Dedicated Server Hosting Comparison for the Best Companies

In this post, I’ll show you a detailed, dedicated server hosting comparison with all the information that you need about the best web hosting providers.

Renting a dedicated server these days is not an option for websites and people who need speed and security. The online business will never work without a strong web hosting provider, that takes care of the loading time and server optimization.

You’ll find the best companies in the US and around the world with trusted business and amazing customer support. Just make sure to use the right service that suits your website and business needs, and that works with your budget.

Dedicated server hosting providers compared

I’ll start by showing you the next dedicated server comparison table to get a clear idea about the server features and options. At the same time, you get an idea about the difference between each provider and the others.

Liquid WebInMotionGoDaddyBluehost
Max RAM505 GB for the storm servers64 GB32 GB16 GB
Linux hostingYesYesYesYes
Windows hostingYesNoYesNo
Min monthly cost$179$189$129$149
Monthly paymentYesYesYesYes
Daily payment optionYesNoNoNo
SSD serversYesYesNoYes
Server management
  • Fully managed
  • Core managed
  • Self managed
Fully managed
  • Fully managed
  • Core managed
  • Self managed
Not specified
Uptime Guarantee100%99.999%99.99%99.9%
Multi-Core ProcessorsYesYesYesYes
RAID StorageYesYesYesYes
Min storage500 GB500 GB512 GB1 TB
Data Centers3 in Michigan and ArizonaWest and East USAPhoenixUSA
ProcessorsIntel or AMDIntelIntelIntel
Live chat supportYesYesYesYes
Phone supportYesYesYesYes
Ticket supportYesYesYesYes
Server speed test9/107/105/106/10
Discount available(Added automatically)36% OFF added automatically33% OFF (added)50% OFF
Visit Liquid WebVisit InMotionVisit GoDaddyVisit Bluehost

As you can see from the web hosting comparison table, Liquid Web is the first recommended and the best-dedicated hosting provider. The second dedicated server provider will be Inmotion Hosting.

Both companies offer the best quality and the fastest servers. When it comes to the website loading time, no other company can beat them in terms of services, and also insecurity.

I’ve been using their services for years now, and I’ve never found an issue with my server. The customer support is an award winner service with amazing and friendly help.

Dedicated Server Hosting Comparison

In terms of speed, the managed dedicated servers of Liquid Web is the only platform to have a fully optimized dedicated server. The latest hardware technologies and software updates make things professional and exclusive.

You don’t need any complicated configurations or extra setup services. All you have is included in your server by default, and you can customize everything when you need, easily.

Liquid web compared to Bluehost, InMotion, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, and SiteGround:

The difference between all these dedicated hosting companies is clear from the beginning. The features that you’re looking for can help you to choose the right option.

SiteGround, for example, is a great dedicated hosting solution, however, their prices are higher than the competitors and that can affect the choice for many people. But I have to say that the quality is really good.

For payment, you choose to pay yearly and that’s the best option to save money in the long term. In addition, you can choose a WordPress monthly hosting if you’re going to build a blog and want to focus on content and let experts manage your server.

Comparing the best-dedicated server hosting services

The server speed comparison

I’ve tested the server speed and used real reviews from people who have long experience with each company. In the end, it looks like the Liquid Web servers are the best, the fastest, and also, the more secure among the others.

Keep in mind that your site speed is directly impacted by resources like RAM, CPU, and more. But if you really want to have the best options, then, you have to estimate the monthly bandwidth and disk space your site really needs.

The server features compared

This is important, as the server features are what makes the difference between the companies. However, you need to be careful with the GoDaddy sales pages, they use all the information that they can, to make their service looks the best. But, when it comes to reality, things are not the same. The Bluehost infrastructure is good, but not great as Liquid Web.

On the other side, Inmotion hosting offers a large variety of services and customizations, but the server speed is faster than Bluehost and GoDaddy. However, they can’t beat the Liquid Web server speed.

The dedicated RAM and the CPU, other important things to look for in your server. They are what make the server fast and reliable, furthermore, the RAM shouldn’t be virtual and just a number.

Every server should have its own RAM installed and working properly for better performance.

If you look again at the above table, you will find the Liquid Web server RAM can go up to 505 GB. That’s the most powerful RAM in the dedicated web hosting industry. In other words, you will get the strongest dedicated server with powerful resources and RAM.

The SSD drives are the modern solution to store the data and make the server faster. That’s normal as the server processor can access the database faster, and that means faster loading time and better resources in the end.

Not all the dedicated server solution offers this feature, only Liquid Web, Bluehost, and Inmotion Hosting have their great SSD servers.

Server security is what makes your website stable and secure. If you forget that, you will put your business at risk and everything will be wrong. That’s why I always recommend having a powerful Firewall and Antivirus installed on your server by an expert.

That way, you should have the right protection, and the server will scan itself for malware and clean up the files automatically.

However, you need to update the software manually or use Liquid Web that does the job for you. They have a strong security system that cleans up the server from junk files that can be used by hackers.

Best of all, the system checks for available updates, and it installs them in real-time, without any waste of time. That’s why they have the most secure dedicated servers in the world.

The customer support comparison

There is no way to have your own dedicated server without strong customer support that solves your problems instantly. Of course, that needs lots of resources and even patience, and when things come to reality, only Liquid Web and SiteGround, are the best of the best.

They have great dedicated server support that solves issues in real-time and without the need to waste any time.

Also, you can use the other service with a live chat, and you should get the help. But, nothing can be better than a real phone conversation with an agent that tries to understand your case and fix things in real-time.

Winner Service in this Dedicated Server Hosting Comparison

After testing and investigations on many features and also dedicated server reviews, the best service will be Liquid Web.

It’s the number one solution as a dedicated hosting provider, and they have all the resources and the technologies that make the real difference. Also, you can host with InMotion Hosting, they’re a great provider with years of experience and professional services and customer support.

Unlike all the other companies, Liquid Web has its own data centers in the United States. That means they control everything as the data centers is wholly owned. Every data center has its own energy generators at the time of electrical failures or problems related to that.

Furthermore, they have a sophisticated air conditioning system that helps the servers to stay at the best temperature that needs to work at maximum performance.

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