What is the Best Email Marketing Service for Small Businesses

Best Email Marketing Service in 2019

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Email marketing has become more important in our days, it builds good relations with customers and make them fan to your products, services, or website. At the same time, you can use email marketing services to tell your customers about the latest updates, or even, to offer them special offers and discounts.

However, to find the best email marketing service for small businesses, we need to test the service before everything, and see how it’s different from the others. It’s a good idea to find why that software is amazing, when there are lots of others, with similar functions.

Today, I’ll talk about Aweber, the oldest and the best email marketing software, with millions of members who have used their services for years.

Top rated small business email marketing service

When people want to start a blog or a website, they want to get some subscribers and promote their posts or offers. In other cases, they can use free email services who offer limited services and features, such as, the maximum number of subscribers, and with no option to have an autoresponder that is more than important.

Now, or later, the blogger will move from the other services to Aweber. But, when it comes to a small business, there is no way to start an email list without using a professional email marketing service.

You have to use the auto-responder and update your users with the latest news and services. At the same time, you need a professional option form and detailed statistics about your list.

Reasons to choose Aweber for email marketing

The only advanced Auto-Responder

You can use other email marketing services for your business. Some of them offer autoresponders, but later, you will find that the majority of them comes with limited functions. It’s impossible to organize your lists and link the exact auto-responder individually. Even, the free software with limited features does not offer auto-responders at all.

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best email marketing service for small businesses

This is the recommended email marketing for small business. When it comes to Aweber, they integrate a powerful autoresponder that can easily take a business to the next level, for some easy reasons. The new subscriber will receive a pre-made and custom welcome emails.

You can select the exact time or period of time to send that email. At the same time, you can create multiple autoresponder emails, and makes them separated by time.

The new subscriber can receive a welcome email the first day and another one after 3 days, and the sky is the limit for your innovation. This is just an example, but inside, there are more features. It’s a website that offers automated email marketing services

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Powerful and customized newsletter

To create a successful relationship with your customers, you need professional sign up form first, and a well designed email template that show your professionalism.

What this great email marketing service offers is something that no other newsletter software can offer. There are over 600 professional email templates to use and customize with a drag and drop options.

Your logo and images have their dedicated place. So, you don’t have to ask how to add your logo like what happens with other services.

You can match the colors with your website, and you can personalize the newsletter with the user name, the last name if you want, and other information if needed.

customized Newsletter and Autoresponders

If you’re someone who use lots of images in the newsletter, then, Aweber will host all your images and lets you create galleries and organize them professionally. The disk space is unlimited, host as many as you need, the only requirement is that every image should be less than 10 MB of size. That’s even 5 times the size limit with WordPress.

Mobile optimized email templates

More than a half of the people check their emails from mobile devices. So, when your customers want to read your email from their iPhones, they should get the right layout and not broken theme.

Actually, there are exactly 605 mobile templates, they are well designed and customizable in a few clicks. Best of all, these designs are optimized for all the popular mobile devices, from smartphones, to tablets.

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mobile email themes

No duplicate emails

This is a great feature, if you are using free services with less than 2000 subscribers, you might notice that many times the subscriber received duplicate emails if he is subscribed to more than a list. That’s a big problem and the result is simply, more people will unsubscribe.

If you have multiple lists with Aweber, and even, if the user is subscribed to all of them, Aweber will scan your lists, before sending the email, and it will only send a single email to that person. No more duplicate newsletter and unprofessional autoresponders.

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A/B testing system

To get the best results from your email marketing strategy, you need to test lots of things, such as, the email layout, the sign up form, the template and many others. The advanced A/B testing with Aweber, makes all these features easy to manage, with every email you send.

You can create multiple version of the same email, and create a group of users and track the open rates and all the other statistics. In the end, you can decide the best email version that brings the best results, and make it the default email. That’s what makes Aweber one of the top rated email marketing services.

optin forms for email marketing

Very detailed statistics

Anyone can offer a simple email segmentation system and count who opened your email, but no one of the actual software can offer the same advanced tracking system as Aweber. When you send an email to your list, the system tracks everything and give you optimized results.

You will see the exact number of people and their profiles, who opened your email, and others who clicked links. The best thing is that you can see who clicked a certain link in your email, and what’s the geographical location and the IP. You get statistics about the pages visited from your email, and the person who visited the page.

If you need more details, like age and the gender, there is an option to collect other details if you want. These options are limited or absent in their services. So, why wasting time again with them?

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Build your list with third-party services

Did you know that you can add every customer who buy something with PayPal, Authorize.net and shopping cart to your list automatically? That’s what multiplies your list easily by doing nothing. Customers continue using the services, and your list will be growing every day.

What happens is that Aweber collects the user detail from the PayPal payment page and send him/ her a verification email to be a subscriber. Of course, no one will reject to subscribe to a service that he pays for.

Business owners migrate from other services to Aweber

This is clear, professionals who understand the real value of these advanced service changes their marketing software provider, and migrate to Aweber. At the same time, Aweber users never go away simply, because they have the most advanced software and the best email marketing services.

Tips about Aweber

Aweber is a real marketing service and it’s used by all the popular brands and companies. I recommend this service for every business owner, even before starting collecting emails and build the list.

At the same time, thousands of people want to migrate to Aweber and they find a single problem, it’s that every email in the list should be verified and the subscribers should verify the sign up again.

So, if you want to migrate, make sure to inform your subscribers, at least, before one week from the migration. Let them click the verification link again from their inbox.

For people and business owners, who will start their email marketing service in the future, my advice is to use Aweber from now, and never lose subscribers.

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