Good SSD Shared Web Hosting that will Speed Up your Site Instantly

There are thousands of ways to set up an optimized website and make it faster. But, there is a single method to get a blazing fast loading time easily. It’s using an SSD shared hosting, at least without worrying about limited resources and other things.

It’s the new generation of servers that every professional webmaster or blogger should use. Today, I’ll talk about the best provider that offers this hosting and what’s the difference between SSD  hosting and a normal web hosting environment.

Why is SSD hosting better?

It’s not a matter of shareware only, but, speed, reliability, and performance. If people need quality hosting for their blogs or sites, but, without exceeding their budget limits. They think about a standard shared web hosting that costs a few dollars per month.

But, what if they pay the same amount of money and get an upgraded server with Solid State Drives installed, instead of the old hard disk drives that slow down the server? In this case, the server execution time will be reduced, and access to the databases and all the stored information will be faster.

You can see the difference clearly when you replace your laptop’s old drive with a new one that works better. You will get a faster machine that executes a larger amount of data in a faster time.

For example, if your computer can work on 4 programs at the same time without being crushed, It will work with 10 programs with the SSD. At the same time, the programs will run faster, and that’s exactly what happens on a hosting server.

Unlike the standard shared web hosting that works with limited resources and can’t exceed a certain limit of PHP and HTTP requests, the new drives handle more requests and executions, without showing any slow signal.

That’s why hosting your website on these new servers is the only choice to get a very fast site with the same budget as normal hosting.

How to get an SSD shared hosting?

There is only one hosting provider that offers 100% SSD servers on all plans. It’s called InMotion Hosting, and they are the best when it comes to speed and reliability. Also, they have cheap prices without affecting the quality of their services, which are always at the top.

They have modern Samsung SSD drives that let the server access the data 20 times faster than any other competitor. At the same time, the server executes 95% more data than the old drives, used by other shared hosting providers.

Unlike the other services that offer partial SSD for the database only or the media files only with extra fees, this provider offers full SSD for free. That means people get shared hosting on SSD servers without paying extra fees.

Of course, all the servers are modern here, and everything will be saved on these new drives. That includes everything like databases, files, and backups.

InMotion Hosting, in my experience, is the only business hosting that works fully on SSD, and you don’t have to worry about anything. As one of their exclusive services, they have the technology that boosts your RAM and resources when you need it.

That means that when your site receives huge and unexpected traffic, you get additional resources from the infrastructure that takes care of the rest. Also, they offer a free domain and a free daily backup.

Nowadays, blogging means WordPress in the first place. And if you want to start your WordPress site, there is no need to think about installations, because you can get the application installed for you for free when you create your account. Just select your best software to be installed, as in the next example.

SSD Shared Hosting

This Shared SSD web hosting comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and lots of features like ready eCommerce functions, or full SSH access.

The auto-installer offers hundreds of open-source applications to build any website. But, when it comes to security, the server itself is protected and configured to block invalid requests that hackers can use to access sites.

If you have a website or blog, and you want to transfer it there, then, the company offers a free site migration service, and even, your domain name can be transferred for free. So, no more extra fees like the case with other providers.

Please make sure to get benefits from the ”Max Speed Zone” feature. It works as a CDN by letting people choose which data center they want to host their sites in.

You don’t need to worry about your website email, you can create unlimited email accounts, and all of them will be fully protected with anti-spam and filtering protection.

So, you host your site with emails and files on a secure server that runs on better performance. That’s what makes your visitors happy when they notice a fast site that loads in seconds.

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