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Best CDN for WordPress and W3 Total Cache Plugin

The W3 total cache is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. Like WP Super cache, the plugin works for performance and the ideal setup. The goal is to give your visitors amazing experience with fast loading time like never before. However, not all the Content Delivery Network service providers are doing the best job with WordPress.

Only MaxCDN is the best CDN for the W3 Total Cache plugin, and it’s recommended for their specific customization, and high-speed servers around the world. That’s without talking about the fast support, and the friendly tips and settings that people can get, by phone, chat, or tickets.

Direct integration with W3 Total Cache

There is no need to add any complicated settings. The service works with the plugin settings page and all you have to do is to enable the CDN service, when you authorize the plugin to access your CDN account, and link it to WordPress.

Unlike the other CDN services. This one has a perfect integration with W3 total cache. That means no errors on caching, and even, with minify options that we see with CloudFlare and others. The plugin divides the work with the MaxCDN, and no one will make issues for the other.

The files hosted in your content delivery network account account will be served directly from the server, but, without extra work from the plugin.

The company has SSD servers in over 90 countries, and they are all optimized for speed and performance. They have servers in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia.

So, the customer gets multiple times the normal speed with other services. They are using a smart infrastructure that handles traffic between servers, to offer the fastest data transfer.

MaxCDN servers are 10 Gigabytes connection serving. All the servers are located in premium data centers with an exceptional infrastructure that a few companies have the chance to use.

Best CDN for W3 Total Cache

The result is simply a lightning fast website that works well, even in the highest traffic periods. That’s why MaxCDN is the only content distribution network that combine the speed and performance, and kills the popular “500 Internal server error” that we see all the time.

If you already suffer from these errors and problem, then, forget them forever with your new CDN service. Some of the popular companies that use this CDN are: StumbleUpon, Nissan, jQuery, and many others around the world. It’s the perfect solutions for speed and the one that solve the server errors.

MaxCDN uses powerful SSD hosting servers, and that’s what gives the maximum speed and performances all the time. In the previous post, I’ve talked about one of the best SSD web hosting companies, and you can get extra speed if you host your blog with Inmotion Hosting. They have a fast hosting, at cheap prices and amazing customer support.

Professional, fast and secure CDN

It’s not a secret that MaxCDN offer the highest security levels for their customers. That’s the first thing to look for after the speed. No matter how your blog or site will be faster, if the security is not a priority. That’s why the company takes that as a priority and optimize their servers and storage systems for maximum speed and security, at the same time.

This content delivery network offers an SSL option for all customers. So, they can serve secured pages of the network and that’s with custom or Edge SSL. At the same time, if you have an e-commerce website or store, and you want to secure the checkout process, the company offers a free shared SSL. That’s without extra charges and that’s a good feature for low-budgets.

W3 Total Cache CDN setup

Please follow this tutorial, it’s a step by step guide that you can follow and understand things better. The MaxCDN and W3 Total Cache configuration is simple, and it doesn’t need any hard job. In your W3 total cache plugin dashboard, locate the “Performance” link from the left menu, then, you will see “CDN” click on it.

Best Content Delivery Network for W3 Total Cache

The next step will be to authorize the plugin to access your CDN account, by clicking the “Authorize” button under “Specify Account Credentials”. Now, you will get the authorization key that you need to copy, and then, paste in the appropriate box in your plugin settings.

Next, locate the label “Replace site’s hostname with:”, and enter your CDN Url that you’ve created in the “Pull Zone” tab on MaxCDN dashboard. Follow the above tutorial link, and you will find things easier to understand with screenshots and videos.

Now, you have the best content delivery network for your W3 Total Cache plugin. You will notice a significant change in the loading time and speed of your WordPress sites. That’s the power of MaxCDN that integrates well with the plugin. I hope that this helped and please add your comment if you’ve experience with MaxCDN.

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