Why Blogs are Important for Business and What’s the Future?

There is no need to explain why blogging is one of the best ways to get information and explore the world. If you look around, you will find millions of blogs on different topics, and people browse their articles and spend hours reading. When it comes to business, blogging is another business inside your main business.

It looks confusing sometimes, but if you ask why blogs are important for business, then, this post will give you the main reasons to think about blogs when you have a business, and you want to succeed in it.

People trust blogs

Nowadays, politics and the economy can affect any news agency or channel. Of course, TV is still a big media, but not all people trust them in all their topics. Another reason is that an important number of people believe that these news sites are a business, after all, so, they need to accept an advertisement and invite big company representatives to stay alive and make money.

It’s not the case for all the TV stations, but the dominant. People see all that and never trust them as a source of information, so they simply switch to social media, and finally to blogs, and there they stop searching.

A personal blog has more trust, especially if the person is an expert in the blog post topic. It makes people want to ask you questions and even want to get product links if they are available online. Believe it or not, many readers will want to buy a product through your affiliate link, and they make sure that it’s your link and not everyone else. This seems unbelievable, but it really happened for many of us.

One of the valued readers is called “Angelo,” and he lives in Rome. He wanted to add some control cameras to his supermarket and find a blog post about them. The problem is that the blog was in English, and he used Google Translate to make it into Italian. After all, he couldn’t find the product that he wanted exactly. He emailed the blog owner asking him for a product available on eBay and can be delivered in Italy. Simply, the owner sent him a few links (not affiliate links).

What happened is that Angelo re-emailed the owner again, asking for his affiliate links to help him post great reviews, even in a language that he can’t understand directly. I should notice here that Angelo needs 9 cameras and bought them for a total of $3200 dollars with their accessories.

You can imagine the blogger’s commission with Angelo. What amazed me is that the reader trusted the blogger through a translated language and found the value of the review, but he wanted more special products. He never searched for a company or a vendor directly but wanted to get “recommended products only” and not sponsored.

This is simply a story that happens and happens every day. People understand behind the lines and can easily understand if the product is only to sell, or to help people to select the appropriate one for them. If the blogger is really honest, he can recommend a product, even if there is no affiliate program for it, and no commissions are expected from recommending that product.

Do you see? It’s like talking with a family member and asking for help or recommendations. No one will give you fake promises, and give you in return for something, and this is what makes blogs so powerful to get people’s trust.

If you want to get the customer’s trust, create a blog post that solves his problems, show him/her how to fix an issue, and how to teach them even complicated details. You don’t need to make money with your posts. Remember, you’re a business owner, and you want to attract visitors and not sell them your products directly from the blog.

You can show them how a product solves a problem through a video, but never ask them to buy. They will search for the product name on your website and make a payment. It’s all about trust. If they find your content helpful, they will pay in return.

A good example of this method is the Moz Blog, which is a big source of information for SEO experts and webmasters. They can write a long article without any affiliate link, just to talk about an idea that solves a big mistake made by webmasters. That makes readers want to find more, and many of them end up making a payment for any product they have, or a membership subscription plan.

More search engine traffic and indexed pages

Statistics show that companies that create blog posts periodically have 430% more indexed pages than the others, simply because a static website can be a helpful source of information, with a few web pages that talk about a product in general. Of course, a company can’t create thousands of quality articles that talk about themselves, only. This is the blog’s rule, you have more freedom about your topics, there is no need to stay focused on a single product, and repeat its benefits all the time.

At the same time, remember that Google and the other search engines need fresh content that helps people to be indexed. If you have a company about computers, there is no way to get the first 3 positions in Google SERP with a classic website only.

What makes the difference is the number of quality articles that link to your website, and how many of them come from different domain names. Blog posts can be found easier than you just started a company website that no one knows.

More indexed pages also mean more traffic if you have good content in your articles, of course. If you search on Google for any product you want, you will find thousands of blog posts and a few websites owned by companies.

What happens is that the searcher clicks on those blog links and reads the article. The final destination will be, purchasing the product if the articles are something helpful.

Even if the visitors stop on the blog post, they remember the blog and even bookmark it for a later search. It seems more personal for them than finding a company directly. Why not create your blog that drives traffic as the others?


Not all businesses can engage their customers through a website, Apple and Microsoft can do that, simply because of their size, but not a small company that just started. Thus, you can create and engage with your visitors and transfer them to customers later. You need to drive victors first, then keep them with good content.

Your goal is not selling with a blog, but to open the door for customers to enter from the bog. The biggest mistake that a business owner can make when he starts is to put his products everywhere, and then he can post links, and this is what makes a failure in the end. Not all people browse the web to purchase items. The biggest part of them is the search for information.

Your role as a business owner who has a blog is to give information and build engagement with people. If they’re visitors today, they will be customers tomorrow.

Fresh content

The big problem today is that static websites with old content become a bad image of the company. If someone finds a website that talks about Twitter in the last 4 years, then the reader will ask himself, why am I here? And this is what makes people want to leave the website even if there is good content inside.

Things change rapidly, and what’s valid for today won’t be valid after a few months. You should stay updated and show your visitors that you’re not an island.

An active blog attracts more visitors and keeps them engaged with fresh content, they will bookmark it and even link to your articles, and this is a signal of success that will boost your traffic and sales.

Every day, thousands of new blogs are created, and a percentage of these blogs are business blogs, entrepreneurs believe that a blog is a vital way to promote their business, and that’s right. Blogs have become an alternative news source. Google, Microsoft, and other giant companies are using their blogs as part of their business strategy. Each one of them announces the latest news about their projects in a blog post. They know exactly that bloggers will link to their posts, and links make big traffic at the end.


If you really want to promote your business in a way that never fails, you have to create a blog and start building a great source of traffic that costs millions for big companies. Blogging is not just a hobby, as it started, but a powerful way to get more customers, build relationships, and build a strong business.

You don’t have a choice, you drive more visitors, or you lose the competition with companies that invest big money to promote their blogs and stay fresh in the customer’s eyes.

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