Bluehost Launch the Best Optimized WordPress Hosting Service

Finally, as lots of people requested, Bluehost added a new service optimized, especially for WordPress users. These people need the power of fast loading time, and the advanced security protection, from the Bluehost servers, as they are always doing that.

I just want to share this great news for bloggers, and business owners with lots of traffic and bandwidth, every month.

I always recommend the best of the best in the web hosting services, and you can give it a try to Bluehost if you don’t have any idea about them. But what you will get is more than premium and optimized WordPress hosting services.

Fast and optimized WordPress VPS hosting

It’s not really fast, but the fastest among all the actual WordPress VPS servers today. As we all know, Bluehost started by customizing their servers. The best thing today is that they even, optimized their VPS, and they’ve spent lots of time doing that in the last few months.

At that time, their new optimized and advanced WordPress hosting was under development. But, now all is working like light speed, and honestly, it’s hard to find a better choice, on the shared and also on virtual private servers.

If you think that the new fast Bluehost VPS hosting is not for you, then, you never tried other companies with low-quality hosting, or, you’ve never tried Bluehost before. But, when you give them a try, you can’t move away from their great services, and the well-optimized hosting for WordPress, which will amaze you.


The new optimized web hosting service for WordPress lets you host a website, that receives more than 100 million visits per month, for the smallest plan. And with the other plans, you have an unlimited number of visits per month, and actually, Bluehost is the only hosting provider that offers these powerful resources.

Remember that other service limits the total number of monthly visitors, and they are managed hosting.

Host 5 to 30 WordPress sites

That’s right, instead of hosting a single website like many other managed WordPress hosting providers, Bluehost lets you host up to 5 sites for their cheapest plan, and the maximum WordPress sites to host is 30. That’s for the enterprise plan, that comes with Positive Wildcard SSL, and with SiteLock enterprise, and premium services that no one else offers.

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Dedicated backup pro service and disk storage

The backup pro service lets you backup your WordPress site automatically every day, and the good thing is that the storage space is completely protected. The minimum premium backup disk space that they are offering for free, is 30 GB for the first plan, and up to 240 GB backup space for the highest hosting plan.

That’s not only generous but professionally protected. In my experience, only a few companies can offer that big storage space, because it cost lots of hardware and security control to manage all that.

The minimum RAM is 2 GB, and the maximum is 8 GB for the enterprise plan that comes with storm resources and premium CDN, and other exclusive services.

The new Bluehost managed web hosting service that’s optimized for the WordPress environment lets bloggers, and business owners take their sites to the next level. That’s thanks to the powerful services from one of the biggest companies in the web hosting industry.

However, their WordPress hosting plans starting from $34 per month for the cheapest plan, and it goes up to $169 per month, for the enterprise plan. That’s not shared hosting, of course, and the resources are guaranteed.

No more downtime, and risks of losing traffic, because other sites are using your bandwidth limits like the case with the shared hosting.


This is a top-rated WordPress hosting with amazing customer support and reliable uptime. Every virtual private WordPress server comes with the latest technologies and the WordPress hosting best practices. So, your blog gets a speed boost automatically and Google crawlers will access your pages faster.

The result is a website that loads super fast, and that can be ranked faster in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search indexes.

The WordPress managed and optimized hosting is not only server and configurations, but also, support and help. That’s why the great technical assistance team helps in real-time and makes things easy to understand if the customer needs help.

Of course, no other company can beat WP Engine, the premium optimized hosting for WordPress. But not everyone can pay for their premium services, and as the best alternative, but on a great infrastructure Bluehost will be the best hosting with real reviews and feedback, without a doubt.

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