Best Computer and SmartPhone Monitoring Software for Parents to Protect Kids

Are you looking for good computer monitoring software for parents? And you need solid ways to protect your child from online threats and track his activities on mobile as well? So, here, I tested the best parental control apps you can install on your child’s iPhone, Android, or Laptop and see what he or she does anytime you want and directly from your own smartphone or even online.

Some of the best features that every trusted application should offer are the ability to track your loved ones in real-time and see their location through GPS and other ways. In addition, there should be a way to enable the phone microphone and camera remotely to see what’s going on there and never wait again until a problem happens.

Internet safety is a must-have knowledge for everyone who wants to protect his child from online predators and hackers. However, things can be complicated when parents want to track every click and website visit, for their children’s laptops.

That needs some professional computer monitoring and activity tracking software.

The big problem with these tools is that lots of them are useless. Simply, because they slow down the computer and show their icons on the desktop, or in the taskbar. So, kids can disable the program and do what they want online.

Luckily, you can find good parental control software to record computer activity, including:

  • All the visited websites
  • Their social media accounts, even the hidden profiles
  • The words typed on the keyboard
  • The webcam activities
  • Facebook and social media visits and interactions
  • Opened and sent emails
  • Real-time location

In other words, the greatest computer monitoring software lets parents record everything that happens on their children’s computers.

Today, I’ll show you the list of the best computer and internet monitoring software. So, you will protect them with the best online safety that they need.

Top parental phone and computer monitoring tools

The first thing that you need is to install a good child computer monitoring software that can control everything.

That includes programs, visiting websites, opening and sending emails, all social media activities, and much more. I recommend the below list of software for their high quality and good protection.

1. FlexiSpy

This is an all-in-one application that you can install on your child’s device, no matter if it’s iPhone, Android, or laptop. It tracks his smartphone activities, and location in real-time GPS, and of course, you’ll be able to see what your child is sending as text messages on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber, or even WhatsApp, and also, you can check with whom he/she talks. That’s not all, there is a feature that enables the camera and also the microphone of the kid’s phone remotely anytime you want to make sure he or she’s safe and with good friends.

In fact, many kids find themselves in toxic friendships with bad guys or girls that they should never talk to, thus, this tool allows you to spy for good reason on your kids without them knowing. Besides, the app will be 100% hidden, and secure, and send the daily report to your smartphone, or you can check all the details directly in your online dashboard.

This is a great child computer monitoring software, it lets you see what your child was doing exactly using his laptop or PC and not only his mobile phone or tablet. There is nothing to hide from this software, it records everything, and best of all, it can be turned 100% to silent mode.

Please note that this is also software with another version for businesses and companies who need to monitor their employees’ computer activities.

Full app for kids’ cell phones, laptops & tablets

Keyboard recording

The iPhone parental monitoring app records all the keyboard activities, from typing texts, words, usernames, passwords, and everything else. You can see every website login detail that was used from the computer. That can help to block high-risk sites that your child used and block them in the future.

By using this software, you know all the user passwords and usernames. Furthermore, there are thousands of real computer monitoring software reviews that recommend this tool.

PC screen recording

You don’t need any of the screen recording software that you can find online. This software records everything that the person sees and saves it in total security. The tool runs in the background and never puts traces, it’s completely hidden from the child, and you can even use it for employees.

This tool offers lots of screen settings such as the period of screen capturing, and others. So, it can be used as a great classroom computer monitoring software, as well.

Track visited websites with timing

This kids’ computer monitoring software records all the sites and the exact time spent. So, you can see the exact moment of anything you want to track.

If you want to block certain websites, all you have to do is to add their domain names to the blacklist and show a special message if you want. That can be something like “You’re not allowed to view this website” or something else.

This tool saves every HTTP request from the computer. So, you can see the visited websites, even if the child is using some tools to browse the web anonymously. It’s the perfect solution to see what websites your child is visiting.

Save all the search queries

This is a powerful method to see what your child is looking for exactly. The toll records everything when the child uses a web browser and types a word, or phrase in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine.

This top-rated computer monitoring software saves everything, even if the user is hiding things or browsing with an incognito window.

That way, you can detect everything wrong with illegal websites that a child shouldn’t visit. Then, you can block those websites with a simple click of a button, and it’s done.

