How to Build a Niche Affiliate Store and Make Money

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When people want to make money selling online products, they simply start with any high paying program and then they find that no one is buying from them, that method will never work again with thousands of affiliates for each product, you put your work with high competition and the site will never rank in search engines. The solution is creating a niche affiliate website or store that lets you focus on a single category of products to promote and earn extra income.

Building an online affiliate store

Creating affiliate stores online can take lots of time if you want to start from scratch, the coding and designs need programmers and many other jobs and of course a web hosting. But what if you get all that in a single software that let you build your site in minutes and customize everything such as colors, themes and much more?

Incomeshops is an online store builder software that helped thousands of people creating their own online shops and succeed their businesses by selling other retailers products of your choice. The good news is that you can get a pre build online stores to choose from, just pick up the best one that suits your needs and remember that you can customize later.

This is the fastest, but professional way to launch your online affiliate store without any technical knowledge. With a simple click of a button, your affiliate store will be live and you can start selling from today.

How to Create a Niche Affiliate Store

You earn an average of 5 to 28%  or more from every sale you make through the store, that depends on the product vendor, but the best of all, there are thousands of products to promote, it’s better to choose products in your niche only, that way you stay professional and focused on products that your visitors search for.

This affiliate store software and service comes with step by step eCommerce training to help you starts your business and avoid mistakes like many other entrepreneurs. At the same time, the customer support is always available and you can start a live chat or call them directly, the phone number is at the bottom of the website and you can contact them for help if you need it.

Please make sure to think about how you want to drive traffic to your store, it’s the only way to make money and never use paid ways, you will risk your business, the traffic should come from Google, it’s the only targeted traffic that you can get for free and forever if you have content on your website.

I highly recommend to create a blog for your store and publish content periodically, it can be something about your products and why people should use them, a few articles per month can save you lots of investment in the future.

To be able to drive traffic from Google and Bing, you have to invest the time first and work hard on the blog optimization, use WordPress for your blog and you can still use the store software for the shop, the store needs payment extra settings to set up and you get it ready to use without any effort, but the blog that you can create for driving traffic should follow some basic rules, such as the professional design and the good content.

The professional way to build your own store

The second choice that I recommend, is BigCommerce, they are the number one store builder software that makes things professional. The company is known also for the high quality training and tutorials for their members and you can find amazing idea about finding the right niche for your store. The site offers completely hosted and managed store and you have lots of themes to use and of course, you can customize the template as you want.

The service comes with payment options to choose from and much more services and features. You can read: The best eCommerce site builder.

Unlike the first option, Shopify offers the store tools and hosting only and not the programs to promote. So, you have to find your preferred products to promote, but the store is the most important step, then, you can focus on searching for programs to make money with them.

If no one of the above options is what you’re looking for, then, you can build your own store on WordPress and own your business and website 100%. WordPress is not a simple blogging platform, but, a complete content management system that makes your website powerful and customizable, there are lots of plugins to install and create a store site.

You can learn how to build an eCommerce website on WordPress. But first you need to host your store with fast service at the maximum security, I only recommend WP Engine as the best premium and managed WordPress hosting. The company experts manage all your server settings and configurations and take care of the speed and performances. You need to focus on your business only. In the end, your site will load faster than the competitors.

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