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Affiliate marketing mistakes that you need to avoid

Affiliate marketing helps people to make money with products that they love. The first goal for every newbie  in this market is to make the first sale. This is what giving the energy to start promoting products for real business.

But, when driving thousands of visitors without making a sale, people will quit affiliate marketing and search for other ways to make money. At the same time, they forget that they made mistakes, and they can correct them. In this article, I will show you the common affiliate mistakes that new marketers make, when promoting programs online.

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1. Trusting all the Affiliate Products

As with any other money-making ways, affiliate marketing can bring you thousands of dollars in some days, and a few dollars in other days. Sometimes, you make a huge money on a single day, other times you wait days for your next commission.

So, you can’t expect how much money you will earn, because this is the nature of this business.

The first idea that comes to your mind is to make money instantly, when promoting affiliate products. So, you can advertise your link and wait for sales. That’s your big mistake, you can’t expect anything from one product, especially, if you’re a beginner.

You need to make a good idea about your niche, and minimize your risks, by searching reviews about the product that you want to promote. Then, search for reviews about that product to make a clear idea about it. Thus, you can make your own decision about any product that you want to promote.

2. Promoting the wrong product in the wrong place

Finding the great product to promote, will not guarantee that you will make money from it. You need to find the best place to advertise your product, and make money as an affiliate. The problem here is that most new affiliates will neglect the place to advertise their products.

As an example, many people advertise money-making products with blogs that are talking about health. That’s the worst mistake that new affiliate makes.

So, you need to make sure that you promote your good programs only with the relevant websites, and blogs that are related to your niche. That’s the best way to avoid receiving low quality clicks.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Another mistake, is to advertise your product where PayPal or Credit Cards are not accepted, this can send you clicks, but, from the wrong people. In this case, you advertise products to people who can’t buy them.

So, make sure to promote your affiliate programs in the countries, where people can buy with PayPal and credit cards.

3. Lo quality advertising

You’ve probably found that Google AdWords won’t support affiliate products. You can search for some publishers to promote your sites, or services, and you may find many of them. But, the biggest mistake is to advertise with the newest, or low quality advertisers.

That way, you get thousands of clicks, but, without sales, as an example, you can get $20 in free clicks with BIDVERTISER without sales. They advertise your link with new blogs, without real and good traffic.

Another example of mistakes, is to buy visitors from scam advertising companies, this is a popular mistake. So, stay away from companies that buy visitors, you don’t have any idea about those visitors, they are just Bots comes from their server. You can also, learn more about the scam of PPV sites.

4. Promoting too popular products

You can promote popular products and make money, but, keep in mind that thousands like you are promoting the same products. The products can be good if you have thousands of dollars to spend, but, if you’re a new affiliate, this method will lose money without sales.

It’s because you can’t succeed your ad with high competition. Thousands of advertisers spend up to $10 per click for some products, or perhaps more.

If you promote products that are very known among the others, you find yourself in competition with big companies. The only way to succeed is to promote these products in your website, or advertise them in your email lists, but not with PPC ads.

You have to find good products with low competition, this will give you the chance to pay cents per click, instead of paying dollars for a single click.

5. Expecting sales from a few clicks

If you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, you should know that you’re not guaranteed to make sales from the first Hundreds of clicks. You may receive 500 clicks without sales, but, what if the next 500 clicks bring you three sales or more?

In general, you can make a clear idea about your product when receiving 2000 to 3000 real clicks. That’s the best way to make a decision, but, with some hundreds of clicks, you can’t make an idea. So, stay promoting your affiliate product, and decide to continue or to change it after 2000 to 3000 clicks.


You can make extra income from affiliate products, all you have to do is to promote them in the relevant places. As you see, simple mistakes can lose your money.

So, make sure to find more information about the product that you want to promote. Then, select the best websites, where you can advertise your banners and links. At the same time, test your advertisement to find the best strategy that will make you more money.

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