Dedicated Server 64 GB RAM

Dedicated Server with 64 GB RAM: Powerful Web Hosting with Free Setup

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When business owners start looking for powerful dedicated server hosting for their sites, they focus on the RAM. But, they forget that the RAM is only one technical feature that they should look for. The network connectivity should be fast with strong SSD and full SSH access for developers.

That’s why finding a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM should be based also, on other resources to understand the speed and the resource that the site will get later.

Today, I’ll show you the most powerful and professional dedicated hosting providers called Liquid Web. They offer an extremely powerful server with secure SSD storage and amazing cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated server features and resources

The Liquid Web‘s most powerful dedicated servers are Intel Dual Xeon, or Quad Opetron and more others. All depends on the power of your selected server and its features.  For those interested in speed, you get 8 or 32 cores with 2.00 GHz of speed. The number of cores ranges from 8 to 32 with super sophisticated CPU and great CPU cache.

Here is the full Liquid Web review to learn more about the specifications, and what makes them the best dedicated hosting service.

RAM ranges from 4 to 504 GB

No other dedicated hosting providers offer this powerful infrastructure. The RAM can be as little as 4 GB, or 64 GB in our case today, and it can go up to 505 GB. Please remember that these are storm dedicated servers, that means the best quality in the industry.

High-level bandwidth

The free monthly bandwidth is 5 TB, and that’s a good environment to run high traffic websites, even, with millions of users. If you need more bandwidth, you just need to buy extra levels of GB and there is no need to worry about that. There is no limit on the bandwidth, you will pay for the extra usage.

Also, there are add-ons for a storm VPN and a storm load balancer. That will give your server all the power that you need with total transparency.

Exceptional services

The company offers an exclusive service for all the dedicated server customers. They get the setup help and assistance. So, for any custom configurations, you need, they will do the job professionally.

This is a good option to tell them about what you want to be added to your server. But also, you can ask them to add custom server configurations and setup, or applications to add.

This is a professional dedicated server with Linux, or Windows, depending on the need of the customer. They use the latest technologies and the most powerful server in the industry.

If you have some specific customizations and tricks to get, they will be happy to add them. Remember that this is the only dedicated hosting service that offers that professional and for free. If you want all these services from another company, they will charge you thousands of dollars, and hope that they will understand what you want, exactly.

Dedicated server 64 GB RAM

As you can see in the above screenshot example, you can search for the exact RAM and resources by moving the slider. It’s located in the left area of that page and you can find what you need as resources.

The super fast network has a 100% Uptime guarantee, and that’s a perfect level of performance. Liquid Web storm dedicated servers are secure with SSH access, and optional ROOT access. The hardware upgrades are available when you need and with professional replacement service.

A few dedicated hosting providers offer this powerful upgrades and features. The server comes with 64GB of RAM, but, that is only the basic configuration, and people can ask for upgrades when they want.

The company lets customers add resources and applications to their server if they need specific settings. This enterprise hosting offers great solutions with unlimited possibilities for business owners and webmasters.

I personally found the individual custom firewall service great and show a professional security. Lots of companies add their own firewall settings, and that’s what will take the security to the next level.

You can add as many IP addresses as you need. They offer a free licensed cPanel that worth $425. Of course, the server is fully managed with Linux CentOS Experts OR Windows operating system.

SSD dedicated servers

This is the real thing that everyone needs. There is no way to get a fast server without the SSD in these days. Luckily, this hosting offers a fully optimized infrastructure with fast servers. Unlike the old HDD servers the new ones performs faster and the database access and the data, execution will be blazingly faster.

There is no need to waste your time asking for extra installation for any hardware. All you need is installed by default and that’s what makes this hosting different and better than all the others.

Keep in mind that SSD dedicated servers are faster than the regular HDD servers with other low-quality services. Furthermore, the SSD server configuration and optimization is much better and professional.

Pay as you Go pricing

This is an exclusive feature here. The company lets you pay per month, or pay per day for your dedicated server. That’s a great option, especially for people with huge website traffic that costs thousands of dollars. Just choose the right options that suit your needs and you will be amazed by the flexibility that they offer.

The best dedicated hosting customer support

I just want to notice that Liquid Web has the greatest customer support ever seen. They offer help by phone, live chat, tickets or by emails. It’s a real US-based customer support with great people who know what they do. The average phone waiting time is just 50 seconds and that’s incomparable with other services.

Dedicated hosting support

dedicated hosting customer reviews

This popular Storm dedicated server hosting provider offer the best configuration and setup in terms of performance, security and updates. Also, they have the best dedicated hosting customer support in the industry with amazing reviews and testimonials. Here are a few dedicated hosting reviews from customers.

Liquid Web customer testimonials

Liquid Web customer review

Why is this is the best dedicated hosting?

The Liquid Web storm dedicated servers are the best, the fastest, and the most secure in the world. It’s not the only a trusted dedicated server provider, but, it’s the best one when we compare the prices, resources, and also, the friendly customer support, and the security. I recommend this powerful hosting for everyone who looks for the best thing available today, simply.

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