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How to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups Easily and Faster

To build a strong website and readership, you need to spend lots of time creating good content for your readers. Then, you can offer them a simple email subscription opt-in where they can receive your latest news and posts. However, Newsletter subscription has become a spam way to promote offers and send lots of emails to subscribers.

If you don’t know why and how you should use a newsletter subscription, you will lose your readers instead of winning them. They can be returning readers for your business. So, make sure to read how to increase your newsletter sign ups, but without losing readers.

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Unfortunately, thousands of people create their newsletter sign up boxes for one reason only, it’s to make money when sending offers to their members or visitors who become subscribers. That’s a big mistake and the result will be negative all the way. My advice is to take a moment and think about the below points:

Why you want a newsletter for your website?

The question seems stupid, all of us want to promote our articles and receive visitors, however, many have created their newsletter lists just to make money. So, if you’re one of them, forget that goal and think about people who open your emails and see your offer. Do you want to receive those offers in your emails? So, your readers also need information and help, but not sales pages.

The wrong thing is not to make money with your list, we are all working hard to create content and it’s good if someone buys products through your links, but only if they are helpful. At the same time, people need tips and helps. If you have a new idea for example, create a blog post about it and send it to your subscribers.

Tell them about your idea in the email and give them a reason to visit your website again. For example, let’s say that you found a new way to reduce the blog page loading time, and you have an article with lots of information and add your links there. Now, you can send a simple paragraph to your list and tell your readers about the whole idea and include the link at the bottom of your email.

The good thing here is that you tell, and not sell, if the subscriber is interested, he/she will click the link and visit your post, if it’s not the case, you’re both winners, the reader is not interested in that topic, and you kept him/her as a subscriber. In the tradition spam ways, you have two options, to lose the reader or to get a sale.

The main idea here is to create a list to help people and keep them informed, and get traffic to your posts. If you achieve that goal, then, a simple offer each 10 days will not be a problem for you and your subscribers. They know that you send them quality content with helpful tips for free, and they understand that you need to make money, to keep doing your great work. As a result. People will trust you and buy from your recommended offers and you are all, winners.

The problem is not money, you can make millions and lose them in a single day, simply because you’re not honest, but the real thing to care about is the trust and your honestly, don’t follow what the others are doing.

If you should send an offer to your subscribers, please make sure to inform them in the subscription form, that will send only people who expect offers and not free content only. Thus, you keep your readers and avoid negative reviews that can affect your business or your products.

Tips to optimize your Newsletter Sign Ups

As, we optimize the website for better speed and ranking, we should also optimize the newsletter opt-in box for best results. There is no exact location in the website to show the newsletter box, however, to be in the top of the page is better, but make sure to keep it simple as possible. The name and email are what you need to personalize your newsletter.

You don’t have to add the full name and other personal details, it’s not an investigation and people care about themselves as well. I saw some websites with a fax number in their newsletter, and that’s a big mistake, luckily, they removed that field at the end.

You can also offer a free content or gift, such as e-books or guides, but make sure that they are original and with good value. People can download free e-books from the web, but they need your own advice. So, if you can, create one.

The bottom of your article is also a good location to offer a newsletter sign up form, and that will be very effective if you have something free to offer such a discount or a free product.

At the same time, add a different background or color to your opt-in box and make it stand up from the page and attract viewers.

E-mails subscription tools

If you run a WordPress website, you can easily integrate powerful tools such as Optin Monster, it’s a pop-up subscription box developed by WordPress expert and you can multiply your subscribers list by just using that plugin.

My advice is to let the pop up appears after one minute or 30 seconds, at least. You need to keep your readers and not bombard them with pop-up messages. Just make things easy and you will get real subscribers. This plugin works with all the popular email marketing providers, such as Aweber and Mailchimp.

How to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups

Please keep yourself protected from spammers, and build a trusted business before all things. There are lots of free newsletter plugins, but they are all sending emails to the spam box, you’ll get the wrong tool.

At the same time, Mailchimp, which a leader in email marketing lets you build up to 2000 subscribers for free. You can send them newsletters without paying. That’s better and you can guarantee to send legit and trusted emails that appear in your subscribers’ inboxes and not in the spam folder.

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