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Best Places to Buy Website Templates: Cool Designs and Themes

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In today’s post, I’m going to show you the right sites to buy website templates in 2020 with responsive design, customer support, CSS and HTML files to modify and lots of options.

The successful online businesses start from good web design and templates. That’s what can attract more people and let them subscribe to your offer, newsletter, or buy your products.

If you look at some popular companies, you will notice that they spend thousands of dollars for simple, sites when you can get affordable web design at low prices, and with better quality.

The last few years changed the way that people consider website layouts. That affected the user’s decision to continue reading the site content, or simply, move to another one. At the same time, there is no need to make things complicated with lots of colors and layouts that no one enjoys nowadays.

That’s why business owners, bloggers, and anyone who needs to build his own website should use the best quality themes and templates for his website.

There are thousands of template sellers online, but, I only want to show you a few places to find the best website designs and their professional work, with templates that make your website loads fast. Best of all, the design will attract more intention through its responsive design and well-selected features.

Cool Website Designs for Professional Sites

1. ThemeForest

Themeforest is the largest template marketplace that meets website owners and web designers from around the world. You can find any web design that you can imagine without exception.

The company offers cool website designs for over two million registered members. And they sell and buy premium WordPress themes and professional Joomla templates. Moreover, you can browse thousands of responsive website templates to buy and get full support at the same time.

If you’re one of those who look for quality, security, speed, and professionals, then, this will bet the best website to get any type of template you need, and that includes:

WordPress themes

  • HTML templates
  • CSS 3 designs
  • Themes for Joomla
  • Drupal templates
  • Landing page templates
  • WordPress Woocommerce themes
  • Weebly templates and more…

Buy Html templates

At the same time, people can browse the website and find high-quality Drupal and CSS templates that a few people sell. Also, this is a place to find html5 website templates. It’s my recommended website to buy cheap website design without worrying about the quality.

If you already have an idea about that marketplace that’s owned by Adobe Systems, then, you know that it’s not easy to get accepted, as a theme seller there. That’s why their pre-made website templates, are the best at low cost if you compare them with other places.

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Html5 templates

This is the perfect place to find landing page templates if you want to use them as ready pages or you can read: the best landing page builder for WordPress if you want to build your own landing page design without any coding knowledge.

To find a one-page website template, or Tumblr themes, for example, you can start browsing the site from the top menu searching for these templates. Then, you get thousands of designs to browse and to choose from. That’s not all, there are thousands of PSD templates and tools to use.

What I liked most about Themeforest and Envato market, in general, is the way they encourage web designers to produce more content and sell more without worrying about marketing. The marketplace does the marketing and web designs focus on their work instead of that.

That makes a difference with other popular sites to buy and download templates and themes for blogs, sites, and online stores. In fact, when you download the theme, you get the source files like PSD, Images, CSS3, HTML5 page, etc…

Buy eCommerce website templates

Personally, I’ve purchased some eCommerce website template from Themforets, and I got more than what I expected as files and guides. The eCommerce design section lets you browse thousands of premium quality themes, templates, and designs for online stores.

WordPress eCommerce has a dedicated section in this popular design marketplace, so, you can browse the designs by category, and then buy the right design you like. After that, you’ll get the direct access link, so, choose to download the full files (WordPress installable files, plus all guides, plugins license, etc…) or just download the theme files you can install in WordPress.

The good thing about this trusted theme marketplace is the good reviews and reputation first, and the quality second. Even if you buy a website template that costs just $3, you will find it well coded.

That’s why people love building their own sites using this web design marketplace. Thus, they get cheap website templates, but with high quality.

This is also a place to get web design inspiration for your website. If you’re a designer or want to create custom designs, then, browse their web templates. You will learn how they’re organizing the templates and what elements they use.

2. Template Monster

This the largest and most trusted place to find web templates or themes. For example, there are thousands of high-quality HTML website templates that you can’t find anywhere else. The website receives millions of visitors, and you can start searching for all kinds of designs, including, flash site templates, video templates, and so on.

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These professional designers build their own themes, and what amazed me is that they consider the user experience in the designs. In other words, these designers use the psychology of colors and layouts, to give website owners the power of conversion and attraction.

Also, they sell great photo gallery templates for photographers and amazing PowerPoint templates. I’ve used one of their templates in the last few months for a friend, and it worked well and loaded faster than other themes.

The best part is the top-rated mobile website templates that they offer, everything was built for performance and the faster loading time. Even, your website visitors will notice the great user experience after adding such great designs.

best places to buy Web templates

With Template Monster, you can buy website templates online and get the best quality and friendly customer support. Personally, I prefer to use their designs for all types of sites, because I tested their code and find it clean, secure, and optimized for speed and SEO. Furthermore, it’s the right place to find premium quality eCommerce website templates

3. StudioPress

If you’re looking for WordPress themes that look professional, but also, simple in their designs and loads lightning fast, then, this is the company that you can use to find powerful themes. They are the number one WordPress theme sellers, and the Genesis theme framework is a real art in coding.

Remember that their themes are used by millions of people around the world, and that’s proof of trust in their business. If you need security for your theme, you can’t find a better place than this one, as they are known for the high-level protection in their codes.

4. MyThemeShop

This is a well-known place to get premium quality themes for WordPress. They offer custom WordPress themes if you want your own unique and premium design.

They have large portfolio designs and you can browse them and see what they’re doing with their customers. It is a good place to make any WordPress site professional and well coded.

If you’re looking for good small business website design, then browse their themes, or hire them, and you will get professional themes for your website. This web development company works with a fast design like what Genesis theme framework does for the speed and performances.

They always offer the best quality in their themes, and I recommend them, as the best website redesign company.

5. Rocket Theme

This is another good place to find premium Joomla templates and amazing WordPress themes. At the same time, you can browse their Magento themes and phpBB styles if you’re using these platforms.

The company builds beautiful and attractive templates, and their CSS animations in the themes attract lots of bloggers and webmasters. The company has its own framework, and they build plugins and extensions, in parallel with website designs.

Tips to Buy  the Best Website Template or Theme

In order to pick a good template and buy it from a secure marketplace, make sure you follow some basic tips and tricks. For example, don’t just buy a template from any website that you don’t trust, there are many signs that a website is legit and safe to buy from, that includes a verified business badge, SSL connection, professional design contact page full of details.

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There is no way to get professional customer support if you don’t purchase a theme from a real company and developers who care about their work. So, double-check that you’re using a trusted web design company or theme marketplace with good reviews, or choose from the above options I tested and recommend for website owners and bloggers.

Now, think about the features you need in your site template, if you’re buying a real estate site template, then, choose the top-rated designs only. Of course, you’ll find many themes, so, start by browsing these designs and checking their live demo versions. With the first recommended template marketplace on this page, you’ll be able to try the live demo of any template before buying it.

If you have doubts about features or anything, you can contact the theme seller support and ask your questions, if they reply in a couple of days as maximum, then, that’s a good sign, if not, then, say away from that design, you’ll never get support for it. That’s just a simple trick to test if a theme seller is good or not and if the theme is worth it or you’ll just waste your money on useless sites templates with lots of problems, bugs, and security issues.


These are the best places to buy professional website templates and designs. I’ve selected them based on their design’s security, quality and trusted business used by millions of people.

Other places offer website design templates that are not optimized for speed and SEO, and you have to stay away from them.

The new search engine ranking uses the speed and the optimization to list search results.

You need to understand, where to buy website templates that take your website to the next level. You will save lots of problems, especially, when you need updates and support from the company that you use.

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