What Makes a Blog Professional, Successful and Profitable

If you take a look at these WordPress facts post, you will find that millions of bloggers are posting on WordPress. More people are creating new blogs, however a small percentage of them succeed, and that’s because of their professionalism, effort, and the profitability of their website second.

You can build thousands of posts, but you need a source of income to keep posting and helping people, by tips and recommendations. Today, I’ll show you the simple reasons that make blogs successful and what you need to do to follow their success.


Clean designs

The professionalism starts from a clean blog that has a well-coded theme without lots of errors, and it’s recommended to use simple themes. However, when we say simple, that means easy layout and colors, and premium theme if possible.

The main reason to use a premium theme is the ability to get all the above needs and that way, you can be confident about your site. For colors, it’s recommended to use a few ones only, which makes things look good, and you will avoid making your readers lost between tabs and links. Make things easy as all the professional blogs.

Professional web hosting

There is no chance to build a professional blog and succeed without hosting that speed up the site and offer the best user experience. WordPress, for example, uses lots of PHP and MySQL requests because of its nature, and not every server can work well for that application.

So, there is a need to have an optimized WordPress hosting that caches the static files and even the PHP requests. If you want to go further, you can use an SSD hosting that works 20 times faster in terms of data assessing inside the server.

On the other side, when bloggers use free hosting, they just waste the time and effort. And there is no way to rank well in Google and all the other search engines, with regular downtimes and errors.

So, when you want a real blog, think about good hosting first, and add the appropriate plugins to handle that traffic and works normally, even, in the highest traffic periods.

Good security

I just used the word “good” and not “strong”, because not everyone can protect his or her blog as it should be. However, people can set up the minimum security configuration by installing a few plugins and adding some lines of code to their htaccess file.

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Blogging takes lots of time and effort, but when it comes to security. It’s even more important than the content itself.

The reason is simple, you can build lots of articles but when someone hacks your site and insert codes to harm your ranking, things will be harder to correct later, and that’s why I recommend protecting your blog first and then start thinking about the content. Blog posts should be published in a secure environment.

Writing from the heart

Blog posts are different from static website pages that seem cold. When a blogger starts writing, he or she never thinks about time and the article length. Sometimes it takes long hours to create an article because they forget the world when they write for people.

It’s not like writing for an agency or a magazine, simply because people write because they want to add as much information as possible to help readers understanding and solving their problems. In other words, no matter if you write a short post or a 2400 words article, you need to start writing, and never stop until you finish all your ideas.

It’s a way to write for people, but, telling search engines, more about the content to understand and rank it in their index.


Personal opinion matters

People want to find useful information and details, but also, they look for your own opinion, and what you think about the topic or the product that you’re writing about it. Blogs are more friendly than static websites, and that a reason that makes readers look for your recommendations and tips, and not just details.

Successful bloggers use “I” and “You” to make reading the post more personal for their readers. And they can communicate with people directly through that method. In the end, that should help to get more readers, and people who link back to your post naturally.

The basics of SEO

Unlike the last few years, when SEO was a complicated thing, now, Google makes things easy to understand, and people can find what they should do and what mistakes they need to avoid in their sites, and everything related to content.

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To make your articles visible to search engines and to people at the same time, you need to use the basics and that can take a few days to learn. Then you should stay updated with the latest tips and analytics from Google and popular SEO sites like Moz.


Networking is a great way to put your blog in the eyes of big sites and companies. But not everyone is good at social or business networking. But when you start finding great people who have blogs and talks to them, you will find great opportunities to build relationships.

Also, that’s a way to expose your blog and make it popular. However, Networking needs chances sometimes, when you meet the right people in the right place. Things can change the way you blogging completely to the best.


Making money comes later

This is the truth about blogging, when you look at the top blogs like Problogger, you will find that they started as hobbies. Then, they created content that people shared well. Later, when they noticed the opportunities that they can use, they’ve started monetizing their sites, and that a logical result.

Of course, every blog has its own source of income, CopyBlogger for example is another great example of professionalism, where you can’t find a single banner ad that makes people want to leave the site as quickly as possible.

So, if you really want to create a blog that stands out from the others and that succeeds, forget those banner ads and advertising completely, at least, in the first years. Instead, focus on the content and work hard to offer solutions that people need. Then, you can start thinking about monetization when you get good traffic.

To make a blog profitable, you don’t need ads or graphic banners. But you just need to grow your traffic to the level that let you recommend good products or service to people. If you write about something that fixes problems, why not making some money from that recommendation, but, without bombarding readers with ads everywhere on the site.

Invest money in the blog

When bloggers start earning real income, or at least, extra revenue from their posts, they should think about making the blog better. That can be done by upgrading to better hosting if the traffic is good, or by hiring writers, or any other way that can help to grow the site and make it better.

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It’s like a car, if you use it for a long time and forget repairing it and optimizing things, it will stop working, and you will get lots of problems. That’s why successful blogs that make good revenue invest money in developing and making it faster and better.

At the same time, you have to keep testing new things like the layout and the designs if you have the time. Or hire someone who can do that for you and focus on managing your blog content instead of that.

These are some of the most important facts that make a blog profitable, but, after making it professional, and the result depends on the time and the effort that people invest in their sites. If you need to add other factors, use the comment below, and let’s see what you think.

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