5 Affiliate Marketing Lies to Know Before Start Promoting Programs

Affiliate marketing is the first source of income for thousands of people around the world. But, many beginners will listen to many lies, and make the same mistakes again when promoting ClickBank products.

So, this post will show you the five wrong places to promote affiliate products online, especially ClickBank.

ClickBank is the biggest marketplace to find digital products to promote. Unlike Amazon and eBay, ClickBank doesn’t use physical products to promote. So, there are no more fees and doubts for your buyers. At the same time, it’s not easy to sell digital products, without knowing the real secrets about affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to promote ClickBank products online, but the big mistake that many affiliates make is to use dead ways to promote their products. Indeed, the Internet as everything else is changing every day.

You probably have seen some articles about ”secrets” for promoting ClickBank products, but the truth is that there is no such thing called ”secret” at all. The only “secret” is good traffic. However, many affiliate marketers still believe that they can make money using some ways.

Don’t use forums for affiliate marketing

Before the year 2007, it was easy for many people to promote some links, in their signature in forums. Now, thousands are posting duplicate links in the same forums.

It becomes a spamming method and as a result, all these affiliate links are disabled. The member’s account will be deleted as well. So, if you still post links on forums, then, you’re wasting your time.

Affiliate links become the number one enemy for forums. Try to post some affiliate links on the Warrior forum, for example, and the post will disappear after minutes, if not in seconds. Your account becomes at risk.

You may want to use a redirect URL to these links, but you should know that every forum, has its valued members. They will report your post as spam, and your post will be deleted again.

Using “Yahoo Answers” for affiliate marketing is a waste of time

Yahoo Answers is a place where people can search for a solution to their problems. For that reason, thousands of affiliates posts their link with the same information.

As an example, they browse the health category, and answer a few questions about “Nutrition” or “Diet” with their link, or redirect URL, and they think it’s easy to sell ClickBank products!

What happens, is that your post will be reported as spam, and it will be deleted. But also, you will lose your account. You may try to create another account? But, it will be deleted as well, for the same reason. So, why post something that will disappear after seconds or minutes?

The Yahoo Answers members love real solutions to their problems and questions. They report affiliate links immediately when they see a product, they love what they’re doing. So, no way to make money with Yahoo Answers nowadays.

If these methods have worked for some people in the last four years, it will not work today. Thousands of people are posting the same link, and even, exactly the exact post every day.

Safelist scams will kill your business

When Safelist marketing was created, thousands of members joined every day, and it worked well for many, who promoted affiliate products, it was 2005. But after 2009, there is no chance to sell ClickBank products using Safelist. However, keep in mind that all of those Safelist sites are making thousands from your hard work, you give them traffic, and they give you nothing in return.

No more ClickBank sales from social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are good places to find people from all countries. However, the wrong thing that affiliates make, is to post product links there. Like Yahoo Answers and other communities, Facebook users will report your post, even, if you’re using the latest methods to post links.

Again, you’re in the wrong way and you post nothing in the end. There are lots of scammers who sell auto-post software for Facebook pages, just Google it to find many.

With those auto-post programs, you can post up to 20 Facebook pages at once, but as usual, they will block your account and you will lose every post. Facebook finds your links automatically in the next post, even, if you make 100 Facebook accounts.

Social platforms are the places to be social, but not to buy products. People who need something to buy will create an eBay account, and not a Facebook profile.

The only right way to use Facebook to make money is to create a Fan Page, with up to 50 000 fans. Then, send them daily news without ads, to keep them, and send one ad per three days later in a quality post.

The other way to promote ClickBank links is to advertise with Facebook. So, don’t waste your time with Facebook for your affiliate marketing programs.

Craigslist is not the right place for free marketing

Hundreds, if not thousands of articles are shown in Google’s search results, talking about affiliate marketing secrets, to promote ClickBank products on Craigslist.

The truth is that it was true in the last five years. But now, no more sales from Craigslist posts. Take some minutes browsing the Craigslist posts, can you find some ClickBank links or products?.

Craigslist detects automatically affiliate links, with the help of members, they browse posts just to report them as spam!! So, no way to post ads there and make money from Craigslist. Even, if some marketers are making some money from Craigslist, then, be certain that they spent thousands of dollars on sponsored advertisements.

Buffalo and eBay classifieds are also the same as Craigslist. When you post free ads, there is no way to make money from them promoting any affiliate programs or products.


Affiliate marketing can be a full-time income for thousands of Marketers. They spend thousands of dollars to advertise their products on popular websites and Blogs. But, when a new affiliate thinks that he/she will make money with them from free ads, then, he/she is wasting time.

So, my final word is to start promoting your links, with paid advertising with a small budget, first, and then, advertise for more. Paid advertising is the key to success with affiliate marketing. And if you have the time and you can be patient, then create your own blog and drive targeted traffic in the long term.

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