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New Bing logo: more designs and functions

Bing is one of the best search engines, but not a real competitor for Google until now. Microsoft lovers still believe in it. Now, if you visit their home page, you will find yourself in on a new page with the new logo, for the first seconds, you can be confused.

Goodby old Bing, hello new logo and design

Since the launching of the Microsoft search engine in 2009, these changes are the biggest, it starts with a new logo. As usual, the company still loving the orange color, but they’ve changed the blue color. I’m sure that they replaced their old color with the new Orange, to avoid being similar to Google colors. They are trying to make their Brand, unique in everything (design, colors…).

new bing logo

The company says that they made hundreds of studies and search to find the new design of their logo. They started searching for a new identity to them, which will help Bing be part of Microsoft Success.

 We learned more about what sets Bing apart in their minds and how we can continue to make better products that really matter. That was the formula to create a new visual identity that best reflected Bing as part of the Microsoft family.

The site will continue showing the popular images on the homepage, with inspiring photos from all around the world. That’s a thing that makes the search engine unique.

Bing’s page zero

The company made changes to the way that the user or searcher, find what he/she needs exactly. The new function called Page Zero will make it faster to find results. The algorithm will suggest relevant results while you’re typing the first word.

Personally, I’ve fount this similar to Google’s fast suggestion, but with more options. It shows you images, videos, and other useful information before you hit the “Enter” button. They called this “intelligent disambiguation”.

Bing Page Zero

The new design

The search engine will make changes to the design. In the near future, the home page will look more different from the past. And now, they will add more functions and options, this will make Microsoft’s search engine more competitive. The new design will look like the next glimpse that I’ve found in the blogs.


It’s sure that the company is trying to attract people from other search engines. At the same time, you can see that Google, the biggest search engine is also making some changes. This is better for the Internet, the better is the winner, the worst will work more to win users’ hearts.

The company is also trying to be a good search engine that can be a real competitor to Google. They are working with Yahoo in some market, like advertising, they have the Bing-Yahoo advertising system. At the same time, the Yahoo free directory listing is no longer available.

They let new listing add their sites from Bing directly. Yahoo has integrated their webmaster tool to the other one. So, you can set your website to these two search engine, and find your report and information in one place, and directly from your webmaster tool. It’s a free service and you can get more data about your website.

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