How to Open the Google Search Links in New Tab or Window

The Google search page results offer the best user experience available for its fast, and easy navigation. But, we all search for lots of things online, and sometimes we want to stay on the first page, and click all its results one by one, without using the “back” tool. Or even, without copy and paste links or use the mouse to open the links.

Today I’ll show you this simple way to open Google links in a new tab. Best of all, you can enable or disable this option from your Google Chrome browser, or any other browser anytime you need.

How to make Chrome to open pages in a new tab?

To enable the feature of opening links in a new tab in your Google search result page, type any word just to open the search page. Then, click the Settings icon, at the top right corner of the page, and select Search Settings options as the following screenshot.

How to Open Google Links in New Tab

Now, you will get the page to set your own options for the search page. You can turn the safe search, ON, or OFF, as you want, and there are other settings that you can use. What you need is to scroll down, and find the “Where results open”, and select the option that says “Open each selected result in a new browser window”. Finally, and click the button to save the changes.

Google search settings

Now, you’ve modified your search options and you can test the new links after restarting the browser. Your links will be opened in a new window, and that will make life easier for people who have lots of searches every day. It’s useful for those who need a simple way to browse the links one by one without leaving the Google page.

Force Google to open pages in a new page in Safari

Safari is the best web browser for Apple users, and you can force Google to open all the search pages in new tabs. To do that, open the Google Search, use any word just to open the default Google search box.

  1. Then, you’ll find Settings from the bottom-right corner of the page click on it
  2. Now, choose the first option saying Search settings
  3. On the next page, there are similar configurations the Google crime option, select, you need to find the option named Where results open.
  4. Finally, check the option that says Open each selected result in a new browser window
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That’s it, next time when you use Google and search for anything, all the links will be opened in a new page by default.

Keep in mind that you don’t need an extension to open the search results in a new tab, even if you find such tools, don’t use them, they’ll slow down Google Chrome and never help. Why should you use tools that add extra space and cause issues when you can just check the option directly from your web browser settings?

Other options

Lots of people never try any of the options that Google offers to millions of users, in all the languages. They can select their own settings, and even, they can select how many results they want to see per page. The default is 10 for faster search, but they can modify that if they want.

Furthermore, you can change the location and the language if you need that. Google by default detects your location and shows you the targeted results. The Google search result pages are no the same in every geographical location. If you have trouble finding the exact search, try to make your location custom and you will notice a better result related to your city or country. This option works well for local search.

Benefits of opening Google search results links in a new tab

Using Google search on your daily basis is great if you’re one of those who search a lot, and in reality, there are billions of search results to browse and choose from. Now, let’s talk about the first page of Google, if we’re going to search for something, we’ll get a number of pages from a website that Google thinks is the best answer to that query.

The challenge here is that many of these results are not accurate or never answer the question, to ideas of being lost between different URLs, it’s better to open the page in a new tab and see the content.

If the page is not the best answer, then, just closes it and read the next one without clicking the back button and waste time with the first page of Google search.

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Doing Google searches and opening all the search results on a new page should save time and effort at the same time. Unlike other search engines, Google is better in options and configurations. Additionally, in a few clicks, we can enable the links to be opened in new pages every time we click on a search result link.

Opening a new tab when clicking a link on Google search offer a better user experience and helps us compare the pages and find the right website with useful information.

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