7 Steps to Choose Good ClickBank Products to Promote

There are a few steps that every affiliate marketer and, especially, newbies should know and understand in order to generate sales and make money. But, the most important thing is making money as an affiliate through products that help people.

It’s better to solve their problems and never sell them guides or videos that they can find anywhere on YouTube and other sites.

Today, I’m going to share the most important things to consider and look for when choosing any ClickBank product to promote and guarantee success. What I need from you, is to simply follow the below steps. They will help, and you will put your affiliate business in the right way.

Tips to promote trusted ClickBank products

I know that there are thousands of guides on how to promote those products. But, what not all of them talk about is the impact of any affiliate product on your readers and your website audience in general.

Imagine that you’ve picked a scam e-book and started talking about it, even, without making the effort to test it and. It’s not about money, but it’s all about honesty, and you will earn the income naturally later.

Before starting, I want to recommend this amazing affiliate training and courses. They helped thousands of people around the world, and you will learn how to promote ClickBank products correctly.

1. Product trust and relevance

ClickBank is a large affiliate network with thousands of sellers and affiliate marketers. That’s a good signal of successful business first, which means you will get paid. Second, you have a huge number of products to promote. However, on ClickBank, you can find lots of scammers like any other place online.

Of course, ClickBank is trying to find them one by one and exclude them from their program, but you can find some of those scammers and you have to stay away from them.

What you have to do is to ask yourself a simple question: Would you sell that product, frankly? That will make things clear from the beginning, and you can stay away from scammers who talk about “how to become a millionaire overnight”, or ” the secret formula to dominate Google search”, and many more scamming ways.

I highly recommend avoiding the get-rich products as possible. I can say that 97% of them are scammers, or will be scammers in the future. The small percentage of 3% is hard to find if you’re newbies who just started. So take it easy and stay away from that.

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If you want to learn how to promote ClickBank products without a website, then, I recommend advertising, or, simply, read this guide.

You need to choose to promote the product that’s related to your website or blog topics, and not just add any banner or link. No way to succeed with health products when your website is talking about computer accessories.

So, use the relevant guides, e-books, lessons, and whatever that makes your readers want to find more about that link.

2. Are you trusting the product vendor?

I’ve separated this step from the above one, simply, because it needs a small investigation, to ensure you’re working with real and good people only. On the sales page, you can find some information about the seller, and you need to find their email address.

Now, type that email or emails in Google search, and add terms like “scam” and “Fraud” at the end, then, at the beginning of the product name, and of course, hit search to get results.

If you find scam reports, read them and try to filter if they’re real, or created by a competitor who wants to destroy the targeted product’s trust (that happened in many cases). The best thing that you can do, is to look if the scam is reported using a fake name, or it’s a real name in a forum, for example. Just look around and you can judge if that review is real or not.

This step is important for the simple reason, many sellers create full sales page promises, and when the customer buys the product, he gets nothing other than an e-book or a video.

Then, when people know that they’re scammers and write about them everywhere on the web. They create another product with a different sales page and different promises, but, they will forget, or can’t update their PayPal email, in general.

So, you can use that email to find sellers who are already scammed, people, and that’s our goal to exclude them from the selection.

3. The product gravity is not always important

We all know that the gravity in the ClickBank marketplace is something good that gives a positive signal about any product. If the gravity is high, that means lots of affiliates are making money with it, and that means also, people are ready to buy from you.

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However, gravity only can’t give you a real idea about product value and trust. You can start a simple search in ClickBank by gravity, and you will find products like “Surveys” and similar things that will never make people money when they are promising millions.

The main idea here is never listening to what others are saying about gravity. It’s not always a good signal and there are many good products without gravity because no one wants to promote them.

But, what about the quality? Are you searching for helping people and making money at the same time, or just want to make money with any product, even if it’s a scam? As you can see, if a thousand people are buying a scam product, a good affiliate will never recommend it to them.

4. It’s all about the sales page

That’s true, the sales page can boost or destroy the number of sales. Unluckily lots of good sales pages are not a real reflection of the product quality. Designers can use any way to attract the visitor’s intention and make them want to click the “Buy Now” buttons.

The sales page is one of the most important marketing tools to succeed. It should be optimized for visual and psychological attraction, but that reflects the real product value and does not bombard people with promises.

When you need a good and well-designed sales page with photos and videos if possible that looks professional. If you find good products, but with a lower quality sales page, then, your conversion will be bad, and you will lose the effort in promoting it.

That’s when people see a page that looks like any other page online. If you’re impressed by the sales page, then, go and promote the product, but after completing these steps.

5. What about the product’s price

Forget what you’ve learned about selecting products at affordable prices. It’s not always the case and you just need to find the link between the product content and its value. If you find a few benefits of the product at a high price, then, stay away, because people will also notice that and they will never convert well.

At the same time, if you find a product that offers exceptional tools and guides, but costs $900 for example, then, promote it. But this time, make sure to promote that product or program in the right place only.

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In this step, the main idea is to find a product that has a real-valued price. Compare products and find the difference between their prices, and you will get an idea. But don’t create a limited price, for yourself, you can sell 20 copies of books that cost $50 each. But, it will be easier to sell 2 products that cost $500 per copy. Do you see? If you focus on the second one, you will succeed, even better, than the first choice.

However, all that is relative, and there is no exact rule to follow. What worked for others will not work for many.

6. Behind the scene

Don’t just be amazed by a good sales page and the information with all the product testimonials you see. Read the details and click the button to see how the purchasing page will look like. Compare the real price that people will pay, with the one listed on the sales page.

OK, that’s not important, but I’ve found a different one, and that can be a problem with refunds. You don’t want to buy, and then get lots of refunds.

In other words, put yourself in the customer’s place, and test the system. If they ask to add your email, enter a secondary email that you’re not using, and see if they offer something else. It’s all about your method of verifying the good ClickBank products, before promoting them to your blog readers.

7. Test the product

This is not always a must-have step, sometimes you can’t get the product. But, I recommend getting your copy before promoting the product to people and asking the seller for a review copy if possible. You will look Inside the product system and what it offers really, then, compare things with the sales page and make a decision.

If there is a difference, then, it’s better to never promote the product. On the other hand, if you already promoted the program to your readers, then, back to the post again and add the negative points and tell people that there is a difference.


I hope that these steps will help you to avoid promoting low-quality programs on ClickBank and other affiliate networks. You will protect yourself from big mistakes.

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