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Online Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs: Think Bigger

There is a big problem these days with business ideas, everyone creates his list with hundreds of ideas and then, he publishes them in a confusing way that never let people understand how to start that business and learn the basics. At the same time, there is no need to talk about blogging and affiliate marketing in 2015 and list them as new businesses when they are there for years.

Other people still think about car washing and call it a creative business idea, why wasting people’s time with lists that will never give a good advice and help people instead of bombarding their minds with a long list.

Today, we will talk about some of the new and smart online business ideas for young entrepreneurs. That never means, that’s only for young people, but these ideas need lots of work and energy.

1: SEO and link analytics

This smart business needs a programmer with lots of energy and some networking to build relationships and work with other people. Internet marketers spend millions of dollars in total for things that seems easy to get and for free. It’s just a check of a domain name, URL links, and SEO ranking.

It seems an old idea, right? However, there is a big chance that you can be the next billionaire with a well coded program, and also, the best marketing strategy and people who work with you.

Let’s make things easier, websites like AhrefsMOZ and Majesticseo, are using completely different programs to analyze websites and make statistics about their links. However, their results are completely different from what you find as backlinks can be only the half number of the other website.

Now, what this means for us? Simply, all of them detect only a small percentage of the links and not all of them. If you’re a webmaster with Google account, you can understand me, Google analyses pages quickly, and give more links as a report. But, people use other services because they add no follow, or not, and many other good things.

You can build your online business even if there are competitors with millions of customers. The only requirement is to offer something different and people will use your service and pay for that.

Need an example?

Of course, big brands receive millions of visitors per month and their Alexa traffic rank is something like 100 or 200. That means it’s hard to compete with them in their work, however, a new site called is doing a great job and its interface is better than the others.

Most importantly, they succeeded the biggest part of their business that’s receiving a huge traffic, and that means lots of potential customers. Actually, their Alexa rank is 5000 in a short period of time, and expects to see them in the top 100 sites nearly. I wish them a good luck for the great work. They are working friendly, with beautiful webmaster analytics tools. If they were working like any other software, they will never succeed, but they are offering something better, with extra features.

Now, if you want to benefit from this backlink and SEO analytics business idea, you have to do this:

You should be a programmer first, or have the resources to hire skilled programmers, and work together. You have to spend some 2 to 6 months building the program, and the crawlers that will explore the web by following links. Learn why Google succeeded when the other failed and apply their method to your own project.

Even if there are big companies, web crawling and analytics still unable to detect all the links, that’s good for you and this is your best time to show your skills.

Add more social media sites in the backlinks report, Pinterest, for example, is not listed in the big company statistics. So, find a way to crawl them and find links, add as many social networks as you can. Don’t forget to focus only on sites with millions of users? Reddit, for example, is a good website to add.

In other words, find what the actual tools have as negative, and make it positive for you. Add what they don’t have, and work with creative people. Of course, you need a small investment, at least to start.

This is the most important part, a software without marketing skills will never succeed. What you need is to let the world know about your great tool, create a modern and an attractive website design, and make it looks professional.

Ask bloggers to review your software and publish a post about it. If you have extra budget, invest in advertising with websites. Yahoo advertising, is a trusted platform that you can use.

When you have a new backlink and SEO analytics software, with marketing strategy and great people to work with, you can expect the success. It’s not a rocket science to tell people, that your software is great and they can try it.

Give people a reason to sign up, and please give only trials and don’t start with free plans. Know you why? People find free things not interesting and will never sign up. You should offer free trials, and then you can add the free plan with limited functions.

Marketers are not people with few dollars, they don’t have a problem with investment, but they need to know that you’re offering something with value, and then, they will subscribe for the monthly plan. Other companies offer plans that cost $500 and $900 for their big marketers who are also companies in general.

Stop thinking that there are brands and you can’t compete with them, just work smarter, harder and make the difference. The success will be your destination. Google started like a small program with no way to succeed, at that time, only Yahoo and Altavista are the leaders, but Google came with something new better.

2: Social Media publishing and post scheduling

This is also a great idea for programmers and web developers, it’s not new, but the time proves that’s easy to succeed. Do you use Twitter, Facebook and Google plus? Yes, of course, at least for one of them, what this business does is spamming people with automatic posting and links, that’s it, unfortunately. It’s not a 100% social media marketing, as they call it, however, big companies make millions from this market.

All in all, it’s a software that lets companies and marketers auto post links or tweets in a fixed time. So, their followers will see those tweets or re-tweets, posts and probably they will click on some of them. Is that a rocket science again?. But it needs a smart marketing also, everything is achievable as idea, but marketing is not for everyone.

I’ll tell you an example, Hootsuite is a big social media sharing and post scheduling platform, they are the biggest one today, and no one else was there when they started. In the year 2013, a new company called Buffer and I’m sure, you have heard about them if not a member actually, started their business with the same idea, but with fewer features and it’s not a thing that makes Hootsuite users want to move to them.

However, they got millions of members in a short period of time. Remember that Buffer’s features are not better, and they have fewer functions, but they still succeed. The reason is simple, marketing is the key, if you have the worst business in the world, people will join you if you’re a smart marketer.

Now, what you need is a program that will schedule tweets and posts, and add more features than the other sites. You can add platforms such as Pinterest and make things different and better. It’s not hard to do if you’re a real entrepreneur and you love the social media world. Passion and hard work can bring big results with marketing skills.

Create WordPress plugins

This is a business idea that generates thousands of dollars for companies, or simply, for personal developers who believe in their coding, and WordPress skills and creates useful tools. Unlike the above ideas, this one does not need lots of work if you’re a programmer. Even, you can hire programmers and work together.

Coding is not a problem since WordPress developers are thousands and you can easily find lots of them online. Some of them have blogs, others are working with companies and develop tools. So, you can cooperate with a programmer and build your business.

The WordPress plugins are add-ons to extend the basic site functionality. There are thousands of them for free, but with limited features. The good news is that lots of people are searching for specific plugins, and they are ready to pay for that. If you search for these missed plugins you will find a real treasure to work on.

You can start by selling your plugin or plugins with popular marketplaces such as Codecanyon. You can earn up to 70% per sale with them, and that’s just to start your project, and then you can build your own website and sell your plugins from there. However, starting with big marketplaces will help much better.

When you feel that you have some resources for advertising, create many plugins and make sure they are unique in function or better than the others. Create an affiliate program for your project and you will be amazed how many bloggers will promote them.

You can also use affiliate networks, I recommend ShareASale because of their trust and long experience. In the end, you will create big business.

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