SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

WordPress works well with fast servers and a secure environment, that needs some optimization to reduce the PHP requests and speed up the blog. For that reason, lots of people choose SiteGround as a powerful web hosting for WordPress and other applications.

Before starting, I just want to notice that SiteGround is the only web hosting provider with a Google Page Rank of 9. That’s a big signal that the site is trusted and it is a high-quality hosting. The company was created by students, and then, the company started hosting popular university sites including, blogs and forums.

Today, I’ll review the SiteGround WordPress hosting service. So, you get the right information. Unlike many others, SiteGround works on quality and not quantity. That’s why they rarely appear in advertising and marketing campaigns. They don’t want to get thousands of customers without real support and help.

SiteGround and WordPress hosting

Before hosting your WordPress site with any company, make sure that they have an auto-installer software for WordPress. That will make things easier and prove that you are in good hands. SiteGround is one of the few hosting providers that offer large features, and options especially, for WordPress users.

Secure WordPress hosting

SiteGround isolates every WordPress blog or website from the others. Even, if a single website hosted on the same server was hacked, the others still completely protected. It’s a safe environment for all, and that’s what makes it the best secure WordPress hosting provider.

Also, the plugins and themes will be updated automatically through a special system created for that. Again, they are the only hosting with that function.

If for any reason, the WordPress core cannot detect the automatic update for any reason, your site will be in danger and outdated plugins will cause more danger to your site. Luckily, they have that good function that updates all your blog tools automatically.

SiteGround WordPress hosting Review

The good news is that this professional host creates a free daily backup for every website hosted with them. And even, they are the only WordPress hosting service that saves up to 30 copies of the same website for their advanced plan. There are lots of SiteGround reviews that talk about the great backup feature.

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Also, they offer one free copy backup for the cheapest plan. That’s more than great and prove that they care about their customers and keep them safe.

WordPress Hosting

Popular WordPress hosting companies who offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, can’t control their hosted websites when the server is overloaded.

That causes downtimes and a single website traffic increase will affect all the other domains hosted on the same server. The result is websites offline during hours, and if you count the yearly period, that becomes days.

This is why SiteGround protects its users and provides estimated monthly traffic for each plan. That gives a good idea about the exact WordPress hosting plan that people want to select. Furthermore, bloggers pay for real performances and not just promises like others.

Superfast WordPress hosting

It’s not easy in our days to get a fast and secure website, at the same time. This professional and managed WordPress hosting uses the latest hardware and software technologies, to save databases and keep them running fast and safe.

SiteGround engineers use a dynamic caching system for better performance. They use Varnish to create a super-fast cached version of the site static files and accelerate the HTTP and PHP.

That’s not all, they also offer a free CDN service at 23 locations worldwide. And that’s powerful with 3 data centers to select from.

The SiteGround customer support

Clients have the choice to call an expert by phone, send a ticket, or email, and live chat. But the common thing about all their support system is the speed and professionalism.

In a few seconds, you get an expert who responds to your call and explains everything that other hosting companies’ customer supports can’t. The reason is that they started with universities, and they are expert in their work and not just a job.


The company employs skilled and experienced WordPress expert people to help and assist.

Awesome WordPress tools

WordPress Staging is one of the greatest tools that everyone needs. It lets you test your theme and make changes in real-time, but without affecting the real website version. All your tests still applied only for your session and not the others.

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That means more freedom for you to edit, and change the theme and plugins function without risking the real website. This advanced tool is only offered by SiteGround and WP Engine which is a better premium hosting for WordPress.

This is an affordable WordPress hosting provider, where you can get a professional theme for free. They create a special theme for their customers and, no one else does the same. If you don’t have a theme, then try one of their WordPress themes, and you will love it.


The WordPress Super Cache tool creates a 3 level of cache that makes any WordPress website faster.

Free WordPress transfer and installation

No matter if you want to start a new WordPress site or want to transfer an existing one, SiteGround offers a free WordPress website transfer service with no downtime. That means your blog still active, even, in the migration process, an expert will take care of that.

The good news is that everyone gets a free domain name for life, and not for one year like the other hosting providers. So you will save the yearly domain renewal costs.


SiteGround is a quality WordPress hosting service. I recommend their hosting services for bloggers, and webmasters who care about their website speed, and security, at the same time.

What they offer as services are what you will pay for, but with extra free services and yes, Siteground is good for WordPress. It is an optimized hosting that understands that WordPress needs extra resources at a low-cost. Most importantly, security is always at top levels. If you want to host a personal blog, a business website, or whatever using WordPress, then, SiteGround is the real solution.

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