Promote Affiliate Products without a Website

How to Promote Affiliate Products without a Website and Make Money

In Business and Marketing by Fathi Arfaoui14 CommentsLast Updated: March 18th, 2018

To make money with any affiliate program you need lots of traffic to convert it into sales, later. However, not all the people have a website or a blog where they can add affiliate links and boost their income.

Lots of big marketers are using a complex method, to drive traffic to their sales pages every day. Of course, their blogs are the main source of traffic, when we talk about the top affiliate marketers and bloggers, at the same time.

The good news is that you can also diversify your marketing ways and succeed with your preferred companies that you want to promote. These ways are completely different from each other. But, the common thing is that they need real work, and some patience in order to bring the best results that you want. So, keep that in mind before starting and you will succeed.

Before starting, make sure promote one of these top rated affiliate programs only, and companies with good reputation and that people trust. At the same time, you need to use the right companies for the right niche.

Business programs, for example, should be promoted in business related website and networks. So, let’s find how to sell affiliate products without a website.

I highly recommend this affiliate training program.

Advertise your affiliate products directly

You can become an affiliate without a website, advertising is popular and an easy way to promote products online. But, it needs resources and you can only succeed with quality networks that allow affiliate links.

I recommend to use the famous Yahoo Gemini ad system that works well for small businesses. It’s better to link your ad to a blog post or a page where you talk about the product or the service you’re promoting.

That way, you’ll avoid problems, and you still link to a page with real content, tell people why they should buy the product and what features they’ll find compared to other products. Then, they can click your affiliate link in that page instead of the Yahoo ad.

Promoting affiliate products without a website

Actually, Google is not allowing these links and you should avoid them in this case, or you will be banned. Also, you can guarantee the success if you advertise with quality blogs and websites in your niche.

The good thing about this method is that you don’t need any hard work to do, your investment is your work. You can add an attractive banner, or text ads, and makes them appear above the fold.

You can use this great niche finder tool to explore and find new opportunities and niches with low competition.

There are many advertising companies and I recommend “BuySellAds” for their quality network. You get a real website to advertise with and you have the statistics about their traffic and their platform sizes.

The big affiliate marketers use this platform to make thousands of dollars every day, and you can give them a try, then, learn how to optimize your ads for each location and even niche.

The power of social networks for affiliate marketing

The free way to promote your links, is social networking, and I’m not talking about Facebook and Twitter only. But I’m talking about Pinterest, especially, that amazing network brings fantastic results for food and fashion affiliate programs that people promote. If you have some good quality website to promote in that case, then, Pinterest will be your best option.

However, people think that posting their links everywhere in these social networks will make them rich. But when they see that no one is clicking on their links, they will leave the program completely and they will give up in the end.

I recommend this Guide for Pinterest. It will open your eyes to new ways that a few people use to market their business on Pinterest using tested methods.

As I said many times, social networks are not the place to sell products, people can visit eBay if they want. But you need to show them amazing things as an advice, helpful articles or simple tutorials to solve their problems. Then, add your link in your article or post and sales will come if you have targeted traffic.

The smartest way to promote affiliate products in Pinterest, for example, is to create a niche related account, and start following people in the same niche, you need people who really enjoy reading your content.

You can learn how to make money with Pinterest, and you should start by searching for popular pins, then follow all the people who shared that pin, and you will get real and targeted followers to your account. The above post link will show you these steps in details and how doing everything.

Keep in mind that you need to select amazing photos and infographics from Google News or Reddit and post them to your followers. They will love and share them and you will get interactions.

When you start getting some few thousands of followers, find the ways to add your links in a paragraph or directly to your pins URL source. When people want to know more about your pins, they will click on them and they will get the sales page if they are interested.

Lots of popular URL shortening services like let you short links and track how many people clicked them. If you have lots of links and you want to track them as the biggest marketers in the world, you can use LinkTrackr.

That web-based software will give you amazing analytics and shows you the links to save and the other to leave for their bad conversations.

