Google Plus future, the Biggest Social Network

Google Plus’s Future is the Biggest Social Network

In Business and Marketing by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: March 18th, 2018

If you look at what happened in the last few months in the social media world, you can find that Google Plus added new features, and updated functions and options more than others. For now, Google Plus still in growing phase, but, you should have to know that it’s the second biggest social network with over 500 million users.

The network has over 343 active monthly users, while Twitter that has the same total number of users has only 288 active users each month. By the way, did you know that there are 20 million fake accounts on twitter? Yes, that’s true and maybe more.

What happens to Google plus?

The power of Google plus one comes from the Google search engine itself, we all know that Google added many options to the SERP results, and especially the authorship details. Also, they’ve added the ability to see your caller’s photo in your smartphone. That happens directly from his Google plus profile (if the option is enabled) and more.

These features and others attract more people from Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, Google plus makes the navigation easier than before, and it’s in crazy growing.

Also, If you look at the network beginning, and compare it to what happens now, you can conclude that it’s not really easy for a small social network to grow to half a billion users in a few years. Nobody considered Google plus like a serious concurrent to Facebook at that time.

Now, the Google social network becomes more popular than before, especially, for bloggers. Your page ranking can be boosted if you have a large amount of Google plus followers who share your content, their friends will see your shared posts better in the Google search. Of course, you need to have a good content.

People Trust Google Plus

People trust Google plus more than Twitter and Facebook. Company profiles need to be verified directly to their websites. While Facebook and Twitter let users create thousands of accounts without problems. They use fake phone numbers and emails, both, Facebook and Twitter include more spammers than Google plus. This is one of many factors that makes more people migrating to Google plus, and make it their Social network.

Google Plus’s Future

Google is working hard now to make their social network the biggest. It’s not hard for them to include more features and technologies to attract more Facebook users. You should know that what makes Facebook the biggest social network is the first years where there is nothing called social networks. Now, Facebook still the biggest social network, but it’s losing users every compared to others.

Google plus uses the power of the biggest search engine and social network together, while Facebook failed when they added their own search engine with the hope to get Google’s users. At the same time, Facebook made mistakes in the last years and they still make the same mistakes again.

In the near future, Google will work with over one million employees, so, you can imagine the work that they ‘re preparing. At the same time, we should take a look at what happens to YouTube also, 64% of teens use YouTube to listen to music.

It’s another social network and search engine at the same time that people forget sometimes, did you know that people in the north America watch their Videos on YouTube more than Cable? This is what gives Google another power.


What’s sure now is that Facebook is the biggest social network, but it still there without adding new features and functions, while Google plus work hard to attract more users, and they succeeded every time they started a project.

The most important thing is that statistics show that Google plus users are growing by millions and expect to see Google plus the biggest social network in the near future. Believe it or not, this is what will happen If they really want to be the biggest social network.

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