14 Mistakes Destroying your Blog

Creating a Blog is one of the best strong ways to build your business, find new connections or simply to earn extra income. At the same time, To Succeed as a Blogger, you have to organize your ideas and find your Blog’s enemies, yes, every blog has enemies that can destroy it in a short time, so why not learn about your blog’s enemies, to fight them?

Complex Blog Design

The first communication between you and the visitor is your blog design. To succeed, your first “hello” with your blog visitor or reader, you need to succeed your blog design. This can be done through different steps:

Most of the new bloggers will focus their time on searching for their cool theme, then they will purchase a theme with more functions and more options. Ok options are good, but what about your blog functionality? A complex blog design with hundreds of functions will make your blog more complex to read,  also, a visitor will hesitate to click on any article, then he will quit your blog forever, so why make things complicated?

To keep your design simple as possible, you have to delete all the unnecessary functions, you can use two sidebars instead of three, or four, don’t make yourself in comparison with other bloggers, you don’t know how many problems they have with their themes, you have to make your blog clean and clear, don’t use excessive widgets. For example, make one clear menu instead of a complex menu with hundreds of links. New visitors will not waste his time with long buttons.

Make sure that you use good color combinations, no more than three to four general colors, there’s no need to have twenty colors in the blog header, keep it simple. Colors have a high impact on navigating if you have many colors, visitors will see it like a mosaic, and he will exit your blog fast.

Free Blog Hosting

Free blog hosting can destroy your blog, it will make it less professional first, second, your web pages will load from 15 seconds to some minutes if not never, this way search engines crawlers can’t access to your blog easily and you lose some page indexing.

Free web-hosting companies won’t take care of your blog, they have a limited memory and resources, when it comes to money, they will disable your host for some hours or some days to give their paid members what they need, your account can be determined if you upload excessive files, maybe 30 MB uploading can terminate your account.

Real web-hosting with fast loading time needs resources and energy to maintain their servers up to time and fast, they’re secure and will take care of your blog, best of all they are available all the time to solve any problem.  The most important thing is your blog loading time, did you know that Google takes into consideration your blog’s fast? Ask yourself one question, can you still wait for a web page that loads in 40 seconds? , so you’re destroying your blog with slow loading times.

Writing for Google instead of the people

Your posts are what visitors looking for, they find them through Google and other search engines, but what if they feel that you write for search engines and not for them?

Most new bloggers will focus on learning Search Engine OptimiZation (SEO), this is not a bad thing, but it will destroy your blog when you transform your article into “made for search engine”. Google is the largest search engine in the world, with thousands of expert scientists, Google’s first job is to take visitors to the best answers they’re looking for, but if Google finds your content with hundreds of keywords, just to drive visitors, you will lose all.

To make your content useful, you need to consider SEO as “advice” and not “things to do”, there is no exact science called SEO, even the best SEO experts can’t rank their blogs in the first search on Google, take SEO by the simple way, write useful content, use a keyword in your title, and in your content and tell people about your post, you can use social networks and other blogs, this will grow your blog audience naturally without problems.

Copying Other’s Content

blogging mistakes

What makes a blog alive is the content, if you have a great article with useful information, you’re on the right way, however, any copied content in your blog can make your blog out of the game, you can find thousands of articles anywhere, you can also rewrite them, but search engines will look at your pages as a copy, and will not index them, if you think that copying from others can make your blog popular, then you’re destroying your blog.

There are many scam companies who offer unique article rewriting, so be staying away from them, don’t believe them and instead of coping others pages, focus on creating your own content, this will engage people with your blog. Visitors are not all stupid, they will know that you’re copying from others, tomorrow or the next week, as a result you lose them and lose trust.

Using Free Themes

To make your blog unique, you have to create unique content, but also your theme must be unique, if you can design your own theme, this is a good way to make your blog looks great and unique, but if you use a free theme, your blog will look at others, no intention to it, visit the most popular blogs, their themes are unique.

Free themes are coming with hidden links to their websites, most of them are hackers, they will wait until you create a good blog and then you lose it in one day, I’m not saying all free themes can destroy your blog, but why taking the risk when you can get your premium theme. Free themes will limit your innovation, your blog looks like any others.

Buying links

This is the worst method to build links to your blog, unlikely there are many scammers who buy backlinks, but the best thing is that Google bans thousands of websites for their fast backlinks, can you imagine a new blog with 5000 backlinks?. Unnatural links can be detected easily, if you got thousands of backlinks shortly, then you’re destroying your blog. Search engines hate this method of linking, So build 100 good back links in one year instead of buying Thousands, and then lose your blog.

