10 best CDN service providers

10 Best CDN Service Providers: Content Delivery Networks that Works

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To speed up a website, a blog, or any web content like videos and images, you need a content delivery network or CDN, simply. That reduces the loading time and make the user experience better. In the end, the speed of any website will help to get better ranking, because Google started counting the speed, as one of the ranking factors in their algorithm.

However, there are lots of companies, and it’s not easy to find the best CDN provider, especially, for people who use this technology for the first time. So, we’ll go through these popular services and select the top ten list, based on their performances, prices, speed, security, customer support, and many other technical factors.

Top CDN Service providers

1. MaxCDN

This is the best content delivery network with fast servers and big community of users, and also, webmasters from around the World. They have one of the fastest response time and flexible pricing model. They are the best CDN for all sites, including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and all the other applications.

If you have the W3 total cache or the WP super cache plugin, this company is the perfect CDN to use. In a few clicks, the site will load faster, using powerful technologies that secure the site and make it loads fast like never before.

Personally, I never found secure CDN like this one. They use custom protection settings, to avoid unwanted access to files, and even hack the site. This service is used by popular blogs and companies like Nissan StumbleUpon, JQuery, and many others for its speed, reliability, uptime, and the good customer support.

This is an affordable content delivery network provider that offers lightning fast servers for websites, blogs, gaming platforms. Also, it’s CDN video hosting with streaming, and optimized infrastructure.  Also, they are the perfect CDN for advertising networks who need to serve their ads, at the maximum speed and security.

2. Liquid Web

This is a superior quality web hosting provider, but, not all the people know that the company has partnered with Akamai to offer super fast CDN service. Indeed, it’s an optimized CDN which means faster loading time and amazing 100% uptime.

The infrastructure guarantees the speed, and the availability. Your visitors will get the static assets from the nearest server locations. That’s what helps improving the user experience, and getting better SERP ranking at the same time.

Liquid Web CDN

To see the content delivery product, click on “services”, then “Network Services” and you will find the option.

3. Cachefly

As I said earlier, this is the fastest CDN through different tests. They offer 100% availability guarantees. They are one of the few companies that offer global CDN in all the continents. The company has big brands and customers like Microsoft, Honda, Toyota, Add This, Adobe, Bank of America, and many more.

That’s a signal of trust from the biggest companies in the World. However, they have expensive prices, or more precisely, large plans. You can’t find a plan with a few Gigabytes, and it’s recommended for small business and sites with huge traffic.

10 Best CDN Service Providers

4. CDN.net

This Content Distribution network speeds up websites through servers in 170 different locations worldwide. They offer DDOS protection, and a free shared SSL certificate.

At the same time, the company technology supports the GZIP compression, which is important for better performance and speed. The load balancer technology will ensure serving your site files from the right location.

The company offers a free 1TB trial, but, for 30 days only. You can try their service during that period. No one will use all that huge traffic limit with small or medium website. There is a phone number in the US and the UK for the customer support.

5. Incapsula

Incapsula is a perfect combination between, speed and security. It’s not easy to find advanced security protection like what they offer. At the same time, the advanced CDN acceleration system makes any website loading blazing fast.

Also, all plans come with login protection and CDN optimized with smart balancer technology that handle the traffic between servers. That’s why people forget the “Errors 500” with web hosting services for the failure.

The company works with popular sites like Moz, Wix, SIEMENS and others. You can start your 24-day free trial, and see what this professional CDN will look like in a real test. They offer a professional and secure CDN image hosting and everything else.

This is one of the best CDN services, If you’re looking for a cheap, fast, and secure CDN, this one will be your perfect choice. For only $0.04 per GB, you will save money when making your site speed and secure. They also offer a storage that cost $0.9 per GB for each month, and that’s an affordable price.

So, if you have large files to host or images to share, use this service, and forget the response time issues forever.

Another good thing is that free shared SSL service they offer, you can secure your files connections, without paying an extra money.

6. Rackspace

The Rackspace could file storage is one of the top CDN providers that make your site better. They offer “pay as you go” file storage in the cloud. It’s a secure environment to host a large file and static websites.

Furthermore, you can host your website’s static files and images like any other advanced CDN. And the best thing is that the infrastructure is fully protected, and they are one of the most trusted cloud computing companies. I recommend this company for large size sites, the more traffic you have, the less money you pay.

7. Cloudflare

Everyone knows, or, at least heard about this company. They are a good free CDN service provider without a doubt. But, their speed is decreased the last years and it’s recommended only for people who can’t pay for premium services.

They offer a free plan with limited features and it’s recommended for small blogs who can get their own premium CDN service.

Their premium plans are expensive if you compare it to the above companies. You need to pay $20 at least, every month, and that’s not the solutions for all the people.

8. Google Page Speed

Not all the people know that Google has a fast CDN service that make sites loading blazing fast with rewriting rules, and many advanced settings and configurations.

Google servers host your site content after copying and optimizing it from your original server. Then, the Google configurations and speed technology will compress your images, and even, optimize the CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other resources.

When a visitor sees your site, they get the cached version directly from Google high-speed servers. The powerful infrastructure of Google optimizes the full website for speed.

Please be careful with your CSS, in many times, this CDN aggressively modifies the style sheet files and things can become horrible for visitors.

9. Amazon CloudFront

Of course, the Amazon web service is a large network around the world that serve thousands of companies. They offer a secure environment to host any website content, and make it better. You can restrict the CDN by country, and you can host live streaming and dynamic content.

This service a powerful TTL or (time-to-live) that can be set to 0 second. Amazon still one of the cloud computing leaders, but, their service looks complicated for beginners and even experienced webmaster in many cases who want a simple CDN.

 10. Akamai

Akamai is known globally to speed up networks and connections. They have a strong infrastructure to speed up sites and make things better for online users. Of course, this company works with big brands and large business in general.

That’s why it’s not used by bloggers or small site owners. However, you can use their powerful service through the second company in this list above.


These are not all the greatest CDN services that you need to know, but, they are the best ones for the security, speed, and performance. It’s not easy to limit the list to 10 only, but, you can find your best choice when you limit the number of selections. The first one is the best in my tests and it’s highly recommended.

If you have any experience with any of these companies, you can share it with us in your comment.

Fathi Arfaoui: A Physicist, founder and owner of Trustiko.com. He shares Business, WordPress, Web Safety, and Blogging tips to build better websites and blogs. Thus, you will succeed online with the right marketing strategies and recommendations. Of course, you’ll find much more topics.


  1. my site is hosted on godaddy.com. my account type is shared hosting with 512MB RAM, single core processor, 1 mbps raid speed. now when i ger around 20-30 visiters at a same time to my site my site becomes very slow even some time it stops working. now suppose my site get 100,000 visiters every day (3,000,000 per month) it’s a heavy traffic to handle. if i use Maxcdn to speed up my site but do i neet to upgrade my host account (like get more RAM, Powerfull processor etc) or should move to dedicated server to handle that muxh traffic before to use Maxcdn or Maxcdn will do everything for my site to handle 100,000 visiters every day with this cheap server.

    1. Author

      MaxCDN will host your files on their servers, so, you don’t need to worry about your actual server RAM and resources.

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