Template Monster Affiliate Program Review: Promote Web Designs

To be able to generate sales and earn commissions, you have to use and promote the right affiliate programs. However, to find these trusted programs, you need lots of reviews. Then, hope you can find them legitimate and not faked.

Today, I’ll review the Template Monster affiliate program, they have the largest number of web designs and templates on the web. For that reason, you can easily make money without losing your audience. That’s simply because you’re promoting trusted themes and web temples from a well-known company.

What’s Template Monster?

It’s the oldest website on the web to buy high-quality and premium web templates and designs. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • HTML templates
  • WordPress themes
  • Joomla templates
  • Drupal themes
  • ECommerce themes for PrestaShop, Magento, and more.
  • Templates for landing pages, photo galleries, PSD, Facebook themes, and much more.

In other words, Template Monster is the only place on the web to find every single need that a website, an online store, or a blog can’t live without. Even more, you can promote flash and video templates.

Template Monster affiliate program Review


To give you just an estimation of the huge size of their products, they have over 50.000 products to promote. So, with the Template Monster affiliate program, you earn a commission every time people buy themes through your links.

The Template Monster web design program is different

It’s not rocket science to find that the web design industry is very lucrative and profitable for both the seller and the affiliate. For that reason, lots of companies are seeing the light every month, and they all work to market their products.

What you need here is the thing that makes the difference and that can help you to convert the traffic into sales. The number of the products is a key factor, the more products you promote, the more chances you can generate sales and earn commissions.

The trust and the popularity of the Template Monster is a real difference that helps to generate sales. It’s a well-known website and they have had a good reputation since the year 2002.

All in one service to promote, this is an important thing to consider and that makes this website better than the others. For example, you can promote a great theme, and the customer can add the web hosting and the installation to his cart. So, you earn higher commissions by just promoting a single product.

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The payment methods are the thing that every affiliate marketer needs. There is no need to waste your time with other websites that never pay. Instead, you get a top-rated affiliate program to promote and receive your hard-earned commissions through different payment methods. That includes:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Web Money
  • Bank transfer

The average commission ranges from 20% to 30%, and if you consider that the average sale amount is $90, you will conclude that you can easily earn a real income. The only thing that you need is targeted traffic.

The 365-year cookies tracking system is another important feature that makes this trusted company better than all the other web design affiliate programs. You don’t have to worry about the cookie expiration as it will stay active for a whole year. That automatically means more sales, and you get the most of your hard work.

The language of the website that you’re promoting is more than vital for multilingual users. Unlike all the popular affiliate programs, this one has different versions of the same product’s sales page. That includes:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. French
  5. Portuguese
  6. Russian
  7. Turkish
  8. Polish

So, no matter what language your website uses, or what audience your target is, you have all the options and the tools to promote amazing web design themes and temples and make money. To change the language, use the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the page, and select the right language.

The search by category option is an amazing feature that helps your readers to find their best themes. Look at the next screenshot example, and you will see that the user can easily explore and find very specific themes built for that niche.

Template Monster themes search

Tips to promote their products and succeed

Here is the truth about affiliate marketing, if you don’t have the traffic, you have to buy it, and it costs a lot. So, in both cases, traffic is the key to success and making money. However, you need targeted traffic from search engines, and I mean Google in the first place.

If you have an established website with a good amount of monthly visitors, you can expect sales as soon as you start recommending the best themes to your readers.

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On the other side, if you have a blog with a very little amount of traffic, you will struggle and say that it’s not for you. The reason is simple, you need at least, hundred targeted traffic per day to be able to generate sales.

You can recommend the right products depending on your website topics and niche. For example, if you are talking about Joomla all the time, then, it will be logical to come back to all your previous posts and recommend a specific Joomla theme or a list of them.

Your readers will appreciate the hard work that you put into talking about a template and show how to install and customize it the right way. Create a step-by-step tutorial or a video that explains how to install a theme and customize everything. That includes customizing the font, colors, layout, and everything else.

Newbies find these tutorials helpful and they will use your recommendations and buy a product at least. But all of that needs patience and hard work. So, don’t expect sales by just adding banners everywhere on your website that receive a few visitors per day from Google.

Instead of that, work on your website. So, when you get thousands of visits, start adding these banners in moderation and in the right place.

Also, I recommend featuring a theme every time and making it sticky on your homepage. That way, you bring more views, and people will notice it better and click on it to find more.

If you have an active social media account, use it and promote your best products. For example, I recommend talking about a specific template on your Facebook page that has thousands of Fans, and you will bring the traffic that you need.

However, the Facebook traffic is not as good as the organic traffic from search engines. So, expect a lower conversion from social media, But, that means money in the end if you use the right strategy.

Please stop listening to spammers who talk about using your affiliate link everywhere on the web. It’s the worst method, and your account can easily get banned. What you need is an active website or blog to join the program. Then, spread the word, and talk about any product when it’s needed and not just list them.

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If you need any help, you can contact me using the contact page, and ask your questions. If you need help and assistance from the Template Monster team, you can contact them directly and they will help.

They are great people, and you will be proud to work with them. Unlike the other affiliate programs, they care about your website also, furthermore, they offer all the tools and the options that you need.

If you have a WordPress website, I highly recommend using their widget that features the best themes in a beautiful way. Just install, then, activate the plugin, and let it do the job automatically.

The greatest thing is that you can add the ready-made shop to your website. The users will be able to browse the themes and templates directly from your website. When they click on any product, they will be taken to the website and you earn the commission if they buy. Just ask them for help to offer a specific category, for example, or things like that.

Conclusion about Template Monster

After using the Template Monster affiliate program, I know exactly what it is and how the people behind it work. I highly recommend their program for every webmaster, blogger, web developer, and everyone who wants to make easy money the right way.

Web design is not just coding, but a complete strategy and system that helps affiliates to succeed. All that is ready for you in this top-rated affiliate program that’s working for years now.

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