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Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress Websites

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To find the best ad management plugins for WordPress, you need to browse lots of blogs and forums. In most of the cases, you end with low-quality plugins that break your theme or that cause problem. So, I’ve just selected the best advertising management plugins for any WordPress blog.

You can use them to insert any type of banner ads, and even, they let your advertisers purchase and set their ads directly from. All, you have to do, is to approve their ads.

Top WordPress ads plugins

1. WP PRO Advertising System

This is the best advertising plugin for WordPress I’ve seen. It manages all your banner ads and tracks detailed statistics and CTR. Also, you can add advertisers and manage their ads. WP Pro Advertising System comes with innovative advertising solutions like the ad grid and the beautiful widget ad. It allows you to place your ads using shortcodes, or, directly in your widget area.

The best part is that you can let your advertisers upload their banners directly from their desktops, you don’t have to do that work yourself.

2. Oiopublisher

Oiopublisher is used by most popular blogs and websites. They use it for the featured and exclusive functions and options. This Ad Management plugin for WordPress platform allows your advertisers to purchase ad spaces directly.

They can upload, set their links, and more. Your only work is to validate their ads with a click of a button. So, you can focus on creating good content for your blog, and let Oiopublisher do the advertising manager work.

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If you want to keep 100% of your advertising revenue, you should use this Plugin, to start a professional advertising and make money. You have to create an advertising page to motivate people to advertise on your site. Then, link that page to your ad system, and let advertisers set their banners and payment.

This is the easiest and professional tool to keep all your advertising revenue without the need to use any third-party manager. Best of all, you can get advertisers who find your site in the Oiopublisher marketplace.



3. Traffic From RSS to BLOG

This is a plugin that you will love, especially, if you post lots of content. It’s not easy to find a method to monetize your RSS feeds. If you have lots of subscribers you can easily increase your revenue with simple clicks.

This plugin will allow you to add a banner ad to the bottom of each post. Also, you can add links to your posts or for advertisers, and even, add beautiful social sharing and bookmarking buttons, that make your RSS unique.

Traffic From RSS to BLOG

4. AutoPupo

If you have a homepage with a long list of posts, and you don’t know how to monetize it, AutoPupo allows you to add banner space after “x” number of posts. You can select 5 for example and the plugin will add a banner ad after each 5 posts.

You can customize your ads that appear and edit settings. This is the best solution for blogs with themes that don’t have advertising space between posts.

AutoPupo plugin

5. WP-AdPunch

This WordPress plugin will amaze you, it does a lot of work to give you 8 different ad placement methods, from the top ad bar to your widgets. You can add an eBook to download directly, at the top of your blog. Also, you can add a top slide ad and other types of advertising solutions.

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WP AdPunch plugin

6. WP125 Squares Ads

This is a simple and free plugin that allows you to place square banners on your blog. You can set how many days and ads will be active. This is a great management solution for your advertising banners.

125 banner ad plugin for WordPressYou can also set the number of columns to use, this plugin allows you to upload banners directly from your desktop, or, from URL address. All the clicks and impressions for your ads are tracked to get detailed statistics.

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