Tips to Choose a Good Website Template

To create a popular and successful business website, you need to organize your work, step by step, to make things clear and easy to manage. The first thing you have to think about is your blog or website template. In this post I will tell you a simple, but very important tips to select the best website template for your business.

How to pick the right template for your website

Verify the theme’s company or creator

If you really want to start your blog and succeed, you have to be sure first, that your theme is clean from hidden codes. Unknown templates can destroy your blog. Hackers put hidden codes on them, when your blog start ranking well in Google, they make it their own. So, this is the most important step to select your theme.

You should verify, the creator of your website template. If it’s a popular company like Template Monster, or StudioPress, you have nothing to worry about. These companies will verify any theme before listed it in their marketplace.

Make sure that your theme is from those popular sellers, companies or individuals who sell their themes through popular themes marketplaces.

Never by website templates from unknown sellers.

The Layout

You have to verify if your website template is what you’re looking for. You don’t need a template with complicated layouts for your blog. You ‘re the only person who can make a decision about that, for example, for magazine or news blogs, you need a different layout. The most popular is the main content area with right sidebar.

So, browse some similar blogs to your niche and find how themes are, this is will help you to avoid some problems in the future. It will be hard to make changes later.

Customizing your website template

Before buying your template, you need to know what things you can customize and change. Compare the theme options and find things you can change later, like colors, widgets, layout… You can read all the template details and features. Take your time understanding them. At the end you will have a clear idea about your website template, what you can change and what you have to save.

Template Updates

Sometimes, you can find website templates listed since months or even years without updates. This is the most dangerous thing that you need, WordPress or any other platform themes need to be updated regularly. Always there is something new on the web, old website templates or themes without updates will be broken, and can destroy your blog design.

Outdated themes will no longer be  optimized for browsers. So, make sure that your theme is updated regularly. No matter if the last update was from one or three months, but no more than three months in general. The last thing that you need is an outdated and dead theme.

Verify the live theme demo

This is the visual part to make sure you’ve selected the right theme or template. You can see your theme in a live preview, brows it, click the menu and compare options and functions. In general, the designer will put the major options in the Demo theme, you can make changes later.

At he same time, verify the widgets, where you can put ads in the future or promote your own products. Just make sure you have a theme that you can customize later.

This way, you have verified and tested your website template, and you can purchase it without having problems in the future. You can also browse the biggest sites with thousands of templates and designs for different platform powered by ThemeForest.

If you want to protect your files from hacked plugins or tools, you can learn how to scan WordPress themes and plugins for viruses. This is an additional step to protect yourself from malware and viruses.

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