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9 Things that Every Online Store Should Have

In Business and Marketing by Fathi Arfaoui0 CommentsLast Updated: October 11th, 2014

To create an eCommerce website and start selling items online, you can use any platform like WordPress and add the right tools later. But, when it comes to professionalism, things can be different and you have to understand some things that every online store needs to have.

From security and trust, to payment method and the design, your website and the entire business depends on the following things.

1. Clean and optimized theme

This is the first thing that you should make it the best as possible. The theme is the door of your store, So, the customer gets a positive or a negative impressions depending on your layouts, colors, and more.

Forget everything that people say about attractive colors and focus on simplicity and speed. The world of web design is changing every day, and you should think about the below points that every theme needs to have.

  • Responsive Design. The template should look the same on both, desktops, or mobile devices, but, if you can invest a little money on a theme created, especially, for mobile phones, you will make things better.
  • Clean and SEO optimized themes. Search engines crawl your website and the theme designer should minimize errors as possible. There are a couple of places to find high-quality designs. For example, StudioPress is the right place to find premium themes for WordPress, and Template Monster is the largest marketplace to find any template you want without exception.
  • Well selected colors. Please avoid using lots of colors everywhere on your theme, that looks unprofessional and make things worst for you. Just use a few colors, let’s say 3 as a maximum, and think about the speed of your website. The fewer images you use, the faster your site will be loaded.

2. The right payment methods

If your customers are coming from the United States or Canada, you can use PayPal without any issue. People are familiar with it and your business will run properly. But, make sure to verify your account and adding both, your bank account, and a credit card to avoid problems later.

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On the other side, when you have customers from around the world, then, add other payment options like the credit or debit card, and even, some other options if you can. The main idea is to let people pay using their preferred payment system.

Also, make sure to add the payment system icons at the bottom of your homepage. that will tell people, that you accept credit card and PayPal payments, and that’s what they’re looking for.

3. Professional web hosting

There is no business online without a great hosting service that make your site loading fast and secure. There are lots of providers, but, no one can be better than Inmotion Hosting that offer fast servers and exclusive service like the SSD and much more.

Best of all, they have the best customer support and you can call them anytime by phone or live chat, and even, send a ticket if you want. Their customer support department is located in Los Angeles.

4. SSL certificate

This is a must have tool to make the connection between your website and the web browser secure and encrypted. No one will enter his credit card information without verifying that you’re offering a secure checkout page.

Luckily, the SSL is not a hard thing to do. Just use a professional SSL provider and let people and search engines know that you work professionally and have a safe website, when people can enter their payment information without problems. That will build trust in the end.

The eCommerce business is different from any other website. You need a brandable logo to look professional in the eyes of people, but also search engines. The biggest mistake for eCommerce that people makes, is using online logo generator tools that build the same logo again and again.

The same logo can be used on thousands of sites. Instead of that, you need to use a service like 48hourslogo it’s a hand-made logo service ,and you get a unique design that no other one have.

6. Products search box

If you look at some popular online stores, you will find that they use a search box that let people find what they want exactly. You can offer that, but, with advanced search also. Make it easy to use by clicking on a few buttons, and put it on a visible location like the top of the home page, and add the link that point to the search page on the main menu.

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7. Live chat and phone support

No one will buy your products if you don’t offer the support that they need. Even, if they buy now, that will be the last order and hope that they will not ask for a refund. Believe it or not, the customer support is one of the main factors that affect your sales directly.

So, integrates a live chat tool on your website and make the box appear automatically after some time, when the visitor stays on your site. That’s what trusted websites offers and you need to follow this method.

The trust starts from security and customer support, and if you don’t have a phone number listed on your homepage, you will make things hard for you.


This is a very important thing to consider before starting your eCommerce business. The trustmarks are the small icons that appear at the bottom of websites.

When someone click on them, they take him to a business verification website that verify the security, the ownership, and everything else. One of the best services that verify the privacy and the business legitimate is Truste.

things that every online store should have

9. Featured products and discounts

You can think about this option later, but, it can help you grow your sales easier. Add the best products from your website and make them look attractive on a fixed position of the layout. Let your visitors know that they can  use special offers or discounted, for example, and they will visit them and see what you have.

If the product is something with quality and people wants to have, they will buy it without a doubt. However, avoid using slides as possible, I completely disagree with people who use those slides that slow down the site, and add lots of requests to the server that affect the user experience.

These are the must have things for every web store or eCommerce website. Follow them one by one, and your business will be successful.

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