Tips to Start a Business without Capital or with a Small Investment

To start a business in the real world, you have to promote your project from your own money or find someone else who can help you and get a share of the revenue later. But, that age was gone, nowadays you can start a business even without capital. Of course, it’s not as easy as you expect, the internet world is larger and needs lots of work. You need some tips to start a business without capital, and this is what this post is about.

1. Simple Business ideas

You can find multiple ways to start a project online, but the best one that never needs capital is creating themes. Themes are a hot business these days, and best of all, you need some WordPress coding knowledge only.

You don’t have to worry about infrastructure or any other obstacle to making a project. This is just an example of many other business ideas, but it’s the best for people who love coding and can spend hours and hours with their laptops. But, the result will be fast and amazing as well.

If you take a look at WordPress and browse their premium themes, you can find them normal work without complications, you should learn the WordPress codex and mix it with your imagination to build awesome and attractive themes that will be sold to thousands of people.


If you want to build a theme project with a group of coders, this will be the best thing you do in your life. You can build a powerful WordPress themes business if you select coders that you trust and can work with them online. All you have to do is to build a plan, exchange ideas through Skype or Google plus and build a group.

Remember that what I’m talking about, is just an example of business, but the inside is the same for most business ideas. You have to find the right people to work with and build your business with them. Networking is the key to succeeding, everyone will work on a defined job and collaborate with each other.

Another good idea to start a business without capital is to be a web hosting reseller. You don’t have to invest big money, but, of course, some $20 dollars or so, is something that you need. There are many resellers hosting providers, but I only recommend the top services that I personally tried and tested.

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2. Tips to succeed

The above ideas are just examples of many others to start a business online with a little money, or even, without capital at all. You work from your home building a theme, a plugin, or designs for any platform. You can work individually or with a group of people.

If we talk about them all, we’ll complicate things, just look around your background and education, or knowledge and you will find the relevant ideas. But now, to succeed in your business, you need some other tips.

Go Worldwide

Billions of people use Google and other websites each day, and you should open your eyes to the rest of the world, and never limit your group of people in your actual city or county. Just search for people with the same interest in your project, and contact them to suggest your idea and cooperation. You can get help from local business opportunities.

Forums are also a good place to find cooperation for your project, just be an active member for two weeks or so, and you will find the right people, that you’re searching for.

Working with people is a great way to start a project and succeed. You speed up the process, and your power is the group and it’s really what will succeed your business. So, build a great group of people and learn from each other how to solve problems.

Start a business on Demand

This is a very important point, if you want to succeed, you have to start something that people search for and will buy in the future. The best way to find if your business is in demand or not is to search for key phrases related to it using the Google Keyword Planner tool. If you find that you have enough searches then you can succeed.

At the same time, I recommend using the Google trends tool to find the evolution of searches by year, for any keyword or phrase. Just spend some time with it and discover the number of searches for a specific keyword, and if it’s hot or not. That will help you get other ideas and suggestions. Themes and plugins, for example, are a very hot business and will still in the next years, this is why I recommend it.

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Your online presence

You should create a WordPress blog or website, to make things easy for your business. Some types of businesses need websites to start working, and the best platform to build a website is WordPress.

You can create a good-looking website even without a budget, but you need some dollars to pay for the web hosting and the theme. Then you can promote your business with good articles in your blog posts. You will get the intention from search engines and people.

Worldwide Valid payment method

After some time, you need to have a payment method acceptable in all, or, in the majority of countries, PayPal is the largest one until now. Millions of people use it for their purchases and business, and you have to open one business account to receive and send payment online.

These are some of the tips to start a business online with a little investment, and even with no money at all. Just follow them, but remember that success needs hard work, so, spend more time doing your business and collaborating with your group. That’s the best way to avoid risks and to get advice from people who work together, this is itself is the half part of the success. Good Luck.

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