Reasons & tips for using content marketing with social media

Why using content marketing with social media to promote a business?

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There are thousands of companies around the world that use content marketing to bring sales while they offer free content and tips to people.

Statistics show that 88% of brands use social media to promote their content marketing strategies, in this case, you as a blogger or a webmaster who needs more sales.

You need to learn from these companies how to use content marketing and social media at the same time without losing benefits.

The classic media still work great, especially, on TV, if you watch your favorite movie or series, you get a few advertisements while you’re watching.

This method has started since the beginning of the last twenty century still works in any case. Brands spend millions of dollars each month promoting their products through TV, they get a big fish of course.

Now, let’s talk about content marketing, it seems that not everyone is familiar with this nomination. So, make it simple.

Marketers promote their products and services without the need to use banners, or clear advertisement messages. They do that simply through “content” that help people without asking for money.

It can be a great tip to solve a problem, a strategy to bring more sales, advice for anything you want.

Content marketing is an effective way to bring more sales and promote your business. But, not everyone can use it in the right way, you need to understand your audience if you have a blog, and even organize your followers by interests if you have a Facebook page.

Social media for content marketing

You don’t need to ask why using social media for content marketing, there are billions of people who use Facebook alone. If you add Twitter, Pinterest, and all the others, you will find that it’s like the water we drink.

We talk about the majority of people who log in at least once to their preferred social media network every day, even, people spend more time on social media than TV programs.

The challenge here is how to promote your business without being an “advertiser”? And how to make people want to visit your website, without necessarily showing your link?

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To be able to connect your brand to millions of people. You have to create good and helpful content first, then, know exactly how to offers that content for free to solve the people problems and help them.

This seems a stupid way to promote a business, but inside, you will get better results than with a banner ad shown in the Facebook sidebar.

The key hers is simple, people come to Facebook or Google Plus, to connect with others, send a message, reply to others. But, they never think to click your banners, even it works for many, it’s not the ideal advertising method that will still work in the next years.

Exactly like TV, when you see many non-relevant social media ads, your action will be installing an ad blocker software.

If it’s not the case for you, then, millions of people are using those Ad-blocking software, no one still believe advertisers who promote their scam websites and wants to run with your money.

They can offer anything a person can imagine, from becoming a millionaire in 24 hours, to get millions from a fake software, I’m sure you’ve received some similar offers to your Facebook, Twitter inbox.

The social media world becomes very spammy than the last years, naturally, a social network is not the right place to promote your business.

You can do that smartly, you don’t need to use banners or links, but to talk to people through a message or a great photo. Or, imply a guide that helps them in any way they trust you.

It’s not the case for all companies, many of them still use the classic banners in social networks, but they will change the way to advertise in the next years, it’s not their choice.

Classic advertising methods again

We’ve talked about the TV advertisements between each part of the movie, even if you’re not interested about the ad, you don’t want to leave the channel for some minutes (at least).

So, you will see the ad, and the next time you will learn the ad and recognize it as the creator.

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Even if you walk away to the other room, you still listen and even imagine the video talking about the company or the product. You don’t have a choice, all happens in your psychology, even, without knowing it.

As you can see, even if you’re not interested in any advertisements, you still receive the ad in any way simply, because you have to continue watching the movie or the program.

You need to “watch the ad (in exchange to watch the movie). This is a classic advertisement, but works great, especially, for big companies, because of the level of trust they have.

You can use the same advertisement method, in social media, but with some modifications. If you have thousands of Facebook fans, you can create a video that shows how to solve this or that problem and insert your logo at the end.

The amazing thing here is that you should add the logo at the end and no at the beginning.

The reason is simple when people see a logo before watching the video. Some of them will leave and think that they will watch an advertisement. The others will see the video, but you lose the benefits to “help people”.

The right way in this example is adding the logo at the end, the great thing here is that people remember the logo and forget the video.

It’s not the case for all people, but what’s still in their mind is your logo, they will search Google for your company (if they never know the website address), and this is what you need at the end.

People who want to discover your company because they want that and not obliged like the classic advertisement way. Now, you know how to play your marketer role, all is up to you.

Some of the biggest companies such as Samsung have tried many times to suggest their phones to be used in Movies, and even they pay millions for that.

They know exactly that, it’s not a regular advertising method, but the best, what happens is that people remember and even talks about the phone, and start looking for it in the nearest store or simply Google the phone logo or color…

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As you can see, content marketing is not a new way to promote a product or a business in general. It has started for years, but without the internet, this great method works well, if you offer the right content for your audience.

If you have a health product, there is no need to offer content that talks about software, simply you will make people confused, and this makes your content irrelevant, But also, looks spammy than natural.

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