How to Backup WordPress Blog Automatically with Dropbox

You can find multiple ways to back up your WordPress blog automatically. But, most of those methods require additional fees, and even, plans. In one of my last posts, I talked about the steps for starting a blog, and I recommended some tips to secure your WordPress blog.

In this post, I will show you how to create a full backup for your blog, every 24 hours. Best of all, you automatically store all your files on cloud storage with free registration and without the need to use your cPanel or edit any files. This method will be set with a powerful WordPress Plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox.

You can also, use other plugins that can save your backup to Dropbox. But, I’ll just use the easy solution.

Using Dropbox to save WordPress backups

Step 1. Create a free cloud storage account

To create an automatic daily backup for your entire WordPress blog, you need to create a free cloud storage account with Dropbox. It’s free, and you can create your account in one minute; you get an initial free 2 GB of disk space.

Also, you can get an additional 1.5 GB of storage, if you share their link on Twitter and Facebook. So, you get a free space of 3.5 GB at a minimum. (Please note, you don’t need to download their simple software, but, you will get extra free space if you do).

Don’t worry about your file there; Dropbox is one of the biggest, and most trusted cloud-storing platforms. They’re used by millions of people. Look at their Alexa traffic rank of 114, and you can understand how many people, approximately, are using their services.

Best of all, you don’t need to delete the old files if a new backup is finished. All your files will be replaced automatically with the latest backup. Now, you’ve created your cloud storage account, and you need just to install a plugin. It’s the tool that will create a full backup of your WordPress blog to Dropbox every day.

Step 2. Install WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin

This free plugin is a perfect solution that allows you to back up all your blog files easily, in your Dropbox account. Best of all, it works automatically, so, install the plugin first, then, activate it and click on the ”WPB2D” icon in your left WordPress menu as in the below screenshot.

backup WordPresss blog automatically

All you have to do now is to link the plugin to your Dropbox account using your login details. Then, the plugin will be linked, and you can set your backup frequency and the exact hour if you want.

WordPress blog backup

Now, all is configured, and you have a full backup every day, or a week, depending on your choice. If something happens to your blog in the future, you have a backup from your Dropbox account.

If you’re updating your blog once a week, for example, it will be better to make a weekly backup, and everything will be working as normal.

What makes this solution great is that, even, with free hosting (that I don’t recommend at all), you can back up your blog without the need to pay more. Make sure to secure your blog and continue creating good content.

You can also find other plugins with options to send your backups to Google Drive, but it needs more knowledge in many cases. I just want to add another plugin that works well for WordPress, it’s the BackWPup, and you can download it from the WordPress plugins directory.

It allows you to create a daily backup and send them to Dropbox, or other locations. Just make sure to understand the plugin settings and add your location, where the backups will be sent.

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