Does Google Sniper Work? and what is the Difference with AffiloBluePrint?

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It appears that lots of people are completely losing about affiliate marketing and they search for multiple ways to earn extra income in the beginning, but they end with nothing by following the wrong methods. Google Sniper is a product that you can use to understand and get a ready to use strategy to make money.

However, you need to understand when you have to buy those guides and follow their instructions. That’s what this post will talk about today.

What’s Google Sniper and How does it work?

Google Sniper is a membership website first and a guide to learn everything about making money online using a website. basically, you learn how to create your blog and drive traffic from search engine and promote products. To be honest with you, as usual, this product can be useful if you don’t have any idea about creating WordPress sites and everything else like SEO and online marketing.

On the other side, if you already know all these things, then, you need more advanced technics and more resources. In my experience, no other affiliate learning website can beat Affilorama and especially the AffiloBluePrint courses in terms of quality and the number of videos and tutorials.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use Google sniper. It’s a great product and I see that George Brown who is the owner is sharing his own method to build a six figure income from home.

The membership website offers quality videos tutorials and tools to use. At the same time, there is a long and in-depth PDF guide that talks about everything you need to build an online business even without any knowledge or experience about building a website and promoting offers and products.

The mean source of content in this product is the PDF guide, it contains more than a hundred of pages and George shows everything using screenshots and also videos. Every step is described clearly and demonstrated with a video. In other words, the videos in the website explain all the information and strategies in the PDF guide.

I want to give you a general structure about what you can find in the PDF. This is my personal Google Sniper 2.0 review and you can decide to use the product or not based n what you need. The e-book is divided into 8 main chapters, where you find details and instructions to follow in every step.

  • Chapter one, you learn how to find a profitable niche and the right keywords to use and build a strong business online.
  • The second chapter talks about building a WordPress website and what you need like tools and services. But also, I loved the very detailed information and screenshots with videos to install and configure the website.
  • The third chapter talks about creating a killer content that brings a conversion of 20% at least using the strategies and methods that big affiliates are using.
  • In the Fourth Chapter, George shows how to rank your website higher in Google search using legit methods. At the same time, you get a clear idea about using keywords and never staffing them like many people do.
  • Section Five makes using affiliate links and products and easy to follow lessons. Newbies get everything they need to starts making commissions by applying the methods that work.
  • Creating the Sniper site is the main topic in Chapter SIX, it talks about putting everything together to create the powerful website to use it for your business.
  • The chapter 7 takes you step by step about how to make your website a real authority by driving back links from popular authority websites. Also, it shows how to get the most benefits from YouTube and social bookmarking sites.
  • The final part of this e-book talks about scaling the Sniper website and make a six figure income, it’s like duplicating the same work based on your results and testing methods.

As you can see Google Sniper is not a scam and it’s not another low-quality guide, but simply, it’s an easy to use guide, that every beginner can understand and follow. Nothing is complicated and there is no need to take notes about everything, there are videos and tips in your membership area.

Of course, if someone buys the product because he believes in magic ways to make money fast, he will say the Google Sniper is a scam and people should never use it again. That’s the big problem with people who waits for money to start coming from the sky. Nothing is easy and you have to work to apply those strategies and tips.

The next level of affiliate marketing

If you’re from those who needs the guide and the tools that build you the waste of your dreams, then, I can only recommend AffiloJetPack that give you everything you need like the website. The content and all. But prepare yourself to pay more money than Google Sniper.

If you need something in the between, you have to use AffiloBluePrint, it’s a complete blueprint system that let you build your affiliate business without wasting your time. There are a hundred of HD video tutorials, a member area that comes with downloadable guides, lessons, and courses. They have higher prices but the membership worth every penny a serious affiliate spend.

By the way, they also, give you a sheet-sheet system about creating articles and what the website needs. And also, they offer free web hosting and many more features that you can’t find anywhere else. But the greatest things here is that videos are updated every month at least and that’s why thousands of people are joining their course every week.


I created this post for the number of emails I received the last couple of days about Google Sniper VS AffiloBluePrint, both are good, but they’re not the same in content and strategies. The first one talks about the basics and you can use it if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing and WordPress website.

So, you can use it if you want to work hard. The second one is another advanced level of membership and guides that needs less work and can bring more revenue. It comes with a tracking system, and exclusive services and tools. This is the best of the best system to use without a doubt.

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