Best Premium PrestaShop Themes with Responsive Designs

PrestaShop is one of the easiest open-source software to create an online store in minutes and start selling items. It’s easy to use with a lightweight size and lots of features that people like.

But, when it comes to professionalism, nothing can beat premium PrestaShop themes that will reflect the store’s content. The quality design shows how much the owner cares about his product business and website.

However, not all the templates are the same when it comes to quality coding, optimization, and security. So, I’ll show you the best themes with ratings from real customers, and best of all, they are all responsive and load lightning-fast.

Top responsive PrestaShop themes

Please note, that this selection is based on the customer review, and each theme represents the best design for its category or niche. So, the food theme, for example, will be the best PrestaShop theme for the food niche market.

The same thing applies to health and all the other categories. Thus, you will find the best templates for your exact category, without wasting your time with thousands of pages.

1. Quality Tools

This is not only a high-quality theme but, one of the best PrestaShop templates that attract the intention from the first visit. It’s not a secret that web design plays the game of the user’s psychology to attract it and make it feel good, with selected colors, and the combination of many designs.

This premium theme comes with an optimized item search function that can be customized. At the same time, the featured product designs make things more professional with beautiful descriptions and buttons.

Most importantly, the theme itself is fast and secure. If you want to show discounted products, all you have to do is to use the powerful slide functions, you can’t find in any other theme with that superior quality. This is one of the greatest and quality premium templates for eCommerce websites.

Premium PrestaShop Themes

2. Drugstore theme

With well-selected colors between white and green, the Drugstore PrestaShop theme makes good-looking health products, with organized lists and featured items. The theme is fully responsive, and it looks professional for desktops, iPhones, and tablets.

The code is certified and tested by PrestaShop. Also, the theme comes with Font Awesome with social buttons, and lots of features to make the store attractive and optimized for everything. It’s a highly recommended design and one of the top PrestaShop templates.

Drugstore PrestaShop Theme

3. Spares for Speed

When you need the right car accessories and related products, this theme suits your needs and adds a powerful impression from the first visit. The black and yellow colors create the perfect combinations for stores.

The main menu, located on the left sidebar, contains all your products by category, and you can customize it even more. The big search box at the top of the main content helps make fast searches, without wasting time browsing lots of ages.

Spares for Speed Template

4. Organic Cosmetics Store theme

This is one of the best PrestaShop themes for body care and cosmetics products, in general. The green and orange colors create an attractive combination that adds a positive signal to your visitors.

At the same time, the well-created image or banner area at the top right sidebar makes things better. You can add a featured product there and attract more clicks.

Organic Cosmetics Store Theme

5. Linen Store

This is a great theme for building an amazing luxury linen store with an attractive design and an organized team. You can set featured products in the slideshow. So, they appear at the top of the page, and everyone will notice them from the first visit. The designs come with lots of features, and it’s a fully responsive template with valid code from PrestaShop.

Linen Store PrestaShop Theme

 6. Medical Equipment Template

This medical equipment PrestaShop template comes with beautiful slides in the center of the page. It includes different featured products listed on the right sidebar and good designs. If you have a special discount or offer, you can use the bottom of the left sidebar and make it there. It’s the perfect placement for special products or offers.

Medical Equipment theme

7. Online Orders of Meals

Making people want to buy your meals and food products online can be a challenge, especially, if you don’t know web design. Luckily, the theme designer optimized the template for maximum conversion with attractive photos that stimulate the hunger sensation of visitors. That’s why restaurants use this theme to generate more sales in a short period of time.

 The good thing is that you don’t have to add any color if you want. It’s the greatest design for food and restaurant websites. It’s not about lots of photos of food, but, the right selection of colors, fonts, photo sizes, placements, and many factors that understand the psychology of the visitors.

Theme for Online Orders of Meals

8. Traveling theme

This is the design that lets you add featured photos and destinations like a professional designer from the first time. We all know that travel is a successful business, especially online, but that needs a good design and the right colors to use.

This is a PrestaShop responsive theme that comes with translation ready, for different languages with a grid, or list product page, and many more awesome features.

Traveling PrestaShop theme

9. Knives for Cooking theme

It’s not easy to make the right layout for a store that sells knives for cooking. There are lots of categories and sizes, and that needs real work to organize in the right place. Luckily, this is a PrestaShop premium theme that makes life easier and more organized.

The left list of manufacturers allows your visitors to browse knives by the seller, and you can use the well-selected photos for every product without the need to search elsewhere. You can also, add featured products on the homepage or on the other pages.

Knives for Cooking PrestaShop Theme10. Children’s Jewelry Theme

With a fast loading time and white colors, you can show your jewelry products, and make them look pretty with handmade fonts that no one else uses.

The best part is the top area on the homepage that allows you to add as many products as you need, and make them featured to attract more attention. This is the right PrestaShop theme for children’s jewelry online stores.

Children Jewelry Theme

11. Gifts Store theme

This is the best theme that can be used for a gift store website. The products can be organized by “best seller”, “new products,” or “most popular”, and similar things. Also, you can use the featured gifts feature to show your most valued products and make more sales.

Gifts Store theme for PresaShop

 12. Hair care PrestaShop theme

Not all the themes work well for the hair care niche products and services. The colors must have the right combination and degrees, and that’s what the theme designer has done for you. Your hair care store will look professional, and you will notice better intentions than with any other theme.

This is a premium PrestaShop theme that was created with care, and the code is fully valid and clean. Search engine crawlers can access the theme easily, and understand its categories faster. That’s what will help to get a better ranking with a good user experience, at the same time.

hair care template

These are the top-rated and trusted premium PrestaShop themes that you can use in your online store, and start your business professionally. You will never need to care again about the design and the professional website designs that make visitors trust your business, and engage with your content.

Every theme comes with detailed installation guides and lots of tips and information. That’s what helps to build a fully optimized store and succeed online.

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