So, you will earn a commission when you post these links, and you generate sales. I highly recommend this monetization method for people with active social profiles and lots of followers.

You don’t have an idea about how many people trust links from well-known people. They can easily buy products if they trust you. The good thing is that you can also shorten the link.

Example: You’ve talked about Apple’s homepage in a blog post; why not link to the same page, but earn commissions also? So, turn the link into an affiliate link.

how to monetize a blog without ads

If you want to make the links short, check the “Shorten with” box, and the link will look pretty.

If you’re using a specific product name and you’re not sure if it’s included in the affiliate program, you can just click “Tools” in the menu. Then, click” Merchant Explorer”, you can browse by category or find a name by searching for it directly.

Because of the smart way to monetize normal ongoing links and because they completely follow the  Google webmaster guidelines, popular websites such as The Huffington Post, Nicoclub, PC World, and many others are using VigLink technology to make money.

The good thing is that the monetized links will look pretty and clean, especially for brands. The link looks like ( and is not a long link like normal affiliate links.

Is this the same as In-Text ads?

It’s completely different; the text ads pay a few cents and make the blog load slowly. But, VigLink inserts smart links without looking at ads, and the visitors still see the same page that you’ve linked to. At the same time, the WordPress plugin makes things optimized.

If you have a tech blog and you’re linking to brands and popular products, then, expect a good income without doing anything. Brands are trusted, and the conversion is much easier for them.

VigLink lets you forget your affiliate links and focus on non-monetized links and words. However, you can re-affiliate your existing links with higher commissions if you want. Just click on “Manage” and then “Settings from your dashboard” menu, as the below screenshot:

How to Monetize a Blog Without Banner Ads

Then, you can set the parameter that monetizes your links, you don’t have to save changes or click a button.

Everything is saved automatically and in real time. I recommend setting the links to be opened in a new window for the user’s experience. You can do that from the same page under the “advanced” tab. You can also set words or phrases that should not be linked.

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