Excessive advertisements

A blog with advertisements everywhere, will look spammy. You’ve probably seen many blogs with pop-ups, Banners everywhere, what makes it impossible to reading any article, excessive banners and ads will slow your blog and lose your visitors, but also, visitors will feel that your only goal is to make money from them. So write articles that solve people’s problems and give them answers, instead of putting banners everywhere. So make sure that your ads will let your blog looks clean, My advice does not use pop-up ads, this is the biggest mistake that bloggers make, Blogs with this type of spam ads are losing their Blog’s visitors.

Using Free Domain Names

To make it easy for your visitors to remember your blog, you have to buy your own domain name, this can affect your page ranking. You should know that there are nothings called “free domains”, to own a real domain name you have to pay some dollars, if you can’t for any reason, then wait until you can and not wasting your time, a blog with sub domain name, such as Blogspot.com, weebly.com, .Tk and others won’t succeed and nobody will find it useful.

To look professional, you need to make your domain name professional, can you find a  free domain name on the first page of Google? So you have the reason to not use free sub domains.

You should know also that many companies offer a domain name in exchange for some offers or services, my advice is to stay away from them, what if you create a great blog, and then they sell your domain name to another?.

Dead Blog

Your blog value comes from your articles, when you have a great post, you can expect success, but without regular posts or clear posting frequency, you’re doing bad things. Your visitors will come from time to time to see if you have something new on your blog, they will become your blog lovers and regular visitors. But if they find your last post date for weeks or months, they will delete your blog from their memory.

There is no exact post frequency, but you have to post new articles every two or three days, and if you really don’t have the time, make your post frequency weekly, at the same time write good quality posts, no less than 500 words

Island Blog

Blogging for yourself will make your blog as an island, nobody will visit you, nobody will find you and stay with you, blogging is connecting with people, find new relations, explore new bloggers and communities, so don’t isolate your blog and open your eyes to the world. You can connect your blog to social platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus One is the larger ones that you need. Visit other blogs from your niche and visit them regularly, commenting on them, this will tell people about your blog and drive your visitors.

blogging for people

To make a successful blog you need to write for people, but never for yourself, remember that the main reason for coming to your blog is to find a solution for a problem, or to find answers

Forget Responding to Comments

If someone comments in your post, then he/she want to interact with you, give an idea or simply ask a question, comments make a blog more interactive and active, the more comments you have, the more chance to be indexed better, but forget to respond to comments will make your blog inactive and stop encouraging people to comment.

Take some time checking comments that your blog receives, answer all questions and interact with people, this will let people come again to your blog and mark it as favorite.

Not optimized images

People love images, and enjoy your posts, if you use relevant images to the content, but once insert large size images and forget them, your blog can be broken, don’t forget that not all people have a speed internet on their home, your blog will not load at all for slow connections, this is a result of your not optimized images.

Search engines will decrease your page ranking with large and not optimized images, people will leave your blog, if they find it slow with not loaded images. So make sure that you compress every image before upload it to your blog, this can be done with Photoshop, or with free software like Photofilte, and use Smash.it WordPress plugin that optimize all your images at once.

You can learn how to optimize your images in WordPress.

Installing not Tested Plugins

I can’t  imagine WordPress without Plugins, they make it easy to add what you want as functions and options, but plugins are not all good, you can install not tested one, and end with losing your blog, some plugins come with virus and malware, so keep an intention to your plugins when installing them, in general I recommend using voted plugins, make sure that there is at least 3000 download for that plugin, and make sure to check some reviews.

This post will show you how to scan WordPress themes and plugins for malware to protect your site.

Micro Posts

If your posts length is 100 to 200 words, I recommend forgetting blogging and post them in twitter. Twitter is created for micro posts, but not Blogging, this not mean to write 2000 words, but if you post more than 350 words at your post, you can express your idea, but with 100 words, you can’t tell people important things.

You may see some popular bloggers post, sometimes 250 words, but check their other posts, they are real posts with informative content. So don’t use micro-posts for all your articles. People need useful content.


Your post content is the first thing that people are looking for, so keep it useful, informative to create a real audience. However, make some killer mistakes, will destroy your blog day after another, and you can’t repair it again, so take care of your blog as you can.

These are the blog’s enemies that I know, what about you? Share your knowledge in your comment.


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