Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers

Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers

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The cloud storage becomes one of the must-have services for both, people and companies. When people lost their laptops, phones, or company servers, they risk themselves and their business, and that’s what serious business owners should avoid.

At the same time, there are a few unlimited cloud storage providers with free and paid plans that suit the needs of users and business owners.

Today, I will show you a simple unlimited cloud storage provider list. Please remember that the term “Unlimited” itself is not physically true, simply, because no server on this universe can store unlimited space. However, it means that you are not limited to quota or similar things, and if you need more than what you have as disk space, then, you can use the next plans and so on.

Unlimited online cloud storage services

1. My PC Backup

  • Unlimited Cloud Backup

This is my preferred cloud storage and backup service among many others, this trusted service offers smart planes that anyone loves. They offer unlimited space for every plan, and you don’t have to pay more for extra storage.

Their plans are depended only on the number of computers that you want to backup. Save as many files as you need without paying for extra fees as many other providers.

  • Restore your accidentally deleted files

This is one of the few cloud backup services that offer the option to restore files that you’ve accidentally deleted from your computer during the last 30 days. It saves life for important files that many of us neglect and delete my mistake.

The system stores your computer data in the cloud at high-level security, and detects the last deleted files and saves them for an extra month, so you can find them later when you need it.

  • Automatic backup

There is no need to upload or edit files in order to save them in your cloud account. All happens automatically and all the new files will be uploaded securely to your account.

  • Top-level security

To make things clear, especially for people who search for the best security environment to save their data, the service starts with “military” encryption when uploading your files. In other words, no one can see or save your files in the upload process, even if your WiFi is opened, you still protected, the good news is that the company creates multiple copies of all your data, just in case. It’s more than a cloud backup service, but one of the few ones that offer the real security that people search for.

  • Access your files from anywhere
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No matter if you have a laptop, a desktop, or a mobile phone and tablets, you have total access to all your files exactly as your real machine. You can install the applications for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Thus, you can browse and manage your files on the go directly from your phone.

2. Jungle Disk

Rackspace is the leader of the online backup services for small and medium businesses. There is no need to tell you about this premium company, you can read more about that cloud backup service. They offer unlimited storage for all their customers.

The security itself is always at the top levels, so you don’t have to worry about your laptops or computer data. Save as many files as you need, there is no limit, just use the plan that suits your needs, and stay protected all the time with backup data. The company offers a large variety of services and you can under the Parent company Rackspace.

3. JustCloud

JustCloud is one of the best cloud storage providers with professional services and multiple devices support. They offer a free 1 GB of disk space for all your files. If you want more storage, then upgrade to next level plans.

You can backups your music files, PDF eBooks, videos and whatever you have as folders in the cloud. JustCloud partners with the Google cloud platform to offer amazing hosting for files. Best of all, the infrastructure and the network are fully protected.

The company offers a free application to download for Windows and Mac computers. All your data will be synced automatically and new files will be uploaded to your cloud storage account. Also, they have a mobile application to manage your file on the go. The app supports iPhone, iPad, and Android. That way, you can move, delete, or edit all your files from anywhere.

As any secured backups and storage service, your files will be encrypted in the upload or download process, and that makes files protected all the time.

Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers

You can share files with anyone you want, just give him/her the link, and they can see or download your file, and even send you their files. The service lets you synchronize your data across multiple computers and best of all, you have the total control to select which files and folders to synchronize. Also, you can backup your mobile data, such as music, videos, and other files.

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That way, you’re protected, and even, if you have problems with your phone (stolen or lost), you still have all your data backed up in the cloud, and you can restore it from any other smartphone or desktop device.

Furthermore, JustCloud offers a service that locates stolen mobile phones and laptops. So, people can track their computers and see the last IP addresses. The tracking is updated hourly, so, people can see where their stolen or lost laptops and phones are on the map.

track stolen Laptop or phone

These are the top cloud storage companies that offer unlimited file hosting and most importantly, they protect the data with encrypted connection during the upload and the download process. Then, it creates multiple copies of your data, so, you can restore your files anytime you want, even, if something wrong happens.

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