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Best WordPress Hosting with One Click Install Software

Installing WordPress was a hard job, especially, for beginners and people with no experience in building websites. But now, everything is completely easy to manage, and you can find auto installer software with any WordPress hosting with one click install software.

However, some old software makes things complicated for newbies who just need a simple installation process, without worrying about the settings.

Luckily, there is a professional business web hosting called Inmotion Hosting that you can use and install your WordPress site with one click.

How to install WordPress with Inmotion Hosting?

Inmotion hosting is an affordable and reliable one-click-install WordPress hosting provider. They use simple and easy to use cPanel control panel, even a newbie can manage his blog files and other things from the first day.

You don’t have to use the installation application when you sign up. Just select WordPress to be installed automatically, and it’s done.

For extra installations, or, when you need to create it again, the Auto-installer application is already there on the server, and you can start the installation. Login to your cPanel account, then, locate the WordPress logo and click on it.

WordPress Hosting 1 Click Install

Now, hover over the WordPress icon, and you will get the “Install” option. Click on it, then, you can see the installation page, as the following example.

WordPress hosting with one click install

Follow the above example to install your site in the right directory. Then click on “Install”, button at the bottom of the page. You can also read this step by step tutorial that will show you in details, how to install WordPress using the Softaculous auto installer software.

Please make sure to install WordPress in the root directory. That means the domain name itself, and you don’t need any edition like “wp” or “blog” after the domain. Lots of people install their blogs in a sub-directory such as “wp”, and when they type the blog URL in the browser, they get a not found error.

That’s normal, they’ve installed the blog in www.examplebolg/wp, and not in So, leave the “wp” from the directory before the installation, as the above screenshot, and you will be able to create an automatic installation in the right place.

The main reason I recommend Inmotion hosting is not only for the easy control panel interface, but also, for the speed and reliability. They have a basic cPanel built with advanced and powerful servers, that make your site loads faster than other shared hosting services.

The company offers free domain name, free daily backups, and you can restore your site any time you want without the need to pay extra fees, like the case with other hosting providers.

Other one-click install WordPress hosting providers

I recommend Inmotion Hosting for their business hosting service that’s cheap and reliable. But, you can also, use other services like Bluehost, they are a popular shared hosting provider with cPanel and lots of features.

If you want the top quality WordPress hosting, you can take a look at WP Engine. They are the number one premium, and managed hosting for WordPress sites. That means the installation will be created automatically and managed by expert technicians.

There is no need anymore for the manual installation process, that can take a few minutes or a more  in some cases, if the server has problems. WordPress is an open-source software that works on PHP and MySQL, that means lots of HTTP requests, and a mistake in the installation can cause issues later, with your website.

That’s why using one click auto installer software is recommended to avoid mistakes and errors. Softaculous is the leader auto installer software for its easy and professional use. It comes with hundreds of applications, and you just need to select the one that you need to install.

Then, the software takes care of the rest, and install the files in the right directories, and make things professional and clean.

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