Best Niche Finder Software to Find Low Competition Keywords

What’s the niche finder software that finds low competition keywords? Is there any tool that allows you to search and find tiny niche markets without many competitors? And how to use such advanced tools to succeed in PPC campaigns, online marketing or to build your WordPress blog and make great sites?

How many times have you wasted your time with free online tools that millions of people are using, for the same keywords, to find the same niche again and again?

If you still use those keywords research tools, then, you won’t find any profitable niche with low competition, and a good amount of monthly traffic. The problem with these tools is that you can’t see the real competition with the search volume.

There is better software that does the job faster and more accurately, and you can try it for one week, it’s the Semrush, perfect for long-tail keywords, and it’s my recommended tool. So, forget the one below and use this one instead, I’ve tried it and it’s amazing.

Niche keyword finder screenshot

Today, I’ll talk about my best niche finder software, the first one called Niche Finder that super affiliates choose to find niches with a few contents on the web. So, they can rank easily, even, without links at all.

That’s the beauty of the new Google algorithm. If you have the quality, and there are few pages or nothing that rank for that exact keyword, you will rank easily. That also helps to rank higher and using a good micro-niche research tool for dropshipping, Youtube and even Adsense can make the difference.

Low competition keywords finder

Niche Finder is a completely advanced low competition keywords finder software. It comes with lots of tools and a beautiful interface. That way users can understand the level of keyword competition with colors only. You can use it to build an attractive eCommerce site with new long-tail keywords that few sites talk about. Also, you can easily outrank your competitors for specific nice markets that have little content on the Internet, but with good search traffic.

It’s not a secret that the perfect SEO niche formula these days is the good amount of monthly searches and the few pages that are optimized for that exact keyword.

I’ve used Google AdWords with other tools. But, the problem is the time we need to analyze each keyword and find the competition. This software solves that problem perfectly and suggests thousands of keywords, based on your first entry.

Then, it searches for web pages that are optimized for that term. Next, it calculates the keyword competition and the keywords’ SEO power.

The result will look clear, and the user can only select the key phrase with green color. That color means low competition in that niche market, and it’s easy to rank on the first page of Google.

This is a great long-tail keyword research tool with a powerful domain name finder. It’s a feature that you can use to find available domains. There is a free sign-up service with their domain name exchange service provider, that shows the data from different sources and marketplaces.

It can be used as your best Amazon and eBay niche market finder tool. In a matter of minutes, you will explore lots of phrases and ideas. Then, you can choose a good monthly web hosting plan and build your niche site faster.

How to find low competition niches?

After downloading your software copy and installing it, add your email to login. Then, you will be asked to integrate your Google AdWords account which is the oldest free niche finder. If you don’t have one, create a free account that will be used to fetch the keyword combination, and compare the local and the global monthly searches.

To start searching, add your keywords to the search box, located at the top left of the screen. Then, click on “Start”, the software will take its time fetching data and calculating the competition and others. Just wait until the search is complete, and you will get the result.

Best Niche Finder Software

I’ll take the example of the keyword “Summer Fashion”. So, I’ve searched for it, and the result will look like the following screenshot.

low competition keywords found


As you can see, based on the niche research tool, I’ve found the “2014 summer fashion trends” with a 1900 monthly search. And most importantly, with an available “.com” domain name. And of course, there is low competition for those keywords. If I’m interested in that niche, I’ll buy that domain instantly, and create good articles and it’s done.

The default settings of the niche finder software are good. The difficulty above 30 will be shown in Green colors. That means low competition with a few pages that are optimized for that keyword.

The medium competition will be shown in yellow color, and that’s between 30 and 75. That means, you can rank for that keyword, but, with lots of work, optimizations, and backlinks. Or, you can rank with a high authority domain.

Finally, the high competition that will be marked with Red color is between 75 and 100 of the score. It means that it’s hard to rank for that keyword, and if you go with it, you’re just wasting the time. Also, the tool lists the cost per click for people who are interested in creating content for Google Adsense.

After that, you may also combine all the keywords you find to discover new hot profitable niches with low competition. Just change and tweak the search parameters or filters.

Better than other niche finder tools

Unlike the other tools, Niche Finder focuses on the performance of the calculation and the ranking factors that search engines use.

The software has a simple interface without complicated buttons and menus. Even a child can use this tool, and find lots of keywords that no one else is using.

The tool starts fetching the Google search result for each keyword. Then, it finds the relation between Page Rank, the total links, the domain authority, the title, and all the other factors that Google uses to rank web pages. Next, it calculates the competition, based on the keyword difficulty.

Google niche tool

If a website ranks for that keyword with lots of links, and it’s fully optimized for SEO, then the competition will be difficult. It’s a complete process that takes a few minutes to complete, but the result is nearly the same as human work and not a machine.

What I mean is that normally, SEO experts find the competition level by browsing thousands of pages to find the links, the Page Rank, the keyword on the page, and much more.

It takes hours of work to find a single keyword with few competitors, and hope that they can find more. All those problems are solved now, by just using this software.

Keyword niche finder that’s better than others

No more hard work with Google AdWords and other tools that give the number of searches only, and not the real competition level. At the same time, you get long-tail keywords that you can easily rank for. This is also a good local niche finder software that works with all the major local Google sites.

The niche domain finder shows the available domain names for each keyword. All you have to do is to click any keyword in the list, and the software will start searching for available domain names for your niche. That’s the power of this software that makes things easy, professional, and fast.

niche domain finder


If you find a keyword with an available “.com” domain, with a good amount of monthly searches, and a low, or medium competition level, then, I recommend buying the domain immediately. You will rank on the first page, and even, the first positions. But remember that you need to create high-quality content, and never buy links like many spammers.

I recommend the Niche Finder for everyone who wants to rank in Google with low competition keywords. But also marketers don’t need to spend days on keyword research without results. Also, if you look for an updated amazon niche finder, then, this should be your one-stop solution.

It’s the number one low competition keyword niche finder tool that you can download and install for Windows. They are not supporting Mac computers, at the moment. But, you can still run the software using a virtual window for Mac. Just search for it on Google, and you will find lots of tutorials.

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