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Building an Online Store Website: Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Building an online store is not a goal if you really want to make money and generate a stable income, simply because you can create a free store in a few clicks with many of the popular store building websites. In other cases, the web hosting companies themselves can offer a free store and even a payment system.

That seems great for you, but now or later if your website fails, you’re the only loser. They make money from your hard work, but what about you? No one will take your hand and explain things clearly in the beginning.

Today, I’ll show you the biggest mistakes that people make when building an online store website. Keep reading and you will understand all. This will save your investment that you don’t need and make your business more stable. But,  please remember that everything needs work to achieve your goals.

Mistakes to avoid for creating online store website

Content comes first, the store second

There are thousands of stores and shopping sites around the web, a big part of them will close their doors and leave the business after a few days from the start. Some others will continue with some revenue, but they will find themselves in a way where they revenue is less than their spending.

The third part, which represent a small percentage of the total stores, will succeed and grow their business and even becomes popular with the time.

The big difference between the three categories of the above online stores is the content. No one can succeed in our days without a good traffic from Google. You can waste your money with Yahoo and the other search engines, and even, directories without getting a 1% of the traffic that you can get from Google but for free. But, most important, people have to learn how to build an online store website the right way.

They use your money for nothing in return. In the end, Google still the only search engine that you need to build big traffic from interested people and convert them to buyers later.

When newbies think about starting a store and sell their products, they think about the store as a website only and forget the traffic. It’s like building a plan without the engine, this is the exact example. We’re in 2014 and no one can get traffic from Google for just creating some images and a website that lists your products. Things never works that way. You should drive traffic, it’s the only way to succeed today.

Even if you have some money to invest in advertising, you will end with negative profit at the end, simply because advertisement is used by successful or rich companies who build strategies for the coming years and now. You are not them and you should never start a small business with negative profit.

This is why traffic is more than important, you have to be able to drive sales from your organic traffic first. Then, you can think about promoting the store with advertising strategies.

The first thing, to do before creating the store, is creating content, this content is simply what people are searching for on Google. Give them free tutorials and help them to solve their problems with great content, in the last article. We have talked about why blogs are important for business, you can take a look and learn useful tips.

If you create a blog and  link it to your website store, then, you have one of the most effective ways to succeed your store, but later and not instantly. A content needs some time to get indexed and ranked in Google search, then visitors will come and stay engaged if the content is helpful.

If you just create a website and then wait for sales to come from the sky, then, you’re just a dreamer. Dreams are good to build a human, but not to build a business and succeed. You should drive more visitors from Google and the only way is to create a content that people enjoy reading.

Ask yourself how many times you searched Google for a solution to any of your problems? And what you feel when someone gives you the exact solution for free?

What happens is that people search, then find any of your posts and bookmark the blog at least when he want to leave, you see? You have nothing to lose, but you have more things to win. The great idea is to create a blog that gives tips and solves problems and make it under the parent website which is the store.

So, people still see your store logo and links when they are on your blog and a big part of them will visit the store and browse what you have. Now, sales will come, but be patient for now, you need thousands of visitors and not a few  of them.

Never By Traffic

As I said before, there is no way to get real visitors from companies, they only sell numbers and bots who visit your site and you think that they’re a real human. The only ways, to get traffic, are the ways that successful companies and websites are using. The first is search engine traffic, the second is social media and you should think about creating a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest profiles.

The third is advertising, but it needs big resources, investment, and even other sources like forums is just a waste of time.

Please be careful about these companies, no one can sell traffic, traffic comes naturally. Think about the real life, you can create a great supermarket, but without a good place and real people  you have nothing to do than closing the doors and leave the project. This is what happens in the web, even if everything is virtual. You still need real people and no one can give you real thousands of visitors expect Google and search engines.

Select the right payment systems

I hope that you have traffic and you’re ready to get sales. This step needs some intention, when you want to sell. Think about the person who wants to buy the products, if you have a local store, then, is not a problem, you know what payment systems are available in your city or state. In the other way.

If you sell items in other regions or even Worldwide, you need to make a search about what payments systems are used in that region. The last thing, you need, is a buyer that spends time reading the product’s information and then can’t buy because he don’t have a credit card.

Another important point, not all the payment systems are the same. Some will take fewer fees than the others and you should compare them. Of course, you need PayPal, but make sure that your products are permitted and avoid as you can refunds.

It’s what destroyed companies, PayPal is the right choice, but you need to contact them to make sure that you’re in the right way, verify your business account. Add a credit card with a bank account and you’ll be safe.

PayPal is not the only payment system, and not all countries are supported by them, so you need to have more options and give more flexibility to your customers. Here is a post that will help and show you some of the best online payment processors like PayPal.

I hope this helped in any way to avoid mistakes when you create your online store. If you have experience and want to share it, don’t hesitate, your comments are welcome.

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