Beginners Guide for Selling Domain Names for Profit

In this article, you will learn how to make an extra income selling domain names, by using a simple way and without any technical details. This guide will help you from the start to the end of selling domain names.

First, let me tell you something about selling domain names: Did you know that the total registered domains until 2013 is 183 million? And still counting. But, those millions of domains are not all hosted, a big part of them are parked, and waiting for buyers.

How to make money selling domain names

Domain names can make you money if you’re serious. By the way, I’ve friends who live from selling domain names, they spend hours filtering their domains list to determine the best ones to invest in them. But, as with anything in life, sometimes you get a chance to find a good domain, and you can make millions from one sale, and sometimes nothing at all.

Knowing your budget is the best way to invest in domain names, you can know what type of domains you should look for. If you’re new to domain name investing, I recommend starting with a small budget to test your strategy and understand the game.

You can start with $20 or $60. If you can invest more, you can start from $400 to unlimited, but make sure to start with a small budget before investing your hard-earned money.

I recommend that you focus your work on the (.com) domains only. They are the most popular and can make you more money than the others (.info…). You can get your own step by step system that will show you how to make money with domain names like a pro marketer.

Find hot keywords

To make sure that your investment will succeed, your domain name must have a keyword with acceptable traffic, let’s say 10 000 searches per month. To do that, use a free keyword tool like the Google Keyword Planner. When you find keywords with some traffic like “cars”  for example, make a list of your keywords and move to the next step.

To get a domain name you have two options: To buy an existing one or to buy a new domain name.

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1. Find an existing domain name

Remember that you should select good domain names, with good traffic, Google page rank, backlinks. Just find a good domain with a maximum of 17 characters, it will be perfect if you select domain names with less than 15 characters and that are easy to remember.

As an example, you shouldn’t invest in domains with special characters like numbers, symbols, keep it as simple as possible. Domains with fewer characters and that are easy to remember, have a good chance to be sold.

For example, the domain name “” is easy to remember and clear. So, this domain worth millions, on the other side, the domain “” is hard to remember, very long, and will not be sold anyway.

Find relevant domains for your keywords

After the registration with the NameCheap marketplace, you start searching for a domain, simply, enter your keyword and validate. You can see a large list of domain names in the screenshot below.

This list is a general idea of your keyword. You can specify which domains you want, then, you can use the advanced search link, and select what you want, you can select “.com” only.

Now, you checked all the domains list and have some selected domains. Copy any domain that you want to buy, and go or any other traffic measuring site to get more details about it. You get a good idea about the domain statistics. If the domain satisfies your needs, then, go back to a domain registrar and buy it. if it’s not the case, continue looking for other domains.

2. Buy a new domain name

If your domain name is still available, then you’re a lucky person since all the major simple domains are taken. Now, register your domain with your best domain registrar company, they are the best domain name registrar and have the marketplace that you need to sell your domain later.

How to start selling domain names

Now, you have a domain name, and you need to sell it. You can make an offer with NameCheap and wait for buyers. At the same time, open Google search and put your domain name without extension, (without “.com”).

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For example, if you have a domain name “lasvegascars”, search the first five Google search pages, to find if there is a website or a company with a similar name. Make a list and, then, try to contact them via email and tell them about your offer.

If your domain name is good, it can by itself easily. You need to negotiate with the buyers and listen to them first. Make sure that you negotiate with more than one buyer at once, to keep your chance to win a good buyer. It’s not necessary to make the same offer in multiple marketplaces, just use the biggest one that I’ve motioned above, and start selling domain names.

Recommended guide for selling domain names

For many years, web marketers started searching for new ways to sell their domains and succeed in that business. The problem here is not the way they buy and sell domain names, but the strategy they should follow. I highly recommend using the Millionaire Society guide for buying and selling domain names professionally.

Of course, you can learn for free using this article or others, but honestly, the more you learn the more you’ll improve your chance to succeed. The person behind the guide is a well-known domain name seller entrepreneurs with millions of dollars in sales. Furthermore, he shares secrets to find hot keywords and use them in the domain name. It’s like a guide that resumes years of testing and experience.

So, you get what really worked for him as a successful domain name seller, and then, you need to apply the strategies and make money.

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