There are many ways to make extra cash online, but sometimes you forget that the most profitable ways are not usually the hardest ways. Newbies can ask how to make money with short links, but they focus only on affiliate marketing and forget the easiest way.

Today I’ll show you how to make money posting links on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere. People are not shortening links just to make them easy to remember. But, thousands of these people have a good amount of followers and friends, and when sharing a good link with their friends, they make extra money.

Shortening URLs is an easy and good way to make money. But, we see that people use their short links to spam the web, and this is one of the bad ways to earn money online. However, there are a couple of trusted websites that you can use to make your links short, but also, make some cash when people click on them and see the advertisement page.

Best URL shortening services to make money

If you spend some time searching with Google for websites where you can make some money sharing your links, you will find thousands of websites.

Unfortunately, the majority of them are spammers, and can redirect your link to unwanted directions. At the same time, there are good URL shortening services such as, and AdFly that pays you at the time. Best of all, bloggers and websites owners are using them for a couple of years, and you can start with them.


Shorte, is a URL shortening service leader with an innovative idea, and the most important is that they work with premium advertisers who add value to your readers, and not spam them like many other services. It’s a trusted link shortener that pays.

This awesome company was started by a creative team who wants to help you to monetize your links in easy steps. To be honest with you, it is better than all the other URL shortening programs, they are more friendly and treat people as friends.

If you have a blog, Forum or any other website, you can set all your external links to be monetized. When people click on them, they see an intermediate 5 seconds page, and then proceed to the link.

The advertisements are high quality and not any links. You can exclude domains or links, and you can select a few links only, on your page  and make them shorten.

The best part about this company is that you can use their WordPress plugin and make money with links in the easiest way. All you have to do is to create your free account first, then download the plugin under the top link “Tools”. After the plugin activation, you just need to add your Token, and start making money with your blog links.

Best Url Shortening Services

This is the best link shortener that pays, and you have 3 great options to make money with your blog, or website links:

  • Full Page Script

This method monetizes all your internal and external links. So, people visit an ad before continuing, you get paid for clicks on your link, and it’s the most profitable way for websites, where people download or upload digital content like, videos, themes, or any other link.

  • Entry Script

This method will monetize your entry traffic. So, you short link and earn money when a visitor comes to your site, and see an intermediate ad before proceeding.

  • Exit Script

This is the best way to turn your bounce rate into a money. When visitors want to close your page, they see a special page and many of them will click on it. Thus, you make money, even from people who exit your website. The service can be used as the best twitter link shortener,

Your payment will be sent on the 10th of every month, you need at least $5 for PayPal. If you have a good Facebook or any other active social page, you can make at least, $5 every day without doing anything. But, share links while offering good video, or any other content that makes people want to lick on it and ready to watch a 5 second advertisement to help you.

2. AdFly

This is the second trusted URL shortening service today, they are using a detailed tracking setting. So, you can see exactly how your links are being clicked, and even with country statistics and more. AdFly is the shortest link shortener, and the leader since since years.

They pay you every time a visitor click on your shortened link, and see a 5 second advertisement before seeing your real URL link. Making money with Adfly is easy and You can make up to $2 per 1000 visits. It’s the highest paying url shortener, but everything depends on the source of your traffic, English countries have higher rates for every click.

For example, if you have a good traffic to your website, or even have thousands of Facebook fans, you can help people with a tutorial video on any topic, or, even offer them helpful tips, or funny video on YouTube.

Let’s select YouTube, you need just to copy your YouTube video URL, and make it short with AdFly. Then, you can share the shortened link where you want, when a visitor sees the ad before watching your video. You earn a predefined amount of money per view that can be different from one country to another. United States, UK, Canada and Australia have the highest rates.

How to make money with Links

You can create as many links as you want, and even change the look of every link by selecting the shortening service.

If you have a proxy traffic, you can monetize it with your links. They pay you for every click from regular or proxy visitor. At the same time, they can detect any human, or automatic manipulation to hack their system. In this case, your account will be terminated, so, make sure to be good with them, and they will be better than you can imagine.

Another good thing is that you can also advertise with them and get good results. It worked well for software websites and similar niches, you can get cheap traffic to your product. It won’t be good as organic traffic, but it will bring you a good result compared to your advertising budget.

3. Linkbucks

This is another trusted service that lets you earn money when sharing your links on social media sites or in your website. Of course, you need to share links naturally and not spamming the web. This service has been paying for years and there is no need to worry about payment.

This is an advanced link shortening website, they offer different way to customize your links and monetize them the easy way.

When and how you get paid?

The minimum payout is $5 for PayPal and Payza. But if you want to get paid directly to your Payoneer account, you need at least $10 which is the minimum of Payoneer system. You don’t have to send requests, or to ask for your payment, they have an advanced system that sends your earnings every month, automatically.

As you can see the above two websites are the top paying URL shorteners, and they can make you a good money. The only requirement is to have a natural human traffic, you will make more money with visitors from native English countries with any service. But, you still make money from all the other countries also.

Just control your links, help people with good content, and you will succeed with these great URL shortening services. Just remember that no one can tell you how much you can earn, the sky is the limit, Your earnings will be different depending on the county of your traffic sources..

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