Monitor the created, modified, and deleted files

Of course, you need to see what files were created and others that your child deleted to hide content from parents. No more issues with that; you get a full list of files and activities related to each one. So, you know exactly what your child is doing on his laptop or tablet.

See the opened programs and applications

Every single software that computer usage will be recorded with timing and details. Every single application will be recorded with details. So, you can see if your child is using dangerous software that can harm the computer, or that can be a danger to his life.

Record the child’ emails

No matter if the kids are using Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Live, or any other email service, you can see all the received and sent emails and their attachments. That will make things clear for you to investigate things that can be dangerous for your children.

We all receive that kind of scam email talking about banking and other things. So, imagine if your child receives emails talking about giving him money and so on… That’s why spying on his emails from time to time can save his life.

But, do that when you feel that something is wrong with him, and never take that as a daily task. It’s a child safety monitoring software that helps you to protect your lovers.

File sharing activities

You can see every downloaded and uploaded file from the computer. The popular file-sharing platforms, including P2P, offer millions of files to download for free, and of course, they’re not really freeware. But, they come with illegal software and other content that can damage lives.

Record chats and instant messaging activities

PC Pandora works with all the popular chat and instant message applications and sites, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo Messenger, and others.

This internet tracking software saves all the chat messages, and everything will be saved clearly, with the exact time. If you feel that some applications should not be used, you can block them when you want.

See the printed documents

The software tracks every printed document, no matter if the document was printed using a connected printer or a network. Everything will be saved with details and the exact time of the document print and usage. This is important for sensitive documents that should be kept safe and never shared with others.

Computer activity

This trusted MAC and PC monitoring software tracks the usage, the time spent, and the other times when the computer is not active. That way, you can see if your children are chatting on Facebook when normally, they have tasks and homework to do.

With this software, you can see how much time the child spends on his computer and the exact time that he turns it ON or OFF.

Complete web monitoring software

This is the best internet monitoring software that lets parents record everything about their kids online, which includes, seeing their hidden social media profiles, gaming sites, and also everything as sending or receiving data. You can see how much data was sent and others that were received; that’s important, especially, for people with sensitive data and files.

Webcam monitoring

These amazing features can be used as a basic room surveillance tool. You can record all the webcam activities and see everyone who uses the computer. Of course, you can configure the screen capturing periods, or set it as default.

This is an unusual and good hidden room surveillance tool that no one will notice. Even if the PC is inactive, the software still works and takes snapshots of your room for security reasons.

I just want to add extra software that will protect your child from webcam hackers, and people who use the PC webcam to record your child. Next time, they can record you and all the others. That’s why I recommend a great software called Webcam Blocker. It will block webcam spying on your computer.

2. Phone Beagle

We can’t talk about verifying the child’s computer activities when we forget that he can use his smartphone to connect to any website, chat, send and receive messages, and much more. That’s why installing Phone Beagle is not only a good way to monitor and protect your child online, but also, it’s an awesome application to save his life when he’s lost, or in a dangerous situation.

This is a trusted smartphone monitoring software for Android and BlackBerry phones. The software comes with a firewall, antivirus, and a full monitoring system that shows you what sites your child is visiting and what messages he is sending. Also, you can protect him and his phone from not being allowed access.

You can install this secure mobile phone monitoring software on your child’s phone, and it will be hidden, with no icons, and no ways to see it.

It’s not possible to know if the phone is using that application or not, and you are the only one who can access it from your personal computer or from your smartphone. So, never worry about finding or detecting that application and delete it.

3. PC Tattletale

This is another good parental monitoring software that can also be used for businesses to track every activity on your computers. You can see who, when, and what was used with exact time and snapshots.

They offer a free trial, and their plans depend on the number of computers that you want to monitor and track. This tool records everything, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest activities

And all the above points that a PC monitoring software should have.

4. Kids Watch

This is another computer monitoring software for parents to protect their kids from unwanted websites and tools. Like the above tools, this one shows you everything that happens on social networks and other websites. Then, it gives you detailed reports about your children’s activities and logins.


These are the greatest and most secure computer monitoring software that people trust and use. They save time and work controlling their child’s activities on the web and on their laptops.

Remember that you need to protect your own computer, also from viruses and malware. You can avoid mistakes by just installing a powerful antivirus and internet security software.

I recommend BitDefender, which is the number one award-winning antivirus. Thus, you will keep things secure, and you will be safe and keep your children protected all the time.

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