Please remember, you need to share good content with your followers first, and then, add your short link, post a few images per day and never bombard your followers with affiliate links with every pin. You can add links in some pins and not all of them. That will look natural, and you’re building your community while making some money.

Lots of Pinterest accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, people are making a full income with simple infographics, and images that people share. But that needs lots of work, and you should prepare for that, nothing is easy, but nothing is hard at the same time.

A few minutes every day to select good images and content to post and replying to your follower comments will be helpful.

I’ll not recommend using forums for affiliate marketing, your needs thousands of comments and hope that some of the visitors will click your links, forget that and focus on Pinterest instead.

Let popular email list owners help you

Please don’t confuse this with the spam ways like safe lists and other methods that never works. If you have some money to invest, you can contact trusted bloggers and site owners in your niche and ask them to send your offer to their huge lists of subscribers.

If you have a good product that help, the majority of them will accept and you can start the price negotiations and the related things.

But, please, work with people you know or whom are known and have authority sites, you need to make sure that your work with good people and not with spammers. Affiliate programs that you want to promote, have lots of guidelines about spamming, and you should avoid the ways that spammers use, in order to make some money.

Lots of marketers purchases submissions from popular sites like and others. They have a huge list of subscribers and people will open their web hosting related email, in general.

So, if you have a great promotion related to that niche, you can contact them and see how things will go later. It’s just an example of many other sites that you can find with your own search.

At the same time, forget renting email lists or buying lists, they are just bots, and fake emails, and no one will open your emails. Ask yourself why people can’t promote their own offers and make money, from their own list and not renting them? The answer is simple, they are not real and you should avoid that.

If you want to promote health products, for example, use Google and search for some keywords. Then, find quality sites and contact their owners to promote your email, of course, you need to focus on medium websites and not the top 100 list. They have enough money and they don’t need marketers.


These are not all the ways to earn income when promoting affiliate products without a website, but, they are the best ways and that you can trust and guarantee the success with them.

I recommend a good marketing method that big marketers use, and avoid the spam ways that can terminate your accounts with your best affiliate programs. Work hard and you will succeed. If you need help or recommendations, you can use the contact page, and I’ll be happy to assist you.


  1. Hi! very interesting topic. Hope you can help me how to start online and show me how to…..tnx so much!

  2. I was about to call you crazy when I read the title – “how do you expect to promote an affiliate product without a website?” – but after I read it, I have to say you gave a bunch of really great ideas. The Pinterest one looks especially promising!

  3. Really Pinterest is the growing platform for selling. And what do you think about affiliate marketing? Particularly about Amazon? I ve joined Amazon affiliate club -there is a lot of information about earning money with Amazon, I think it is a good way.

    1. Author

      Amazon is a great platform and a huge business, but everything needs hard work to succeed, just dedicate some time and you’ll have a good business with them.

  4. Hi Fathi, I came across your article through a google search. Am so inspired, I have been trying affiliate marketing without any luck but ever since I read your article I was inspired not to give up and keep trying. Do you think it’s possible to make at least 4000 dollars a month doing affiliate marketing without a website? Do banners ads convert well for affiliate sales if I place them on high traffic websites?

    1. Author

      Yes, you can as there is no limit, just give yourself some time to learn, to test and especially to find good trusted products to promote. Banner ads are good for high traffic sites, but only if your product is related to their topics. Good Luck.

  5. What are sites that you can sign up through? I want to promote link I have over 500k+ followers on instagram

    1. Author

      Join any affiliate network like ClikBank, ShareASale, or any other CPA sites like Peerfly, just Google them and you’ll find great products to promote.

  6. Just created a campaing promoting a very popular mobile app offer (Game of War) on Yahoo Gemini.

    I was immediately banned…

    They aren’t as easy as this article says they are.

    1. Author

      It looks that they have a problem with direct affiliate links, instead of that, you can always get your account approved by just creating an article or post in your blog (if you have), and link to that page instead of the affiliate link. Explain the whole idea about that game, then, people will follow your tips and even buy the app. That’s how it works.

  7. Great article Fathi Arfaoui, you can drafted valueable info because most of the beginners have confusion to own website or promote in some other site as guest……

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