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When people need a landing page builder for their marketing website pages, they start installing lots of plugins and hoping that they can create a single capture page that helps them. That’s not their mistake, but the tools that they’re using are just a waste of time and never create landing pages that convert.

Update: The plugin had been discontinued, but there is a better alternative one, it’s called SeedProd and it works better with updated code and more options than this one.

The customer needs a well-designed page to continue reading your content and see what you want to offer. That’s why real marketers use the best WordPress landing page plugin called Instabuilder.

This is not a simple squeeze page generator that capt emails and makes people money. But it’s a complete software that lets marketers and business owners create attractive marketing pages in a matter of minutes. People can add their own content such as videos, images, buttons, and even Facebook connect options for their customers.

Landing page templates with high conversion

You can use any landing page template and start adding your beautiful buttons and content and make the page look unique and professional. The plugin comes with over 70 well-coded templates to build your squeeze pages and sales page in a few minutes. Just select the right template that you want to use and customize everything, such as the fonts, the colors, the layout, and much more. You can add your own photos to the library and add them to any marketing page you want.

best wordpress landing page plugin

Instabuilder is a premium landing page plugin for WordPress that lets you create the same sales pages that designers need lots of time to complete, but you get it in a few clicks. Best of all, the templates themselves are created especially for high conversion. However, you can add your own template if you have an amazing idea that can help you.

  • Add any type of content to your landing pages

The plugin lets you add any type of content that you want. You can create a WordPress video landing page and also add images, paragraphs, boxes, charts, bullets, buttons, sounds, and any other content that you want to use. Just make sure that your pages will look professional all the time.

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The plugin supports all the popular video formats from YouTube, Vimeo, EVP, and others. To add a video, you just need to insert its code or simply upload it to your library. The best landing page needs lots of intention and a good selection of colors and layouts, but you don’t have to know any of these skills. This landing page builder is already optimized to give you all the options that you need, but without affecting your conversion and success.

You don’t need to learn any HTML or CSS coding for creating a landing page in WordPress. This tool was designed and programmed especially to combine dozens of  WordPress plugins and bring them on a single powerful plugin that makes life easier.

The plugin works with shortcuts and you can add any content by just using its shortcut, or simply use the post content editor to add it from the menu. Thus, you have all the options to customize your landing page design.

This is also a powerful WordPress video landing page plugin, you can add videos and make them look professional inside the page. The best thing is that you can add timing content that appears at the end of the video like a pop-up window. You can set up the time and appear the content at any time you want. It’s a recommended option to use for better conversion in your sales pages especially.

  • Viral download lock

This option will boost your social shares and bring more traffic than any time before, your customers need to share your video before continuing watching and that will share your post on their social profiles. The result will be better if you have eye-catching thumbnails for your post that will be shared on Facebook and other networks.

  • Countdown Timer

The countdown timer can be used to show your offer deadline or other information. It also can be a good method to show an under-construction page. You can also use this tool in your sales pages and add an exclusive discount, for example, to your customers, if they react in a specified time.

  • Responsive designs

We all know that the use of mobile devices will dominate the web in the next few years, millions of people browse the web every day from their smartphones. You can’t neglect that huge market. Google itself started selecting the better responsive sites to mobile visitors, and you need to be one of them with your responsive sales page.

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You don’t have to create a special WordPress mobile landing page. No matter if your customer or visitor is visiting your landing page from an iPhone or any other smartphone and tablet. Your marketing pages will look beautiful and adjust themselves automatically with every modification in the screen resolution.

  • Build Amazing sales pages

If you look at some of the biggest company sales pages, you will notice that they focus on their page design first and the content second. You can’t build a good sales page if the layout is already not optimized. The headings should be readable and attractive with the right font sizes. The buttons should appear at least twice on the page to let the customers interact and buy from you.

That’s what the plugin does and you just need to customize the design. Use the predefined templates and create your own sales pages instantly. You can also create One Time Offers pages and make sure that they will appear once to your customers.

  • Facebook opt-in

The WordPress landing page generator offers a powerful option that lets people subscribe to your offer using their Facebook accounts directly, so they will be added automatically to your list and this is a smart way that will bring more sales and sign-ups to your project. The plugin supports popular email marketing services and autoresponders such as Aweber and MailChimp.

Best Landing Page WordPress Plugin

  • Social media ready with comments and sharing buttons

The plugin comes with Facebook and Discuss commenting systems in your landing pages, so you can let people interact with your offers or squeeze pages and get more benefits from their shares. Users can click on any sharing button and help you to get more visitors and sales by telling their friends about your page.

  • Works with any WordPress theme and is compatible with Multisite.

It’s a WordPress plugin and of course, it will work with all your themes and settings, if you have multiple websites or membership sites only, the plugin works properly with all that, and you don’t have to add any other tool. Just generate your Squeeze and sales pages and promote your business.

Tips for building  great landing pages and succeed

Please remember that the landing page itself won’t make you conversion and money if you don’t have a good product to offer, focus on your content first and build the sales pages later when you’re ready to sell. If you just want to get more subscribers from your landing page, then, make sure to offer something valuable that helps people and makes them want to subscribe with their email addresses or Facebook profiles.

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Make sure to use a professional email marketing service if you have a business. Stay away from the free services and use Aweber for your business success. They are the number one email marketing service and you can build your list and send automatic emails using their powerful autoresponder. The free service can be used in a simple blog, but not for professional businesses that run sales.

Use at least one video that is well-created on your pages, that will bring more trust and show that you’re a real business owner with real products. If you don’t have the time to build your own videos, hire a professional video creator or use photos instead. People interact better with squeeze pages that are well designed with images, arrows, buttons, and organized content.

Just visit any of the popular companies and see their sales pages and how they look. In the end, you will get inspiration to build your own landing pages and make them look professional as any other company or even better.

In my experience, there is no other sales page creator that comes with these advanced options and easy management from the dashboard. I recommend Instabuilder as the best landing page WordPress plugin that you can use for your WordPress site. There is no need to spend hours searching for templates that convert well and colors, or layouts that perform better.

The plugin comes with all the tools and needs to build a professional squeeze and sales pages better than lots of other marketers. Just make sure that you have the right offer in the right place and start building your email list when you’re selling online. I wish you good luck with your landing pages.

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