How to Make Money with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the biggest websites with millions of daily visitors. However, lots of bloggers are not familiar with this social network, and they are missing lots of potential opportunities to get more traffic, build natural links, and make money with Pinterest, in the easiest ways.

Today, I’ll show you how to build a great platform of followers on that social network and promote your products without spamming, of course. That can be done by creating a niche related blog, or even, without a blog at all.

1. Create a niche blog

These days, you need lots of content and backlinks to rank well in search engines and get lots of traffic from Google. But things can be easier if you choose a specific niche and make a blog that talks about that niche.

Let’s say for example that you love food and you want to start a food blog and make money. In this case, you have to build a WordPress blog and host it with one of the best WordPress hosting companies. I recommend WP Engine for their quality hosting services, and their great customer support that comes with lots of features and advanced security protections and more.

I recommend this Niche Finder software, it’s the top-rated tool to find low competition niches with a huge number of Google searches.

Creating a blog on WordPress is not a hard job, you can follow this guide and set up your blog easily. Also, you can create a free blog with Blogspot or But you will lose up to 90 % of the self-hosted WordPress benefits.

You have to know that Google, for example, prefers paid hosting and that helps your blog to rank better if it’s self-hosted. It’s a matter of quality, security, and speed, and that’s what no free service can offer.

At the same time, the popular free blogging platforms are not the ideal platform to start a blogging website. That’s why WordPress is the professional way to host your blog where you want and own it at 100%.

Make sure to create and design a professional blog that reflects the main topic. You have to tell your visitors about your blog from the first seconds when they look at the header, then, add relevant images and create good content that people love and want to share.

2. Get niche related Pinterest followers?

This is the most important step to follow, there is a complete guide on how to use Pinterest for marketing and business that thousands of people use, it’s called, the Power Of Pinning and it’s highly recommended.

The more Pinterest followers you will have, the more chances to succeed and sell online. But the real secret is the quality of followers and not the numbers only.

Lots of people use classic following methods and they notice later that no one will follow them back for some simple reasons, including their interests and many others.

The good way to get thousands of Pinterest followers is to search for your niche. You need to find a pin with thousands of repins, then, all you have to do is follow those people who pinned that image or pots or whatever else.

The main idea here is to follow people who are interested in your niche, and who pinned that niche topic in the past. You will get targeted followers and people will ask themselves: “this one followed me, and he talks about a topic that I love, so, I will follow him back”.

That’s what will happen and you will get easy followers and real people who will share your posts in the future.

Follow the next steps to find top shared Pinterest pins, and find who shared them. Then, you can follow those people who shared that content. First, login to your Pinterest account and search for pins. For example, type ”food” in the search box.

You will get suggested topics if you want, or simply, use the enter button and start the search process as the following example.

How to Make Money Pinterest

In the search result, you will get lots of pins with thousands of shares as this example.

How to Make Money Pinterest

Now, click on that pin to see it in a full window, then, click the total number of pinners as the next screenshot.

how to get niche related Pinterest followers

You will get those thousands of Pinterest profiles, and you can start following them one by one until you reach your daily limit which is a few hundreds.

More Pinterest Followers

Repeat these steps every day and you will get thousands of followers in a few weeks. Just make sure to make them want to follow you back, by using the common topic name in your account name and boards.

Use images that reflect your interest, and people will follow your Pinterest account. At the same time, don’t expect that all those thousands of people will follow you, a few percent of them will be your Pinterest followers army later, and they can share your pins.

3. Making money with Pinterest

If you’ve followed the above steps, you will get thousands of targeted followers. The quality of followers is all what you need, a few hundreds of real people are better than thousands of fake accounts.

So, make sure that you follow real people only. Keep posting great pins and let your followers repin them again. Then, you can make money with Pinterest because you have the tools that you need.

You need to join good affiliate programs and add the product links in your blog posts. Then, create attractive pins and post them, your followers will repin them, and you will get backlinks from one of the top authority social networks.

But also, you will get targeted visitors and you can expect thousands of them with a big list of followers that you can build over time.

Please remember, your goal is to get targeted traffic, shares, and backlinks from Pinterest, and that’s not overnight work, all that needs, at least, a few weeks with daily work.

Make sure to add your blog post links in your pins, that will give good backlinks and your ranking in Google will be better with thousands of real shares on Pinterest. Please forget the spam ways that the others are using on Pinterest, and build a strong account with real content that people love and share.

Post daily and interact with your followers, that’s the only way to succeed without problems. Pinterest is a good social network and people want to share the content that adds value and not just repins.

This is the easiest and safest way to make money with Pinterest. It lets you build legitimate followers who are related to your niche and who will engage with your pins later. I recommend this Pinterest marketing guide that will tell you the real secrets used by successful marketers. Take a look and you will find great tips and recommendations.

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