Steps and Tips for Building an Email List Fast with WordPress

Building a mailing list of subscribers is not an option for marketers, bloggers, and business owners. If you don’t have your own list of subscribers, you’re losing the good potential of marketing.

On the other side, if you have your own list, you can boost your sales overnight, or bring targeted traffic to your landing page or website, and that means the money in the end.

The hardest thing about starting your own email list to start, that’s true. Lots of bloggers and webmasters regretted their startups when they could get subscribers easily.

No matter where platform you’re using, such as WordPress, HTML website, and others, there are thousands of ways and tools to add, but WordPress still the best way to for its popularity and easy use.

There are lots of ways and tools to add a subscription box in the sidebar, or as, a lightbox, or pop-up. The real work is to find the best email marketing service first, then, you need to offer good content to get more subscribers.

Today, I’ll show you how to build your own email marketing list the right way in WordPress, and the other platforms. And of course, I’ll list some tips to succeed in your Email marketing list.

Step 1. Find the best email marketing service

Not all the marketing services are the same, Aweber still the most recommended one. It lets you build your list and send automatic emails to your subscribers using the autoresponders. They offer awesome services that no other company offers, and that’s why thousands of marketers are using their service.

You need to be organized as all the professional marketers, just create a mailing list for each website or product. That’s the segmentation that the above-recommended service offers. Then, add your welcome message that will be sent to every new subscriber.

You can let people know about your business in a few sentences, and never create lots of content in your autoresponders.

Step 2. Adding email Opt-in forms

This is the most important step, you can’t get subscribers if the tool that you’re using is not fast, and optimized for better conversions. The free WordPress plugins are made for fun, and not for professionals who need to take care of their sites and visitors. I only recommend the below lead generation and list building plugins for every WordPress website owner. Just use the one that suits your needs and budget.

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WP Subscribers

This is the cheapest plugin compared to the others and it has more options, at the same time. It lets you add a lightbox, opt-in pop-up everywhere you want on your WordPress site. The plugin comes with lots of options and customizations. So, you can add a subscription box after each post, or in the footer, for example

This plugin is the ideal tool, it lets people sign in, or join your offer using their Facebook profiles. They sign in with Facebook and the plugin will add them as subscribers, automatically, and of course, that saves money. People who use other plugins need to hire coders and designers to add this option, but, you get it for free.

The other good thing is that you can add a subscription option using an exit pop-up. When people want to leave your site, they get that notification, and that will boost the number of subscribers if you have something good to offer.

Also, this WordPress plugin adds every newly registered member on your WordPress site, as a subscriber. That’s not only useful but, it will build your list without asking for information. The user creates his account and he will be added automatically, to your mailing list.

At the same time, you can offer subscription options below each comment. When people want to comment, they can check that box and be subscribed.


This is the top-recommended load generation and email capturing plugin for professionals. It’s more than a simple plugin that capt emails, but, it makes things professional and faster. The plugin lets you add different types of opt-in forms.

For example, you can add pop-ups or widgets in the sidebar or after posts. This tool was created by experienced and expert WordPress developers, and it’s optimized for speed and conversions.

Actually, I’m using this premium quality plugin because it’s fast and amazing, at the same time and I recommend it for people looking for a tool to build their lists without affecting the site’s loading time.

Popup Domination

This is another good plugin to create beautiful pop-up forms to get more sign-ups. The tool was created for easy use and it brings good results. There is nothing to learn as coding or settings, just install, activate, and add your best email marketing service provider to the plugin. Then, it will start generating subscribers.

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Step 3. Collect email subscribers and market your business

When you have the best email marketing service and the professional plugin, you can add a subscription box-like, a pop-up, or a lightbox. Of course, you can set up all the settings from the dashboard. All the above plugins come with a complete setting page, that you can access from your WordPress admin area. A new menu will be added there, and you can select one of the multiple templates to use.

Make sure that you’re using helpful information to let people subscribe, or simply, add a free report, and that will bring amazing results. There are no secrets to this, but you need to offer a valued e-book or product that your subscribers will enjoy, and not just subscribe to see what is that offer.

I recommend showing the pop-up after 30 seconds, at least. That’s good and you will avoid lots of issues with people. They are coming to your site to look for information, and they will leave if your pop-up appears instantly when they see your page.

Please never send offers to your new subscribers, instead, create email segmentation for each user’s case. For new subscribers, create a special campaign that will send them the welcome email. Then, another email with free tools or tips after 3 days. And the third email after a week or so, that contains other tips or helpful information, without offering any product, your goal is to win real trust.

The other campaign can be an email that the autoresponder will send to subscribers if they’re subscribed for more than a week, and let them know about your latest post or products. Just make sure you’re helping them and not selling products for money only.

The other campaign can be a list of good products that you recommend to old subscribers, from time to time. That will bring good results if you’re honest and wants to help them, and not only to make money. My advice is to try the product or the service before recommending it to your readers.

You will get better results and you will keep your list growing with fewer subscribers and not like others who bombard their readers with thousands of emails, and the result is simply a catastrophe. So, put yourself in the place of your subscribers, and send offers or services that help, and of course, separate your emails with some time.

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