Instant VPS Hosting Server Activation

Instant VPS Hosting and Server Activation: Best Providers in 2017

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Sometimes you need your new website or blog to be active in seconds, without the need to wait for approval, or any other long-time setup.

Today, we will talk about how to get an instant VPS hosting and best of all, the activation is free and managed, by one of the most trusted and top quality web hosting provider in the world, which is Bluehost. They offer reliable hosting, and thousands of bloggers and site owner count on their services.

Trusted hosting services with Instant VPS setup

I’ve used the majority if the popular VPS hosting providers for friends or for me, and after testing and investigations, I only recommend the ones that I trust and have used, Liquid Web and Inmotion Hosting are also great VPS providers with quality. Best of all, they are better than Bluehost and the offer unlimited resources with SSD drives and amazing customer support.

InMotion hosting offers a special 51% discount for our readers. You can profit from this offer. And you should never forget that you get a daily site backup, to make sure your files are safe for any unexpected error. So, never worry again about your backups and website files safety.

Instant VPS Hosting

On the other side, the Bluehost VPS service is cheap, but not that high quality they talk about. But, it still a great option is for people with limited budgets and who looks for a cheap VPS with medium quality. So, let’s see their server features and options.

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The Bluehost VPS hosting is professionally configured from people who take your business success before everything. If you succeed, they will succeed, this is why they developed the best-advanced technique on their servers to give you the speed that every website or blog need. At the same time, they give you full access to your server and instant configuration.

Instant VPS Hosting and activation

The reason that you can instantly activate your VPS server is that the server itself is configured in advance with top security parameters and flexibility options. Remember that Bluehost is the official WordPress recommended hosting. They have an instant setup VPS, and they know exactly how making your website run in a safe environment and at the maximum speed.

Instant VPS hosting

This is the cheapest VPS server hosting that offers one CPU core, 2GB available RAM, 30GB SAN storage, 1TB bandwidth, 1 IP address and a free domain name, with 24/7 support from the fastest technical support team that people talks about them everywhere. All this will cost you $14.99 the first month, and $29.99 the next months.

If you compare that to any other VPS hosting provider, you can easily find that Bluehost is not only the most advanced, and flexible. But also, the cheapest VPS hosting provider among their competitors.

It’s not easy in our days to find an instant VPS hosting provider that lets you manage your server anytime you want, and add resources when you want instantly, without the need to contact them for support.

All you have to do is use your enhanced cPanel to allocate additional CPU, or RAM resources if you need them. If you need more than one virtual private server. You can easily add more VPS services, and any other service you want from your enhanced cPanel.

For advanced management, you have a full access to your CentOS server for total control and access. To secure your website from attacks and viruses, the Site lock and other programs will make sure that your website is protected and running all the time.

Another advantage that personally can’t find in any other hosting and, especially, for a cheap VPS hosting with cPanel, is that you can add extra resources like storage, and other options instantly.

The Bluehost VPS plans start from $14.99 and go up to $59 for the first months. It comes with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, free domain name, and 2 free IP address. It’s not just a VPS like he others, but the best of them.

If you really want to take your business and website to the next level, I recommend the Bluehost VPS hosting service. Not only for the advanced next generation VPS, but also, for the unique instant and fast technical support that you can’t find anywhere else.

Of course, the other companies can lie and promise to solve your problems instantly, or answer your ticket shortly. But, they never take your hand and worry about your website like Bluehost does. The average waiting time for phone support is only 4 minutes. They have a Toll-free number and live chat support. But also, an email support that is the fastest in my experience.

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