Starting a web hosting business: what you need exactly to succeed

Web hosting is not a new business that attracts more investors. For years, thousands of people around the world talked about starting a web hosting business. Some of them become popular hosting companies, and some others have disappeared for some reasons.

These companies neglected to think about important things before starting. They launched the project immediately when they get the money to invest. That’s really the biggest mistake. Today, we’ll talk about how to start this business and what you need to succeed.

The first step with web hosting

Before starting your own hosting firm, you need to have a clear idea about aggravating and how it works. Let’s take a look inside it.

Web hosting, like any other business, needs resources to start, in the two past decades, to build a company, you have to invest thousands of dollars in materials and servers. After all, that, hope that you can succeed and get customers.

Nowadays, all that becomes from the past, all you have to do is to create a reseller hosting account and start selling services. But, of course, things are not easy as you imagine, problems can happen and you need to prepare for everything.

Web hosting is a powerful business that can bring thousands, if not millions of dollars. However, you need to work hard to achieve that goal that everyone dreams about it.

If you take a look at some of the popular companies, you can find some with good services and positive feedback, but also, others with very bad services and negative feedback. The challenge is to be one of the first groups and succeed.

Think about everything

This is the most important step, you need to create a plan for your business. You will find how much money you can invest, and what’s the period of time that you want to grow your project, and when you expect to get a return on investment and start making money. If you think about these points, you will get a clear idea about your project.

If you want to start with a web host project for your local customers, you get additional benefits, because popular companies work worldwide. So, you can rank better in Google search for local business, and get customers, this is what you can’t do with global hosting.

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You need to invest in marketing to attract customers. My advice is to start a web hosting business in your city, you can get a domain name for that city and rank well in search engines. Then, think about global business when you get some experience, and marketing knowledge to succeed.

Another important step is to have some money in your PayPal account to adapt to critical situations that you can’t expect. Just save an amount that you want, and never use it outside your company. This will help you when a problem comes.

Start your hosting company

The only way to start with higher chances to succeed is to go with reseller hosting. You don’t need to think about technical issues, servers, or even locations. You use a popular hosting service with their customer support, and you pay monthly fees for that service.

As you can see here, you get customers and sales with your own account, exactly, as any other company.

This way you benefit from the power of their experiences, without playing with your own money. The risk is nothing comparing to someone who buys servers with thousands of dollars and needs to do customer support and everything else.

Selecting a reseller hosting provider

Of course, not, all the web hosting resellers are good and can give you the same services. So, you need to think about companies with fast servers and free customer support for your clients. You need enough disk space and bandwidth, these are the most important criteria to select a good company to start with.

If you need to start a shared hosting with guaranteed uptime and other good services, I recommend one of the below companies. They’re trusted by millions of people around the world:

You don’t need a super-fast server, and they are the most popular services. You’ll get from 50, to 200 GB disk space, and from 500 to 1400 GB bandwidth, with unlimited domains and lots of exclusive features.

Now, the only secret is to know how to divide your space and bandwidth between your customers. This is the key to stay with reliable services. With 200 GB, for example, you can have 50 clients with 4 GB of disk space for each one. It’s enough space for small and even medium blogs and sites.

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Generally, new blogs will occupy less than 1 GB, but, you need to keep your customers happy, so, don’t give a few disk space that can’t help. At the same time, don’t offer hundreds of Gigabytes when your customers use only two Gigabits per site. Make things affordable and reliable.

Promote your new business

If you have some budget to advertise and get customers, it will be the fastest way to grow your business. But, as I said, if you go with regional hosting where people don’t have an idea about a specific web hosting company, you can be their preferred web hosting provider. Just offer good services at less price.

When you reach your resource quota, you need to add other packages to your reseller account. This is when you can say that your company is growing, and you can expect a real income later. Just keep getting new customers and add more space and bandwidth.

You can promote your business on web hosting forums, just search for “web hosting forums” in Google, and you will get many of them. The most popular one is Web Hosting Talk, it’s a great place online.

Join some other popular forums and post your offer with a 50% discount for example, or any other discount, for the first month. That will attract new customers who come there to find big deals. Use your signature with a link to your offers, just create a landing page on your website, especially, for that. So, you get traffic and customers both.

You can also use the Bing Ads program, it’s a trusted ad network from a big company that helps small businesses to succeed with low budgets.

Create your social profiles

You need to create Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus business accounts to get more customers and grow your business. Social accounts can bring you new ideas and money. Also, you’ll receive feedback and get suggestions to help resolve issues.

Your social profiles are the best place to announce your updates, and let your customers know about your company. They’ll stay updated, and even, if they’re not customers, they will be in the future if you convince them with your services.

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Update your homepage

If you want to succeed and keep your customers, you need to show them your professionalism. If they come to a home page with information from the past months, they will stay away from your site and never come back. So make sure to be up to date, add news to your homepage,  and link it to your blog.

Your website will look dynamic and active. Your design is also something that you should make better for navigation. Create a quick survey and listen to your customers, you’ll get great suggestions that you never imagined before.

These are the important tips for starting a web hosting business, but keep in mind that every startup comes with issues and challenges. In this is life, nothing is easy, so, protect your business before the start and maximize your success.

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