Pathway to Passive (Affiloblueprint) Review: Good or Bad Guide?

It looks like more and more people are willing to start their online business projects seriously. However, things look easy in the beginning and the result can be different from one niche to another. Of course, there are lots of things to know at every step.

I’ve received dozens of emails from readers who think about using the AffiloBlueprint and other products that teach affiliate marketing and all the related things.

So, I decided to write my own AffiloBlueprint Review and give you an idea about these guides and if they’re really good for you or not based on real reviews, ratings, and also feedback.

Before starting, I want to make things clear, Pathway to Passive (it was named Affiloblueprint) is not a low-quality product. It’s not simple training to learn affiliate marketing. It’s a complete course and membership website created by a famous and successful affiliate marketer who knows exactly how things work.

If you compare this product to other so-called courses, you will find it better, and more professional. At the same time, it’s created, especially, for beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch, without any technical information.

What makes Affiloblueprint the best?

The real value of these lessons and video guides is not only to learn but to create a successful business online. There are a couple of other websites, where you can find tips and guides, but none of them is working to make your business successful.

They simply take your money and offer nothing as courses. Unlike those scammers, AffiloBlueprint offers the following exclusive features that no other website has.

High-quality courses

I’ve never seen any other membership website, where the owner hires experienced people, to create the best quality tutorial and videos for their members. They’ve spent lots of time optimizing and building all these courses.

So, affiliate beginners can easily find what they need, and how they make everything real. All the lessons are well-organized and structured, to give you the power of learning, from successful marketers.

Step by step video guides and tutorials

Many guides talk about making money as an easy job online. But, when you try things in the real way you will find them hard and complicated. That’s why this website makes things better, and unlike all the other places online, it focuses on building your business and driving the right traffic.

Then, you will make money automatically, because you will have the best products, the optimized website, and the targeted traffic.

This is not a theory guide, but real lessons learned during years of experience, and lots of mistakes and success.

example of courses

How to find profitable products to promote

You can’t make money if you don’t know how to pick the right affiliate products, and services to promote. Anyone can talk about great products, but, when it comes to marketing and sales, things are different.

Every online business needs specific optimization and hard work, to find the product that’s successful, and that people will buy.

There are lots of niches to choose from and build your business. All of them are well-selected, based on their low completion, the number of searches per month, and because people are ready to buy them online. It’s like, saving you months of research and learning courses, to find profitable products.

How to build affiliate websites the right way

You don’t have to waste your time in other places. All that you need is included in your membership, and you’ll be able to learn how to create a great affiliate website, using free and professional tools that are offered by the website owner.

First of all, you will get one year of professional website hosting for your website. That will guarantee great uptime and an optimized hosting service that will help your website to rank better in search engines.

The website speed is a ranking signal these days, and you will get a ranking boost, by just using their professional hosting. Then, you will find over 90 video tutorials on how to create a website in a step-by-step system.

That’s not all, but they show you how to make your website SEO friendly, and optimized for everything, from user experience, to SEO and speed, at the same time. By the way, there are lots of AffiloBlueprint reviews from real users who recommend the guide for beginners and everyone who wants to learn SEO for affiliate marketing.

The ultimate affiliate website builder for free

No other website will offer this professional WordPress affiliate theme for free. The theme itself costs $97 normally, but it’s offered for all the members to help them save money, and start their websites, without worrying about designs.

The theme was built, especially, to work with any website that promotes products or services. It comes with a review system and well-coded files for maximum speed and SEO benefits.

The theme comes with lots of tutorials and how to do everything on your websites. Everything is customizable, from colors, layouts, and other things. By the way, this is the theme that super affiliates use in their business.

How to drive real traffic

All the above things are good and of high quality. But, when it comes to promoting your best affiliate products, nothing will be more important than the traffic itself.  You don’t need any extra service or guides, everything is there in your member area.

There are lots of ways to drive targeted traffic to your website from Google, social media, and all the other trusted ways.

The website offers valuable tips and things to consider to make your traffic real. Most importantly, people who visit your website will buy your products, after applying the needed tips and tricks that no other one will teach them.

Also, Affiloblueprint comes with amazing bonuses, which is the Affilorama premium, with all the tools to track and monitor your website traffic, affiliate sales, and social media activities, and also shares.

The customer support is not only by phone but the forum is an active community, where new and experienced affiliates meet and exchange ideas. So, you can ask your questions by phone, or post them on the forum, and get help from other people. This is what makes the website a great opportunity to succeed.


Pathway to Passive is a high-quality product that I’ve used just like many people who want to succeed with their business online. After this AffiloBlueprint review, I can say that It makes things easy to understand, but, with well-organized lessons, and a long list of tips and video tutorials, that you can’t find in any other place.

The best part is that the guys who created this amazing training are experienced bloggers, and affiliate marketers who know exactly how things work, and what you need to make a real income online. It’s my only recommended place to learn affiliate marketing from the source.

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